First Time - Loosing virginity with a virgin pussy

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First Time - Loosing virginity with a virgin pussy

Post by dr_jefferson »

Hi friends, I am 28 yr Male from india. I am well built, 5.8 inch not an atheletic body but decent. (weight : 72 kg) wheatish. I am going to talk about the girl I lost virginity with. She was 24 yr virgin girl (34 C) dark complexion, 36 26 36, height 5.2 inch from south india. We met on internet and became good friends. eventually we started talking about love etc. and then came the sex. We did do some webcam sex chats as well as had seen each other naked and talked everything about sex that possible on this earth, including sex positions. Eventually we decided to meet and have sex. We decided to meet in a hotel. I booked the hotel. I had to pick her from the airport as she had to fly from other state. She was wearing tight black top with her boobs so promiment. a tight jeans at bottom. I kissed her on her lips when we met at the airport itself and we walked to the car. This was our first lip kiss. Then while driving car to the hotel, I kissed her some more by slowing the car and did put my hands in her top to feel her boobs.

She kept her eyes closed and was really high. I stopped my car at a rest area and asked her to show her boobs as I can't wait to get to the hotel room. She raised her top and exposed her boobs. They were so damn hot with big black nipples. I right away started sucking them then and their. She was so high at this point. I asked her to get her pants down at this point as I wanted to feel her wetness. First I touched her panty from outside which was so wet. then I asked her to pull it down and I fingered that virgin pussy with my 1 finger for the first time. It was so warm and so wet. Imagine the virgin girl with exposed boobs and finger in pussy. My cock was pounding in my pants. She asked if she could get her shirt down on boobs as some guys were staring at her boobs from other car parked closed to ours. I said yes and then we decided to move to hotel. On the way i did play some more with her boobs. When we reached hotel and got into the room, I lifted her in my arms and took her right away to the bed and started kissing her lips, it was a violent kiss trust me. she was biting at my lips too. my tongue was exploring her mouth and hers mine. Soon I took off her top and started biting/sucking on nipples and boobs. pressed them really hard and kept sucking for long. She was moaning so bad at this time. Here she asked me to take my clothes off. I was just in my boxers now. My hard dick was standing out in bulge. She was shy to ask me to get it out. Now I went down and sucked her belly button and asked if I can take her pants off. She was dying to get it off. I felt her wet panty and kissed on it from outside.

Now I took her panty off. She was shy but I spread her pussy and asked if she is OK if I suck it. She noded her head in yes. As I mentioned that I had seen her naked on cam, but its so different to see a pussy in live. This was my first time. She had shaved her pussy for me. It was all wet and her juice dripping from her pussy to her asshole. I spread her wet shaved pussy. It was so wet and slippery and so damn red. I put my lips on it and started sucking it. I put my tongue in her pussy. Oh that was so awesome. I had always dream't of doing that and now i was doing it here with a virgin pussy. She was moaning so hard and moving her body and hands up there and pressing her own boobs. I almost sucked out all her juice. Here she asked me to take my boxers off. I took my boxers off and there stood 6 inch long thick and hard dark hungry brown dick, it was extremely hard to her surprise and she felt shy to touch it. I asked if it was OK to go through for what we have waited for so long. She nodded in yes and there it was. She was lying on her back and I laid on her. position my dick into her pussy and put it in first slowly to explore the depth and then right away gave a second strong stroke which took my dick deep into her pussy.

I felt some resistance in their and she screamed in pain for this instance and said please slowly. I apologized and took it out. there was a tinge of blood on it. I knew I had popped the cherry. Both of us were no more virgin. Immediately I put the dick back in her. Her pussy felt more wet this time and more dilated and there I started pounding her pussy in the missionary position. She asked not to cum in her. I took my dick out in a while and she put a condom on it for me. And this was the actual first time when she really felt it and saw it so close. She held it in her hands and smiled at me and asked me to put in in her pussy and pound her. Here I went harder and harder. She kept saying keep doing it, faster and i did the same until I came in the condom and laid on her side. This was not the end. following this we ate something and then decided to go for it again but this time, I wanted to cum in her pussy (no condom) and I asked for the same. She agreed with some resistance. She laid on her back again. I spread her pussy, sucked it first again. kissed her thighs and all her body and then pounded her pussy. I came first time in her pussy. Oh it was so warm and slimmy in her pussy, cant express. I shot deep in her pussy and when I took my dick out, she said somethings flowing out too. It was a huge load of cum which was flowing out of her pussy too.

Then I tried the doggy style, which she loved a lot and came on her asshole and back. She didn't wanted ass fuck but I definitely wanted to try that sometime. We stayed together for 2 days and I fucked her 11 times during this. Her pussy was so tight, so wet, my virgin dream had cum true. We have not met again and she does plans to meet me again and wants to explore other positions in more aggressive ways. I love her pussy and fantasize it so much. It has been more than 6 months when I fucked her and fantasizing her all the time and watching porns, I have developed a perversion to see her pussy fucked with a THICKER, LONGER and HARDER DICK then mine which will open her pussy up more then I was able to. I wanna see her see moan and scream so hard. I would love a threesome too. I am sure she will love it too. I did click her pussy and boobs pics and do share them with my friends. My another wish is to fuck her virgin ass someday. While I am writing this story, my dick is pounding in my pants and I ended up masturbating and shooting out Loads of cum. LOVE YOU DARLING.

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