First Time - Doug's College Misadventures Pt2 - Virgin Territory

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First Time - Doug's College Misadventures Pt2 - Virgin Territory

Post by dr_jefferson »

I just discovered a new thing for me. I knew I liked the high school girls, and of course the fresh off the books freshman every year in college, but this was a whole new experience. The chick Natalie I was seeing had me over to her house for dinner with her folks. Yes Im not always a deviant! I look and act good enough to take home to your parents. Anyhow Natalie was a smoking hot brunette, Sophomore, who we hooked up a few times, nothing special but she was good to have around on lonely nights. So anyhow she begged me to come to family dinner and I obliged. A home cooked meal is hard to come by. Anyhow, the meal was good but who I met there was even better. Natalie had an 11 year old sister Natasha. Almost a spitting image of Natalie with long brown silky hair, just budding breasts promising the full Cs Natalie already had. I innocently flirted with Natasha through dinner, pretending she was going to be my girlfriend because Nat was so mean. Everyone laughed.

I had ulterior motives. Few weeks after that dinner, I kinda hinted around for another and Natalie who now though we were an item, was thrilled. Her parents had loved me (of course) and were thrilled she was seeing someone so nice and sensible. (Didnt hurt I drive a BMW right?). This time I made sure to get a few minutes alone with Natasha while seeking out the bathroom. I passed by her open door where she was on her bed reading. I made some small talk with her and gave her a brotherly chuck under the chin on my way out. I was sure she had a crush on me. I waited another week or so then on Wednesday, when I didnt have a class until 530 that night, I drove through Natalies parents neighborhood that morning and found Natasha on her way to school. I pulled up beside her and asked her if she wanted a ride. She was thrilled of course, to pull up in a BMW at her middle school with a handsome guy like me! (Yes I know conceited, but this is what I was hoping). After a block or two I asked Natasha if she wouldnt prefer just ditching school and hanging with me that day, I had nothing better to do and Natalie was in classes all day. She seemed hesitant and I assured her if she were caught, Id take all the blame. She agreed. I swung past Mcdonalds and got some breakfast sandwiches and headed towards the lake.

This time of year the weather was mild enough to sit on the beach, but vacant enough to allow us the privacy I was hoping for. Natasha was surprisingly funny and a bit catty towards her sister.Not the shy thing I had imagined her to be. I complimented her and told her how I thought she was much more beautiful than her sister, she blushed. Finally we reached the lake about 40 mins out of town. I asked her to walk down on the beach with me, I grabbed a blanket and cooler of wine coolers I had in the trunk and we walked down.I gave her a wine cooler and she only sipped it, I drank about half of mine and smiled. We talked about small things, what exactly I dont know I was too turned on to really commit the conversation to memory. I encouraged her to drink a bit more assuring her it wasnt very alcoholic at all, and she did. Shortly she was through her first wine cooler and I had opened another for her. I initiated a tickle fight. She was screaming for me to stop threatening to pee herself, So I stopped and told her she could relieve herself back behind the brush. As she went back I dusted myself off as well and went a little ways down. I knew as soon as she looked up she would see me clearly, but I still removed my semi hard cock from my pants and started to pee. Even after I was finished I gave it a few strokes just for a reason to keep it out.

I knew before I looked up she was watching me. I felt the heat of it on my neck , my cock responded, getting hard.I swung my head around Jesus Natasha! I tried to shove my dick in my pants, pretending to fumble a bit. She ran back to the blanket. I walked back with a smile on myface it was all working out. When I got back she was sitting with her knees up and her head buried in her lap. Natasha, Im sorry you saw that.. dont be embarrassed honey. Im the one who should be She was crying softly.. but she whispered why you werent spying I was Natasha, sweety, its okay. Im embarrassed because, well couldnt you tell I was hard? she pulled her head up ,tears streaked her face What do you mean?. I moved closer to her and pulled her into me, I smelled her fresh sunkissed hair.

Natasha, my penis was hard, I was turned on, and Im sorry you had to see that she looked at me with question in her eyes, I knew she couldnt ask but wanted to know. I smiled at her , I kissed her softly on the cheeks. I was turned on by being with you sweet girl, and I know I shouldnt be, but I was. I kissed her again on the cheek and then moved to cover her small pink pouty lips with mine and kissed her softly on them. I felt her tremble and pulled away No , Im sorry Natasha, its too far, youre too young Im seeing your sister.. but I cant.. help it.. youre so I looked into her eyes and whispered stunning. I knew I had her at that point. She wanted to be loved, and who else but her sisters older handsome boyfriend who preferred HER over her sister! Its.. its okay Doug she said quietly. I.. I didnt mind seeing it I looked at her no? she responded No I liked seeing it actually.. it looks I kissed her on the lips then softly, because girls that age dont know of tongue thrusting passion. I felt her pulse quicken. Natasha, darling its more than I could ever ask, but its painful to be.. turned on like this.. do you think you would want to help me? she nodded.

I moved back a little and took my cock from my pants. all you have to do is wrap your hand around it and move it up and down she did so with a firm confident grip. I let her pleasure me there on the beach of the lake side by side. It didnt take long watching that small soft hand work my shaft, before I exploded all over her hand, a bit on my pants too. She jerked her hand away frightened. I apologized and cleaned her hand up with the edge of the towel we were sitting on. I put myself back in place and pulled her close and thanked her while kssing her hair. I offered her another wine cooler which she gladly took and swigged. After a few minutes of not saying anything she got up and walked to the waters edge. I used that opportunity to slip a bit of my party favor into her drink. Just a bit, I didnt need her passed out, just more relaxed. It was nearing 10 am, we would have to head back to the city in just a few short hours. When she came back we joked and laughed and I encouraged her to finish her wine cooler. I kissed her soft and slowly and cuddled her. As she relaxed I started petting her belly, and budding breasts and then up her skirt over her adorable pink panties.

