Bondage - The South Marlin Circle Bondage Club Chapter 32

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Bondage - The South Marlin Circle Bondage Club Chapter 32

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The next day, Mr. Stevenson called Steven, Tim, Donny and Clyde and had them come to his office at the end of the work day. "Well, here's a status report for ya boys, but there is good news and bad news: the guys at the Pentagon think the technology here is definitely something they will be incorporating into their fighters, though of course, that is pending the results of the tests we have to run for them. However, they may decide to opt for creating a new generation of planes rather than merely retrofitting all of the current fleet, though there will definitely be at least some of that, at least in terms of one of Steven's earlier projects. What that means is that it may take several years for the designs to be approved by the military brass and Congress and then begin production. So on the money end, you might have to wait a while Donny and Clyde before you really begin to see anything, but when you see it the payoff is going to be monstrous." "Yeah, Clyde already told me that this was a possibility," Donny revealed, "so I can't say it's THAT much of a surprise." "Just be patient boys. You still have your jobs here." "Have you looked into the civilian sector yet?" "No. I want to see what the tests say first so that we know what we're playing with. The heads of all the airlines will be invited to observe those particular tests once we get clearance from the Pentagon to let them. There may be noise issues with the added thrust your process generates, Steven, that might keep this a military only application, but we'll just have to see. There is also the possibility that we might be able to come up with a mitigation strategy." Mr. Stevenson hoped.

"The other problem is that if that fuel and processor require structural or infrastructural changes, it's hard to see the airlines going for it under current conditions. They basically fly everything until the aircraft is pretty much like a beater car and I don't think they would like to be compelled to purchase a new generation of aircraft unless they can shake down the public, which is already fed up with being nickeled and dimed to death by them, for the money in some way. If they then can't get it from the public, then they would have to ask Congress for subsidies and, with the way the airlines have treated the traveling public like shit, I'm not sure they could get them. I mean, how do you go to your district and rationalize a subsidy for the assholes at Delta, for example?"

"There is another possibility, Mr. Stevenson," Steven jumped in. "The private jet business is highly inefficient in a sense. You need at least one pilot, maybe two, plus a multimillion dollar plane and $10-100,000 roundtrip to use them for one or two passengers. What would be ideal are pod planes that could be launched from the parking lot of your business after clearance from air traffic control and then use GPS to steer it remotely at 500-600 mph to its destination. You could have the passenger take a sleeping pill so that he or she wouidn't mind the cramped space. That way, the traveler would arrive fully rested and then could leave as soon as possible from any nearby parking lot."

"That's a wild ass idea, Steven, but think of the infrastructural demands. It would take hundreds of billions to make that work. I mean, we can't even pay to update an air traffic control system that is barely different from what it was in 1965." "But you know what, Clyde?" Mr. Stevenson said, "there was a time when it looked like there would never be an interstate highway system because the Republican Party and conservative democrats were against the expense. However, as soon as Eisenhower said it was to promote national defense, then they found the will for it in Congress. So who knows? Crazier shit has happened."

"Listen," Mr. Stevenson propounded, "even if the idea seems unworkable, I think we need to cover it from an intellectual property standpoint. So you guys get together and try to make this work. It may come to nothing, but we gotta definitely explore it just in case." "Mr. Stevenson, do you want to start an aircraft company?" "Fuck no, Steven, but we might have to if this thing appears as if it might bear fruit. I just wonder how much we're going to have to pay the first human who we can get into one of these planes or rockets or whatever form it takes." "There are going to be bigtime security concerns, here, too, you guys," Clyde interrupted. "Well, whatever," Mr. Stevenson reacted irritably. "Let's fly this idea around for a while and see if it gets us anywhere. And yes Steven, I definitely want a stake in this. Not as far as my firm goes, but as a private investor if the proposal shows promise. This might be something good to will to my kids down the line. Let's touch base on this the week of the tests for your fuel processor and the other stuff that comes with it, Steven." "Listen Mr. Stevenson, I want Donny, my dad and Clyde protected here, too, so we gotta think how we're going structure the company we'll have to set up so that they get paid fairly." "I don't think that will be much of a problem on my end, Steven, We could pay them as consultants with a gross income stipulation for the project that they would cream off. It has to be said, though, that we may have to bring in VC's and they're going to want blood. I don't see how we come out of this with control of the company per se in that instance, but that kind of talk is premature anyway."

