First Time - Mary gets her cherry plucked part 2

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First Time - Mary gets her cherry plucked part 2

Post by dr_jefferson »

Mary opened her eyes, saw morning sunlight against the door of her room. She thought about what a crazy dream she had, when she pulled back the covers, and glanced down at her body. Panties, she was wearing panties, that was crazy, Mary never wore panties to bed. She swung her body up, and felt the tenderness right between her legs, she felt stretched, there was a soreness deep inside her pussy, the skin right around her opening was very tender. Mary pulled off the panties, and there was a maxi pad, right along the crotch. She stared, saw the unmistakable glut of cum, streaked red with the blood of her torn hymen covering the pad. It started to come back to her, right after dinner, she started to feel funny, then David had come over, she remembered suddenly being on her bed, naked, her sister said something about teasing, and David had been making her feel so good...then....then...she remembered a tearing pain, David telling her it's ok, a little pain, and now you're a woman, then a jarring thrust, filling her up, the pain of her tight walls being split open, stretching, and, and...HE FUCKED ME! He fucked me, while Annalena was right there, not only that, she recalled Annalena encouraging David on, telling him to bust her open, fuck away Mary's cherry cunt! She remembered how the pain faded away after the first few thrusts, and how the pleasure settled upon her, as David fucked her. She remembered the burst of her orgasm, and the feel of his cock, swelling, steel hard, and the explosion of David inside her, feeling the heat of his sperm pouring into her.

Sperm, she thought wildly, pregnancy, but then she remembered Annalena giving her a pill, and saying take it to prevent pregnancy. Then, sleep had grabbed her like a dark tunnel, and here she was. Hmmm, a lot to think over. In the kitchen, Mary poured herself a bowl of corn flakes, toasted up some bread, and ate, thinking about what had happened. It wasn't like he raped her, Mary remembered that curious lack of resistance. And, truth be told, she had been quite a tease, it gave Mary an ego boost to see Annalena's boyfriend get turned on by her body. Wasn't that what she wanted, deep down, to have Annalena's boyfriend take her virginity? Mary's face flushed, the little secret buried deep down in her mind laid bare to her, yes, that was what she had wanted. Her friend Skye had been deflowered a few months ago, when she was 13, by Skye's cousin, who was 16. Skye had told her that it hurt at first, but it gets better, the more you do it. Ever since Mary had heard that, she'd been eager to find out what it was like. Her mind drifted back to a couple of months ago. Their parents were away for the weekend, and Annalena had sneaked David in at 2:00 AM Saturday morning, when she thought Mary was asleep. She had been awakened by the tread of footsteps going toward Annalena's room, and she was curious and horny. She could hear giggles, sighs and moans, and she crept down the hallway, hearing Annalena and David going at it. The door was ajar, and he peeked in, seeing Annalena riding David's cock, her naked back to the door, pumping her hips up and down, and Mary started, feeling so turned on, then, they rolled over, and David was pounding his cock into Annalena, she could see his naked ass bobbing up and down as he thrust into Annalena, fucking his sister wildly, until the room was filled with shrieks and howls of climax.

She sneaked back quietly to her room, masturbating furiously in her bed to the remembered sights and sounds, until her pussy had exploded, her body slammed by an orgasm that knocked the breath out of her. After seeing that, Mary wanted David to do the same thing to her. In Annalena's bedroom, Annalena woke up, David's naked body right next to hers, she smiled as she remembered. Jeez, David had been like a fucking tiger after opening Mary, he'd fucked her every which way but loose. Getting out of bed, stretching and inspecting her well fucked, nude body in the full length mirror, she saw little smudges where David's fingers had dug into her in the heat of passion. She could feel a soreness in her inner depths. Must be the feel of a well fucked pussy, she thought, and giggled, it felt like a red hot poker had been jammed up her, her walls still glowing with the heat of having been fucked over and over. Watching Mary get her teen tightness split open for the first time had just about driven her mad with lust, watching David thrusting and grunting inside of her, finally erupting, gushing his thick juices, had been the sexiest sight she'd ever seen, and her first orgasm, as she masturbated wildly to the sight, had hit her like a Mack truck. She'd like to see Mary sucking David's cock, although she'd have to be wide awake for that, and she wasn't sure how Mary was feeling right now. She heard Mary heading out the door, and she crept downstairs. Mary was indeed gone, but there was a note for her, it read:

