First Time - Mary gets her cherry plucked part 3

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First Time - Mary gets her cherry plucked part 3

Post by dr_jefferson »

Annalena was thinking about what else Mary had that was virgin, and it hit her. Mary's ass was still virgin, come to think of it, so was Annalena's. Annalena wanted to see David claim that last bit of her sister's virginity, but she felt that before she could get that to happen, she would have to lose her ass virginity also. After all, she'd have to have it done to her, fair is fair, and if she could take it, she was sure that Mary could too. Mary seemed determined to match Annalena in the sexual skills area of pleasuring David, and Annalena felt that she needed to have her ass virginity broken first, to make sure it wasn't too painful for Mary. Early in the afternoon, while her parents were at work, she swiped a Valium from her Mom's supply. She figured she might need the Valium fuzz, to mask some of the pain. Before David came to pick her up, she was in the shower, with all the steamy hot water and soap, she lathered up a washcloth, washing her asshole as clean as she could. She wanted David to lick and finger her asshole before he fucked it, and a not clean asshole would really kill that mood. Although she rarely wore one, tonight she wore a skirt, she felt extra sexy, extra girly, and she knew David would get an almost instant hard on from the view. David arrived, exchanged pleasantries with her parents, her Mom and Dad were home tonight. Annalena walked downstairs, and she smiled as she saw David's eyes light up, the subtle shift in his body position, to cover the quickly growing bulge. Although they said they were going to the movies, that was a cover story, they were going to his parent's cabin out by Lake Chacasco, to hump each other like wild, and fuck like rabbits in heat.

Which is exactly what they did, clothes flying off, their naked bodies thrashing wildly under the covers, grunts, growls and cries of passion filling the cabin as they fucked each other to orgasm, Annalena crying out wildly as she felt the glorious burst of her orgasm, and the pulsing throb of David's cock, and his growl of pleasure as he pumped his juicy load deep inside Annalena's horny cunt. Annalena was determined to get her ass taken tonight, so, she took the Valium with a glass of water. Relaxing in the post orgasmic glow, she waited until the soft fuzz of her Valium does started to fill her brain, then Annalena decided to take the plunge. "David, I hope you don't think it's gross, but would fuck my asshole?" Hearing that, his cock answered for him, throbbing back to majestic glory.

"Ohh, you must really like the idea, have you ever fucked any other's girl's asses?" Annalena asked, in a teasing voice. "Never had any other girl ask me, and you are my first", David replied, "And I can't just walk up to a girl and ask her if she'd like a no strings attached ass reaming!" Annalena giggled, and said, "Well, Mary and I have that last vestige of virginity left, I want you to take my sister's asshole virginity, but I want you to bust my asshole cherry first. It seems only right that I do it, before I have you do my sister." Annalena rolled over onto her tummy, lifting her hips and rump up. She reached back, grabbed her cheeks, pulling them open so David could see the tight pucker of her virgin hole. "Now, I want you to lick and finger my asshole, do it for as long as I want, then, I want lube, lots of lube, I have a tube of KY gel in my purse. And, when you start to fuck my ass, if I can't take it, and I say no, I mean NO!

I don't want an asshole rape to be my lasting memory of losing my last vestige of virginity." David lowered his face, the tight twitchy pucker of Annalena last virgin territory drawing his mouth. His tongue snaked out, and he licked at the tightly puckered rim, flicking the tip of his tongue back and forth. Annalena's growl of pleasure told him he was doing it right. Annalena was almost speechless, holy fuck, the touch of his tongue licking at her back door was like nothing she'd ever felt before. If she'd known it felt this good, she would have gotten him licking her asshole right away. Annalena grunted, "Fuck, oh my god, fuck, feels so fucking good! Keep rimming me David, my god, I never knew it could feel so good!" Rimming her asshole made David's cock harder than ever, fuck, licking her ass was making him almost crazy horny. He slid her fingers into her soaking pussy, then slipped one finger up her tight asshole, Annalena babbled incoherently from the wild burst of pleasure assaulting her body as David slipped another finger in, gently stretching out her virgin ass, getting it ready for his cock.

Annalena gasped, "Now, lube up my ass, then your cock, I want it now!" David squeezed a thick line of KY gel right along the tight rim, then his fingers worked it in, spreading the slippery gel around and around her tight walls, working to stretch her open, and get that tight hole to relax, it was going to be more than tight. He felt her muscles relax a little bit, and Annalena reached back, pulling apart her ass cheeks as much as she could, wanting to spread that tight little hole as much as possible, so her asshole could be fucked. David's cock was almost painfully erect, the idea that he was going to fuck Annalena's asshole made his cock a steel hard pole. With his cock glistening with a liberal coating of lube, he nudged it against her tight hole, and prepared to push. Annalena moaned, she hoped it would feel as good as getting her other tight, eager holes deflowered, and she whispered, "Take it slow baby, slow, be gentle with me." David pushed, slowly, and the head of his cock popped inside. Annalena hissed, she felt a stretch beyond her comfort zone, and a quick zing of pain pushing through the Valium fuzz, as her asshole let her know. David froze, not wanting to rape his lover, and held stock still while Annalena worked hard on relaxing, relaxing that tight pucker. "OK Baby," Annalena cooed, "keep going, I'll let you know if I can't take it."