"By the way Donny, I have something I need to discuss with you later on. Give me a call when you get home. Say hi to Yoriko for me, too." "You got it Steven." "What's that about, Steven?" Mr. Stevenson wondered. "It's an idea I've been kicking around for a while but I'm still a little shaky on the end details, especially getting the chemical processes correct. I'm going to bring some of my Cal Tech buddies in on it, too, because there are a whole lot of complex questions to be resolved. Once I get a coherent hold on it, I'll brief you on it. But if it works like I think I can, we're going to set up an independent firm to produce it since this is totally outside the scope of what your company does Mr. Stevenson." "Cool. See you guys later. "Say hi to Arlene and your wife for me Mr. Stevenson," Steven requested. "I will Steven. Give my best to Haruko and her family."

That night, Haruko received a phone call. "Hello?" "Hi Mistress Haruko. This is Donny. How are you tonight?" 'HI Master Donny! I'm doing great!" "Mistress, may I speak with your property?" 'Yes you may Master Donny. Please hold for just a second." "She handed the phone to Steven." "Hi Master Donny." "Hi Stephanie. So what is it that you wanted to discuss?" Steven began to give a proposal on how to soup up solar cells and extend their application  and output, delving into what he understood about the possible processes to do that. "That's a highly original way of looking at that question, Stephanie. If you can give me a couple of days, I'd like to examine what you have in mind and confirm what I know or think I know about the possibilities of some of that." "No problem. I'll be organizing my group at Cal Tech tomorrow and I'll keep you abreast of what's going on." "Great, Stephanie. Talk to you then." Okay Master Donnie. Take care."

"So you have another project going  on in addition to the one you just told me about?" "Yes Mistress. But this one is more in Donny's area of expertise and so I'm not at a point yet where I feel I can take leadership of it. But if it works like I think it can, the company we'll form out of it will be one of the biggest in the world overnight and we could very well reduce Exxon to a memory." "Wow! That's pretty ambitious, Stephanie." "Yeah. I just hope I'm not wasting my time with it."

Two days later, Donny called Steven. "I checked into the viability of some of the ideas you have for the solar cell project. From what I gleaned, there is definitely enough there to go forward for a full investigative project," Donny said. "That's not to say I think it's a slam dunk, but there's some intriguing possibilities here," he elaborated. "Thanks for that Master Donny. I assembled the ad hoc research team at school and they're pretty much of the same opinion, but the possible rewards are so huge that they definitely want to explore it." "We should probably put a company together to protect ourselves and so we have some rubric under which to operate," Donny suggested. "Yeah, I'm still trying to think up 1 name for one. We'll have to kick that around the next time we get together."

"I really love how you're keeping at it, just constantly pushing ahead, Stephanie,"  Haruko complimented. ":"It's all to impress you Mistress." "But there's a limit to that, Stephanie. Please don't be one of those guys who has billions and yet still insists on going to the office everyday until they die. I want you here with me and think in terms of quality of life rather than striving to endlessly make as much as you can because when you're dead you're money's literally no good anymore." "I agree Mistress. The moment I reach a billion, I'll retire and we'll just focus on raising our kids, traveling and trying to enjoy life." "I'm glad to hear that, Stephanie. By the way, have you taken care of booking the trip for us and my family?" "Yes Mistress. We'll be staying at one of the best hotels in Japan and I've got reservations for some of the more well known restaurants there, too. I'm really looking forward to it." "Me too, Steven. I've never been there and neither have my brothers and sisters. My dad was so busy with his publishing firm that we never had the time to take long vacations before." "That's too bad. That makes me especially glad, though, that I can do this for you. Oh, by the way, Mistress, because I've been forgetting to ask them, when you see Matt and Brandon, can you please ask them if they want to come? I booked it as if they would have want to accompany their slaves just in case." "That's totally considerate of you, Stephanie. I definitely will, Rie and Shiho will be very excited thanks to your kindness."