"Hey sis, I want to talk to you later about last night, OK?" Hmm, looked like Annalena would know sooner or later. She went upstairs and woke up David. "Hey baby, how are you?" he said, sitting up and stretching, "And how's Mary feeling about last night?" "I'm fine sweetie, Mary went out, and she left a note for me, saying she wants to talk to me later about last night." "Let's go out for breakfast, and then you can come back and wait for her, I'll take off, so you and her can talk in private." "Thanks baby, I hope she might be up for more, I'd love to see her sucking your cock, and filling up her cute mouth!" Oh yeah, that sounded great. David had enjoyed one of the tightest, most enjoyable fucks he'd ever had, and he was eager for more, that Mary was one super fine piece of ass. Taking her pussy virginity had been so damn fine, and maybe the chance to take her cock sucking virginity? He wondered if she'd sucked off any of her schoolmates. After breakfast, David dropped Annalena off at home, and Annalena promised to let him know what happened. David hoped he was going to get a call back, asking him to come over for some more fun with her very hot sister. Around 2 PM, the front door opened, and Annalena heard Mary call out, "Hey sis, you home?" Annalena called down, "I'm in my room, Moll." Mary entered, and Annalena tried to get a sense of how Mary was feeling, but she was not quite ready for Mary's first words. "Can I suck David's cock?" Annalena was momentarily stunned, but she quickly recovered. "Yeah, sure, David would love to feel those cute, sexy lips of yours wrapped around his cock. Have you ever sucked a cock?" Actually, Mary was a cock sucking virgin, and she told Annalena about how she had handled a cock, her male schoolmates couldn't help but notice her developing body, and she'd been in a spot. "That first time, I'd said to Adolf, the guy I was sweet on, and who wanted to get with me, 'I'm still a virgin and I don't want to get pregnant, but I'll be glad to get naked, and let you see my body while I stroke your cock.

I was scared, what if we'd gone too far, so I offered that as an alternative, so we wouldn't go too far, and me ending up preggars and looking like a whale 9 months later. I stripped naked, and then while Adolf watched me, I stroked his cock, it was so exciting to see Adolf thrashing around at my hand, then the eruption, Adolf cumming wildly, the first, pent up shots flying up in the air, then Adolf's throbbing, pulsing prick, erupting the less powerful shots over my hand again and again, thick streams of hot, white cum spilling down across my fingers, Adolf was thrusting and grunting and spilling every drop as it slid down the length of his hard shaft." A silence fell, and Annalena looked at Mary appraisingly, and Mary blurted out, "And yes, I was teasing David because deep down inside, the truth is, I wanted David to fuck me! I wanted him to be so overcome with lust, that he'd come over and fuck away my virginity!" Annalena replied, "Well, if the truth be told, I was wanting David to pluck your cherry. I was annoyed at the way you flaunted your body in front of him, and I thought, if you wanted to tease so shamelessly, you'd have to learn to come across, when the guy won't take teasing as enough. Did you enjoy it?" she finished, a teasing note in her voice. Mary said, "Well, when I got my cherry broken, it was somewhat painful, but it's like my friend Skye said about her first time, it's like ripping off a band aid, do it quick. After I got adjusted, it was so wonderful, I loved the feeling that I'd dreamed about, of some boy's cum shooting deep inside me!"