David started up again, inching his cock slowly, oh so slowly forward. Annalena gritted her teeth and clutched tightly at the bed sheets as her tight ass walls, slowly, haltingly gave way. She could feel herself stretched well beyond her comfort zone. She wanted to tell him to stop, she wasn't sure if it was going to be too painful, but a part of her held back. She needed to have it done, if she wanted Mary to get her asshole deflowered. She felt her brain get fuzzier as the Valium kicked in fully, and she felt the worst of her pain melting away. The lingering pain was far more tolerable, and she let out a small moan of pleasure as David finally sank in, his balls gently smacking against her mound. Annalena moaned again, David was in fully. She felt her tight ass stretched wide around his steely hard 7 inches. Annalena felt a pulse of heat, her asshole was getting its first fuck, her last vestige of virginity was gone. With the pain starting to fade, she urged David on. "Ummm, feels good, if a little painful at first. Ride me David, give it to me slow and gentle for a while." David did so, feeling the super tight clutch at his cock as he slowly reamed out Annalena's tightness, fuck, the tightness was beyond anything he had ever had. The phase, fucking Annalena's asshole, fucking her so tight ass keep repeating itself in his mind, keeping his cock steel hard, firing him up. Now that Annalena's asshole had adjusted, his thrusts into her asshole were all pleasure.

She urged him on to go faster, and soon, David was ramming into her ass, power fucking her tight back door, Annalena bucking back against his thrusts, eager to get every last little bit of his cock up her ass. Annalena was crying out with pleasure, her virgin busting fuck sending pleasure coursing through her body. She reached down, buried three fingers up her soaking cunt, and used her thumb to strum at her throbbing clit, masturbating furiously in time to David's plunges. She felt the spasming deep down in her abdomen, and she could feel that glorious rush aiming right at her pussy. "Yes, oh fuck yes, let me have it, I wanna feel you squirt, complete my virgin busting ride, cum in me, cum in me, ohh, ohhhh, fuck, fuck, FUUUCCCKKKK!!" Annalena's voice rose to a scream, she felt her orgasm crash right into her, her pussy walls spasming crazily, her throbbing asshole clenching and unclenching wildly on David's cock, and David let out a full throated howl as his cock erupted. Annalena's pussy was on fire with her climax as David's cock throbbed and pulsed, squirting his spunk deep into her tight, dark backdoor. Annalena could feel his fiery load gushing hotly up her ass, driving her into another wrenching, glorious burst of orgasmic pleasure, she was positively giddy with pleasure as the gripping tight cling of her no longer virgin asshole milked David's throbbing cock for every drop. As they sprawled out in the afterglow, Annalena was sure that Mary would love it as much as she did. Cuddling up to David, she cooed, "Oh baby that was wonderful, and if I can handle it, I'll bet Mary can too. I want you to take Mary's last virgin territory, give her tight asshole the virgin busting ride, and deflower that last virgin hole.

Think you'd like that, baby?" she added, a teasing note in her voice. David grinned and replied, "Is the Pope Catholic?" Annalena giggled, and said, "It'll work out great, my parents are going out for a date on Saturday, married 20 years, and they still like to have a date night. They'll be staying overnight in the swanky new Hyatt Regency hotel, so they can fuck their brains out, without having us hearing it!" At David's surprised look, she said, "It's true, they still fuck 3 or 4 times a week, and I've heard them going at it more than once. It's kind of a turn on, actually, when I'm awake, and I hear them going at it, I've found myself masturbating to the grunts, growls and moans of pleasure, timing my orgasm to when they let out those sounds I've come to know so well, and my Dad unleashes a torrent of his thick cream deep inside my Mom. Oh, does that make me cum hard! They're both 45, and still fucking like newlyweds." Annalena smiled, she was keeping a little back. She didn't tell David one small detail. Annalena had peeked in on her Mom and Dad more than once, she loved the tingling, burning itch that developed right between her tight lips of her labia, watching Dad thrusting his bone hard cock into Mom was beyond exciting. Seeing her Mom, howling that she was cumming, to fuck her hard, to squirt his load, and watching her Dad do exactly that, as they collapsed into each other's arms, sated, she would slip away back to bed. The remembered scene of her parents fucking wildly always drove her to a furious masturbatory session. With three fingers furiously fucking her burning pussy, and her other hand juiced up and polishing her throbbing clit, Annalena loved to imagine that her Dad's hard, throbbing cock was burried deep between the tight walls of her pussy, fucking her hard, feeling the burst of his cock exploding and squirting wildly, pumping his juicy load into her, filling up her eager pussy with a fiery load of her Dad's hot, incestuous spunk. That made her cum like a fucking train! When David took her home, her parents were over at the neighbor's, playing cards. That was good, they'd be gone a couple of hours, and Annalena slipped into Mary's room, she looked up at her, smiling. "So how was the date, did David fuck you real good?"