"Stephanie, I so want your children. I wish I could be pregnant right now." "Me, too, Mistress. We could roleplay it if you would like,  though." "Take your outfit and your makeup off, Stephanie." "Yes Mistress." Steven got naked and then wiped his makeup off while Haruko also stripped. They laid in bed together. Steven gazed at Haruko's shapely body." "Well?" she said impatiently. "I'm just envisioning what you're going to look like when you start showing in three or four months, Haruko." he pretended. "God Steven, the thought of it makes me so hot for you. Just fuck me and implant that seed sweety." "You got it sweetheart." Steven climbed on top of her and inserted his penis into her, feeling the velvety compression of her vaginal muscles as he initiated thrusting. "Oh yesssss baby, God, bury that thing deep into me," Haruko pleaded," as she was impaled on his flesh pike over and over. "Oh fuck yes honey, God, make my belly big," she wantonly demanded as his turgid dick slipped quickly in and out of her,  her passion amplified by the pleasurable friction she felt inside. "Oh fuck oh fuck, oh shit yes, I want you to cum so much inside me, Steven, god, fuck me hard!" she ordered and he obeyed, slamming his rocket into her pocket with as much force as he could, her legs on his upper back to not just take him as deep as she could, but to ensure that as much of his sperm as possible would end up in her womb and not drip out of her and on to the bedding under her. His  pubic bone jackhammered against her ass as he continued lustily shoving his cock into her and then withdrawing it, Haruko feeling that primal need to enlarge her race with another life as he worked up to seeding her furrow. "Oh yes oh Gooddddddd," she blurted, panting and gasping, the idea of him filling her with his life giving spunk making her borderline insane and she clawed at his  back as she went over the edge while the walls of her love cave were scraped without let up. "Oh fuck! God baby! FUCCCCKKK!" she screamed, the heat and psychological echoes she genetically inherited as a woman causing her to go into an animalistic frenzy, and he finally gave her what she wanted, his cream gushing into her receptive slit and into her cervix, where his sperm began what would be a futile journey to unite with an egg.

She laid there with a pacified smile on her face. "You're going to be such a beautiful mommy," Steven predicted. "And you'll be such a good father," she countered. He rubbed her abdomen and showed her a goofy grin as she enjoyed the sensation of a pussy filled with warm cum. "I so envy Yoriko right now," Haruko whispered. "I wish we were done with school so that we could start our family." "You and me both, Haruko. If our family is anything like the one your mom and dad raised I'll be a happy man indeed." "Steven, we discussed having two, but how would you feel about three or four?" "Sweety, we have the money for it, so if you want more children I'm on board." "Well, let's see how the first two pregnancies go and then we'll decide from there," she said. "But all the activity in this house makes it hard to ever be bored and I would like a similar atmosphere for us and our kids," she revealed. "Sounds like a plan, babe. At my folks house, it was always so quiet because we would either mainly be reading, watching tv or on the net with just the three of us there. So I really like the energy of your household."

In late March, Steven and his dad were summoned to Mr. Stevenson's home office. "Well, I have some good news for you,  boys: the first test of your new weapons system went off without a hitch. We have a more rigorous one scheduled for May. If that one shows as well as this one did we'll be open for business and start taking orders. If it doesn't go as well as we hoped then we'll have to enter into a new round of testing, which could delay things by a year, if not longer. So let's hope for the best." "That's great Mr. Stevenson. So how much in initial orders are we looking at, best case scenario?" Steven asked. "Our marketing analyst told me it could be around $1.6 billion and that should grow as they begin retrofitting the planes of our NATO allies. So minimum, we're going to make a profit of at least $500 million." "Jesus, that means that dad and I are going to realize $125 million apiece out of it." "Yep, something like that, Steven," Mr. Stevenson confirmed. And I  thought that the $457,000 check I got earlier this month was sweet," Steven laughed. "Well, let's not get ahead of ourselves boys. Let's just hope the next test goes well and we'll go from there."