Annalena smiled, and replied, "And, you can rest assured, David enjoyed it as much, if not more!" Annalena thought about it for a second, and said, "Would you like to have David come over tonight, and you can suck your first cock?" Mary, her eyes bright, answered her rhetorical question, and Annalena called David, and told him to come over, Mary wanted her mouth virginity taken. Hot damn, David thought, another cherry hole to take, damn that Mary was so hot, he'd have to think a lot about baseball, while he was being sucked, to try and make it last! At 7 PM, David was at the door, ready and eager, his cock already thumping, and eager for Mary. Annalena let him in, and gave him a very sexy smile. "Right this way, David." At the bottom of the stairs, she pointed upwards. David looked up, saw Mary at the top of the stairs, wearing nothing but that wildly sexy white baby doll nightie and a bright smile. David could see she was not wearing panties, and her teen pussy was on display for him, making his cock even harder. She beckoned to him, and he almost sprinted up the stairs, and she pulled him against her, kissing him, grinding her hips against the growing bulge. She grinned at the obvious rise, and pulled him toward her bedroom. "No more teasing, now, you get all the fun you've been dreaming about" Annalena cooed, as she joined them in Mary's bedroom, stripping naked, and again taking a position on the chair, to watch the fun and games. "Do you want me naked, or do you like the sexiness of my body in my baby doll nightie?" Mary whispered. "Leave the nightie on, damn that looks so hot!" David grunted. Mary fumbled with his clothing, and stripped him naked.

David stood, his cock jutting upward. "On your knees baby, suck my cock, and make me fill your sweet mouth" David growled. Mary quickly did so, feeling the lust bubbling up inside her. Being in such a classic, subservient position, on her knees, ready to service a hard, arrogant cock, just made her hotter. Mary hoped she wouldn't give David a bad blowjob, as it was going to be her first time. She just decided to go with her feelings, and her hand circled David's hard cock, and she squeezed it gently. Mary moved her hand slowly up and down, her eyes wide as she looked at David's cock, listening to his grunt of pleasure, and the way it throbbed with eagerness in her hands. Mary brought her full lips to the head of David's cock, and began to kiss his cock lightly, her lips brushing the head. Mary's tongue snaked out, and she began to lick gently at the head of David's cock. His moan of pleasure encouraged her, and Mary let her tongue roam all over David's throbbing cock, over the shaft, up and down the length.

Returning to the head of David's cock, Mary parted her lips, and her mouth slid down over his cock. David growled with pleasure from the feel of Mary's hot wet mouth engulfing his cock. She slid her mouth down, until his entire seven inches were in her mouth, she could feel his head touch the back of her throat, she slid her mouth up, until just the head was in her mouth, then down, taking in David's entire length again. She got into the rhythm, and there she was, giving her first blowjob, and judging from the grunts and moans of pleasure from David, Mary was doing very well. "Yeah, oh fuck yeah, suck my cock baby, umm, you're a natural born cock sucker, yeah, feels fuckin' great!" David grunted. Being called a cock sucker turned Mary on, she could feel her juices start to churn, encouraged, she clamped her lips tightly around David's cock, making her mouth a tight, sliding ring of pleasure, and gave him her best blowjob. Annalena was watching, eyes glittering, she opened her purse, and pulled out her midnight black vibrator, 8 inches long, with an adjustable speed dial, and shaped just like a real cock. She turned it on to its lowest setting, a barely audible hum, and she felt the gentle vibrations as she slid it up and down her dewy pink opening, her juices starting to flow, using the tip of her vibrator to rim her labial lips. Her other hand was stroking at her throbbing nipples, feeling the zings of pleasure sizzling into her pussy, it was just as exciting to watch Mary sucking David's cock, as it had been to watch Mary get the virgin busting fuck from her boyfriend.