I was surprised at how malleable she was. Guess the booze and seconal was a bad call. But she was still lucid. I made short work of having her undressed and layed her down on the blanet. I stood up and looked down at my sweet young angel, her pussy was a soft bare swollen mound. Her belly flat, her breasts were budding puffy perfection. I stripped down myself. And crawled down between her legs. She said nothing. I said nothing. I spread her long thin legs and started kissing her mound, slowly I dipped my tongue between the tightly closed lips of her young vagina. She tasted clean, She wasnt really wet. Not sure if girls this age got wet, but I slowly and gently nippled and licked her pussy until she was panting and her sweet virgin hole glistened. I moved up and worked on her breasts and then kissed her softly. I rolled beside her Natasha sweety are you ready to be a woman? she looked up at me with those soft brown eyes, hazed with drink and drug and nodded. It will hurt but its okay im just going to ease you open a bit with my fingers because Im a man honey and I dont want to rip you she just lay there her knees spread and I slipped my hand down between them into the creamy folds of her labia and fished one finger slowly inside her. Her pussy was warm hot wet and incredibly tight.

I wasnt sure this was going to happen today. But I took my time and worked her softly.. wetting my fingers now and again to keep things going. Soon I had two fingers in her and she seemed to be opening like a flower to me. So I got between her legs, pushed her knees back spreading her pussy open for me, I positioned my shaft at her entrance and started to push in, slowly. She cried out and I stopped. I told her she has to be a big girl, she nodded, her glazed eyes looking deep into mine. And I held her gaze as I again attempted to stretch her open. It took several tries but I finally was able to force my head into her opening. She was wimpering and tears were running out the sides of her eyes. I spread her legs and laid down almost on top of her and kissed her tears. Im sorry honey it will feel better soon I promise and with that I pushed myself into her, past her hymen I felt it snap against my penis head . I held myself deep in her for a few seconds, feeling her pussy stretch to accommodate my size, she was squirming underneath me , her screams were loud. There was no one around. I started to move within her, her screams stopped and turned to just sobs and hiccups. I talked to her then as I thrusted myself in and out of her tight hole. I told her she was beautiful and a true woman and how she made me feel so good. She felt like tight velvet around my cock, I couldnt last long and felt myself explode and I yelled out in triumph as I unloaded within her. It was a while before I moved, before either of us said anything. I used sweet soft words but she rolled onto her side crying. I walked down to the water and cleaned the blood and semen from my penis. I came back with a small towel I had packed, wet with lake water, and slowly , carefully and gently cleaned her vagina. She was drowsy. Again I shouldnt have mixed the seconal and booze with her, shes too young.

Even though I gave her very little. I curled around her, our naked forms heated by the sun. I dozed and woke about 30 mins later. She was up and watching me. She had redressed and sat with her arms wrapped around her knees. I smiled, she smiled back. I leaned up and kissed her. She kissed me back. My cock jumped when I felt her little tongue dart into my mouth. I looked shocked and she giggled. I looked down, and so did she. I was hard again. She looked a bit worried but I kissed her again. This time our tongues entangled and I had her panties off her in seconds. I was between her thighs and pushing into her before I knew even what I was doing. She cried out she was swollen and sore, her pussy impossibly tight, but I had no care, I was passion driven, her young 11 year old pussy was intoxicating. I drove deep into her, then rolled onto my back. Her straddled on top I yanked off her shirt and skirt, hoping I didnt do any irretrievable damage to the clothing. I grabbed her bare thin hips and guided her back onto my shaft, pulling her slowly and steady down onto until I was buried deep in her pussy she looked in pain, and I just rocked her hips back and forth on my shaft with my hands. I knew her little clit was rubbing and I felt her pussy loosen a bit. I rocked her faster. It worked, soon I helped her work up and down on my shaft, each thrust up into her tight pussy harder, until she was riding me with her tight little pussy her puffy breasts jiggling a bit I sat up and took her breast into my mouth sucking hard and exploded in her again. I held her down on my cock until I had fully unleashed in her and had gone soft. And then I stood still locked within her and walked down to the shore line.I walked into the brisk cold waters with her like that. I pulled out and helped her wash up and washed myself up.

A Glance at my watch said 130.. I had to high tale it back to get her back in time. We walked hand in hand back to the blanket, dried off and dressed. Barely a word passed. We got in the car and I sped back to the city, music playing, and sweet glances between us two. I cant believe I just fucked an 11 year old TWICE. Her pussy was so tight and sweet. I held her hand and kissed her softly a few blocks from her house. I watched her get out and walk toward her house. Her clothes disheveled the skirt a bit ripped I know at the waist. I wasnt worried, she wouldnt rat on me, she was decidedly in love with me. I wasnt done with her yet either. I had to make it back on campus , I was going to blow off my evening class, but I wanted to meet up with Natalie. How fucking hot would it be to nail the 11 year old sister AND 19 year old sister in the same day. Fuck yea! As I thought about it my dick got hard again, Think Ill take Natalies ass hole virginity tonight, since I took her sisters sweet pussy V today.

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