Mary asked, grinning. Annalena giggled, and replied, "Yes, indeed he did. As a matter of fact, he took my last vestige of virginity." Mary looked confused, as she asked, "What would that be?" "My asshole" Annalena replied, with a broad smile, "and while it felt a bit intense to start with, it felt so good to feel his cock pumping his load right up me like that!" Mary, looking startled, peppered Annalena with questions, how it felt, how could his large cock fit into such a tight hole, how much it hurt. Annalena decided to give her a preview. "Mary, strip naked, right now. Take a quick shower, wash that asshole real good, and I'll give you preview, I want David to come over here, and take your asshole cherry this weekend. You can have a look ahead at how good it feels. And, to dull down the pain, I'll lift a Valium from Mom's supply, I took one myself, to take the edge off the pain." Mary smiled as she quickly shed her clothes, and in the bathroom that her and Annalena shared, she was quickly under the showerhead. Annalena left her to it, telling her that she would be back after she heard the shower stop. As Mary worked up the lather, she remembered Annalena mentioning about the Valium, and she put 2 and 2 together.

My sister doped me up, so that David could have his way with me, that's why my head felt so fuzzed up. She remembered the ice cream, and how Annalena seemed to be eyeing her closely, as she ate it. After having David pluck her cherry, and enjoying it immensely after her annoying hymen was out of the way, she felt eager to take David's cock, take it up the "Hershey Highway", as she'd heard some older kids joking about it. Her pussy and her mouth had been deflowered, let's go for all three. Mary quickly washed herself down, feeling a zing of pleasure as her soapy fingers slid over the tight rim of her asshole. She was done in 10 minutes, and as she was drying off, Annalena peeked in. Mary saw Annalena had stripped naked, and that gave her another pulse. Mary whispered, "I'm ready my sexy sister, so ready for my preview." Annalena took her hand, and led her down the hallway, and into her room. There was a full length mirror on the door to her parent's room, and Mary saw her and Annalena, totally nude, an arm around each other's waist, it felt incredibly erotic to see themselves walking together side by side, so naked, and so ready for pleasure.

Annalena locked the door behind them, and on Annalena's bed, she again eagerly dived into the incest pool, giving her sister loving, lingering foreplay, she adored giving Mary deep, lingering kisses, tongue filled swirls of passion, her sister eagerly returning her ardor, making both their pulses thump with desire. In a tight embrace, Mary and Annalena's breasts pressed together tightly, Mary breasts were beautiful, at a healthy 34C, a little smaller than Annalena's 36C, and Annalena eagerly descended on them, caressing, kissing, licking, Mary could feel her nipples harden up like bullets, and Annalena devoted, long lingering licks, sucking and nipping very gently at her excited tits. Mary was in heaven, her sister was giving her the pleasure of a true lover, and Mary was eager for more. Annalena gently turned her over, and pulled her hips up, Mary's sexy rump upthrust. Annalena lovingly growled, "Reach back Moll baby, pull your cheeks apart, and get ready for a feeling like no other!" Mary eagerly did so, and Annalena felt her passion jump up as she saw the so tight, so virgin asshole, that tight, twitchy hole, looking like a bulls-eye for her tongue, and for David cock, soon. Annalena eagerly lowered her face, smelling the rich scent of Mary's soaking wet pussy. Oh Moll, it's beautiful, you have the most beautiful asshole world, and I'm going to enjoy kissing and licking it so much!"

A passionate shiver rippled thru Mary's body as she heard those words. Her sister was going to lick her asshole, the idea made her feel so nasty, and so hot. She felt Annalena face nuzzling between her spread-open cheeks, then the delightful sensations as Annalena's lips pressed against her tight hole. Annalena's tongue slid out, and started to lick and probe, sending sizzling bolts of pleasure racing through her body. Mary was in absolute heaven, the feelings were nothing short of amazing, she gasped, grunted, and growled with pleasure beneath Annalena's lascivious mouthing. Annalena had discovered what David had discovered, that licking a tight asshole was a massive turn on. Her cunt was gushing, juices dripping from her cunt, fuck, it was crazy hot. She brought a finger into play, sliding it around and around the tight rim, and slid it in, just a little bit, sliding it around and around the tight tunnel, feeling the tight clamp around her finger. She smiled, yes, David was certainly going to have another very tight, virgin hole to pluck. Mary could feel her tight asshole, so tight, gripping at Annalena's finger. She was excited, and a little scared, but Annalena assured her that she had done it, so Mary was determined to get her tight asshole deflowered. After giving Mary that preview of what awaited her, they rearranged themselves into a 69, and it took very little time before they both howled and shrieked through thunderous orgasms, juices flowing like rivers, squirts of girl cum gushing, splattering over their faces, leaving them lip and giddy from the wild sensory rush. Yes indeed, Mary was ready, and the next time her parents were out for the night, Mary's last vestige of virginity was going to be taken.

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