Mary kept the rhythm going, sliding up and down David's throbbing length again and again, and the sensation was making his toes curl with pleasure. David could feel the spunk sizzling, and he knew he was almost there. David looked down, took Mary's head gently in his hands, and stroked at her short black hair, listening to Mary's muffled sounds of passion. Mary, Annalena's 14 year old hot boxed little sister, was sucking his cock, her unfucked, virgin mouth eager for her first load, HIS load, and that thought took him flying over the edge. His balls tightened up, his prick jerked and swelled up tight. Mary was wondering, as she sucked him, what does she do when he cums? Does she swallow it, does she spit it out, does it taste horrible? Mary was eager for the wet spray of his sperm to fill her mouth, hoping that it didn't taste awful. She felt his cock lurch and swell, Mary was about to find out. David warned her that he was about to climax in her mouth, and Mary slid up, until just the head of his cock was in her mouth. Her hand grasped his spit slick cock, she stroked up and down his throbbing shaft. Annalena grasped her buzzing pleasure, turned it up to maximum, and rammed him into her burning heat. Fuck, it was fantastic, she was getting set to blow, Annalena stared at the lewd spectacle while her vibrator continued to buzz her sopping vagina like a jackhammer. David felt it and so did Mary, as a large pulse, starting at the base of his cock and rising up, and the first blast jetted out, hitting the roof of Mary's mouth, David was grunting with pleasure, as his cock was now throbbing and pulsing wildly, Mary could feel his load, gushing hotly, thick wet streams of spunk spewing all over her tongue, and then the less powerful gushes pouring into her mouth, she kept him in, until his cock had shot out every bit.

She clamped her lips tightly around his cock, swallowed him down once more, and slid her mouth up, releasing his cock. With her mouth filled with the thick gooey consistency, Mary decided that David's spunk tasted good, very good, and she looked up at him, smiled, and swallowed every delicious drop. To her right, Annalena grunted, "Fuck, oh yes, fuck, so hot, fuck, cumming, cumming, YES!" Mary was suddenly aware of the buzzing, she looked, saw Annalena's body shaking wildly, a big black vibrator shoved up her juicy pussy right to the hilt, fingers strumming at her throbbing clit, cumming hard. Annalena had been able to hold onto it, until Mary sucked in every stream, and swallowed it all, and Annalena's burning cunt had just exploded. Fuck, it was hot, and she fully enjoyed the feel of her tight cunt walls split open, clenching at that wildly buzzing 8 inches of pleasure shoved up her, a massive wave of her orgasm washing over her. As they were starting to come down to earth, Annalena had an idea. She looked at Mary, realizing how turned on she must be, sucking David's cock always got Annalena hornier than hell, and with David needing a little time to come back up, why not introduce Mary to her vibrator? The thought that her cream, smeared all along the hard shaft, would serve as a lubricant gave her heated center a pulse. Mary was suddenly aware of her being lifted up, and placed on the bed. Her legs were parted, and Annalena, grinning, told her to enjoy what was coming next.

She dialed down her vibrator to its lowest setting, and started to slide it up and down Mary's tight lips. Mary could hear the soft purr of the vibrator, and then the exciting tingles right between her thighs brought a gasp of surprised pleasure from her, as Annalena slid the shaft of her toy up and down her slick lips. "Do you like that Moll?" Annalena cooed, as she rimmed her sister's vaginal lips over and over. "Yes, oh yes Annalena, feels so good!" Mary gasped. "Then how about this, baby?" Annalena dialed her toy up to maximum, and pushed, sliding that vibrating pleasure in. Mary squealed as she felt her tight walls being stretched open, as she got her first dildo fuck. The vibrator was smeared with an erotic coating of big sister's cream, and since David had taken her virginity the other night, Annalena was able to drive into her with jarring ease, and Mary squealed again as 8 inches of pussy pleasing fullness was buried in. "Oh fuck, I love it, feels so good, fuck me Annalena, fuck me!" "Oh yes, very good baby, very good." Annalena started to give Mary was she asked for, and Mary was growling and grunting, the powerful throbs of Annalena's vibrator were ramming into her, driving her along, and that did it, Mary gave out a full throated shriek as her pussy exploded, her inner cunt walls spasming crazily, clenching tightly at that 8 inches buried up her. Annalena dialed her vibrator down, as Mary's body shook, shudered and moaned from the absolute pleasure of her dildo ride.

As the last spasm shook her body, Annalena withdrew her toy from Mary's soaked pussy. She motioned to David, letting him see the soaking heat of lust her sister's pussy had become. David's cock was quickly reviving, and Annalena told him what to do. "Look at that delicious heat, get down there, and lick Mary back up to the brink, then ram your stiff cock back in, and hump little sister's ass off!" Annalena growled. "Yes, lick me David, and fuck me again, I'm gonna love it!" Mary gasped. I'm gonna love it too, David was thinking, as he positioned himself, and lapped at all the sweet juices that were bubbling up. He could taste the mingled cum that Annalena had pumped into Mary with her juice smeared dildo, and his cock reached its full, hard 7 inch extension. He licked her right up, then as her body was virtually vibrating, he rose up, his cock iron hard. Annalena was again masturbating, her vibrator shoved deep, riding that 8 inch pleasure wand, watching David fuck his sister was driving her almost mad with desire. David nudged his cock against Mary's tight lips, sliding his cock up and down her pink trail, bumping against her clit, and Mary got impatient, she grabbed his cock, notched it securely against her entrance, and thrust her hips up off the bed, driving his cock deep. Mary squealed as she felt the parting of her tight walls, and the enfolding of his cock as her tight passage eagerly wrapped around the welcome intruder, the nice, tight cling of her feverishly clasping vaginal walls gripping at his prick.

Mary sighed, and wrapped her legs around his waist, giving herself up to David's feverish pumping. David thrust in and out, fucking the eager teen tightness, his cock was working back up quickly. Next to them, Annalena was closing in on her orgasm, the buzz of her toy mixing with her grunts and squeals of pleasure. Mary could feel her abdomen start to spasm, the churning deep inside, and she howled, "Oh fuck, yes, yes, yes, cumming oh my god, FUCK!" Her voice rose to a shriek as her cunt let go, her walls clamped even tighter at David's prick, working in that rhythmic spasming action, her cunt like a separate living entity, eager to milk his cock of every drop. Annalena's howl of pleasure joined, as she went over the edge, squealing and crying out as her pussy let go, a vat of hot juices gushing out of her, her body shaking wildly, fuck, another teeth rattling orgasm, she thought as her body shook wildly, riding that blissful wave. That did it for David, as he growled, "Yeah, oh fuck, yeah, love Mary's tight cunt, gonna fill that tight cunt again, yeah, yeah, fuck YEAH!" David's cock burst, gushing a torrent, the tight cling of the no longer virgin Mary, rippling with spasms, milked his throbbing cock for every drop, and he grunted as he shot his hot cum deep up her tight pussy. Annalena wanted that cum, and she wanted to taste it mixed with her sister's juices. Her heart was hammering, as she prepared to take a swan dive, plunging deep into the incest pool, as David pulled out, and stared at the sweet cream filled treat that Mary's cum filled pussy presented. She quickly got into position, Annalena pealed open Mary's tight lips, and felt a bolt of erotic pleasure as she saw David's thick glut of cum, all ready for a hungry, eager mouth to suck it all out.

Mary's heart was hammering too, as she felt the loving licks of her sister's tongue start to slide over her cum slick labial lips. My sister is licking my pussy, my sister is licking my pussy, she thought, it didn't feel wrong, it felt so right, and she let out a low moan of pleasure. "You taste delicious" Annalena whispered huskily, "I can't wait to taste your juices, all mixed up with David's thick spray." Mary was quickly getting an education, her sister was going to suck David's cum out of her pussy. Mary felt her sister's mouth taking the plunge, her tongue digging deep, scooping out the thick cum David had gushed into her, it felt so wonderful, as Annalena eagerly licked, sucked, swallowed, over and over, eager to get as much cum as possible out of her sister's pink folds. The mingled taste of her sister's juices and David's cum was like nectar of the gods, and Annalena licked out all that her probing tongue could reach, until she flopped back on the bed, breathing heavily, savoring the last taste of those mingled juices. Mary looked at her sister sprawled out, her legs apart, her bare, smooth pussy lips spread slightly, letting Mary see right into her sister's inner pinkness, and Mary felt her mouth go dry, her breathing speed up. My god, Annalena looked so sexy, she wanted to do the same to Annalena, and she quickly inserted herself in the spread of Annalena's thighs, smelling the heady essence of her sister in heat, and she started to lap at Annalena's lips, tasting the juices of her sister, getting an erotic bolt of pleasure from the taste, so delicious, so tasty, and she was eager for more. Annalena opened her eyes, expecting to see David, and was pleasantly surprised to see Mary getting set to jump into the incest pool with her. She felt Mary's fingers spread her lips wider, and her tongue started to probe, deep, sweeping licks that made her pussy quiver with excitement.

Annalena reached down, wound her fingers into Mary's short shag cut, and caressing her head, whispered encouragement to Mary. "Oh yes Moll baby, lick me. Ummm, feels so good, lick me baby, slide a finger up me, and finger my pussy while you lick me, oh yes, just like that, ummmm." Mary slid one, then two fingers up Annalena fiery, wet well, feeling the clamp of her sister's vagina gripping at her fingers. Annalena's clit had risen out of its hooded canopy, standing up, rock hard, pink and erect, Annalena's clit was more prominent that Mary's, and Mary was excited by the bigger clit that her sister had, she surrounded that hard pleasure bud, licking at it, sucking, running her tongue in circles around that straining joy button. "Yes, oh my god yes, there, right there, oh fuck, unnh, unnh, gonna, gonna, yes, yes, yes, cumming, cumming, FUCK!" Annalena voice rose to a shriek, and her pussy let go, her clit throbbing wildly, her pussy spasming and clenching at Mary's fingers, her pussy juicing wildly, giving Mary a big mouthful of her girl juices, Mary decided she liked the taste of Annalena's cum as much as David's cum, and she eagerly gulped down her sister's juices, keeping her mouth right there, eager to lick every drop out of Annalena's pussy. David's cock had risen back up, and Annalena noticed, grinned, and motioned him over. She put her head right next to Mary, and told David what she wanted. "Jerk that big beautiful cock, stroke it, think about how it felt to fuck Mary's virginity away, then blow your spunk all over us, we want a juicy, squirting facial!" David eagerly did so, grasping his cock with his fingertips, and stroking his cock, the head popped up from his foreskin, shiny and pink, and Mary and Annalena grinned up at him, licking their lips, urging him on. "Yeah, look at Moll's face, she's gonna get her first facial, stroke that big beauty, and gush it all over us!" Annalena growled. "Stoke that hard cock, spray your load all over Annalena's sexy face, hose us down with that hard prick!" Mary cooed. He could feel his balls start to move, starting to pull up tight. The sight of his girlfriend and her sister, totally naked, faces turned up to his prick, eager for his spray, and encouraging him on, took him up, and up and up...until...he felt his cock start to sizzle, as his cum bolted up the inside of his shaft.

"Fuck, oh fuck, cumming, fuck cumming, FUCK YEAH!" He growled with pleasure as he felt the burning tingles of orgasm shooting up and down his cock, and he aimed his cock. His first squirt arced out, splattering against Mary's cheek, crossing over her open mouth, and ending up on her other cheek, the next shot gushed all over Annalena's lips, he fired another shot that splattered across both their faces, the visual turn on of seeing their faces taking his load drove him on. Mary felt the splash of his cum against her cheek, mouth and other cheek, David's cock was pumping and spurting, she felt more of his hot white cum hitting her face, she opened one eye, looked at her sister, and saw Annalena getting a juicy facial. He blew a final squirt across their necks, he loved to give a pearl necklace, as he stroked out the last few drops. Mary and Annalena turned their faces to each other, kissing wildly, licking up the sticky trails of cum, mashing their mouths together, sharing juicy, spunk filled kisses, as they shared the rich bounty of David's cock, until, exhausted, David joined them as they fell into a happy, satisfied heap.

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