Haruko was amazed when he told her. "$125 million? I can't even imagine having that much money," she said. "Well, you won't for long," Steven chuckled. "Uncle Sam will take about $50 million of that, but we'll still have an obscene amount of cash. Some of that, though, will be invested in our solar project so that I will be less reliant on VC's for initial development and testing money so that I can retain more control over the company we'll be forming." "How much do you intend to pour into that?" she wondered. "Probably around $5 million. I shouldn't need any more than that. Then we'll get that back in spades if we start production and use an IPO to make the jump to the big leagues. But that's still speculative right now. And then I'll  use a small amount of that to get our aircraft project off the ground if it's viable. Clyde is geeking hard on it. I gave him six months to put a blueprint together on how we'll manage the development of this thing and create an infrastructure for it as cheaply and efficiently as possible." "God Steven, it's so exciting being married to you. I can hardly wait to see what you do next." "Thanks, babe. You excite me every morning when I wake up next to you."

Two months later, the second round of tests on the laser cannon were done and the results were spectacular. Mr. Stevenson had Steven and Tim over to his office again to discuss what happened. "I was talking to Senator Freeman and Admiral Levin and they told me that given the current financial environment, retrofitting was going to be the order of the day rather than trying to create a whole new  generation of planes. So boys, by August, after the new defense appropriations bills are approved, we should begin receiving orders. And, from what I understand they are going to be very substantial. We're going to make a killing." "What about the fuel system and shroud,": Steven inquired. "The testing for those won't begin until August and it will go on for a while because we're basically talking about rejiggering some of the innards of the jets, so we won't have a final judgment on that for another year, most likely."

"How are the other projects coming along, Steven?" "They are still in their infant stages, Mr. Stevenson. There are some formidable hurdles to be surmounted, so this is going to take time. Unless we score a sudden big technical breakthrough, the best case scenario for now is when I graduate in another three years as things stand now." "How about the private jet thing?" "Clyde and my dad are geeking overtime on that Mr. Stevenson. I'm sure we can get everything done in terms of the aircraft itself, but the infrastructural questions are really going to decide the fate of this thing." "Well, keep me posted guys."

That month, Yoriko had her baby shower. She was now six months pregnant and was radiant at the prospect of having her and Donny's first offspring. Donny got so horny seeing his wife's belly swelling after one of his sperm took root in her egg that they had knockdown drag out sex every day for the next two months, especially since Yoriko's hormones had lit her sex drive ablaze. As they had talked about, Steven and Haruko began a college fund for the expectant mother's child as their present to her, seeding it with $25,000.

Since it was also just about the end of the school calendar for Haruko, they went out on the weekends looking for housing up in L.A. As she had hoped, she was admitted to UCLA, where she was going to study political science with an eye toward becoming a lawyer if she needed to. They found a nice gated rental home in Brentwood and planned to move into it the week after she graduated from high school. The weird thing for her about the rental deal was having to remind herself to sign her last name as "Morris" on the lease document.

Steven had aced every class his first year at Cal Tech. He didn't have any exams his last day of that term, needing only to turn in a project. He raced back to Haruko's and walked to Bauer High and waited for her to finish her last final. When she came out and saw him standing there, she gave him a big hug and they kissed passionately before leaving the grounds with the other South Marlin Circle neighborhood members. Two days later, he watched her get her diploma before taking her out to Chez Calais along with the rest of his and her families to celebrate.

Nine days hence, they moved into their rental house. All they had for furniture at the time was her bed, her chest of drawers and some shelving to hold her and Steven's books to go along with their clothes and Steven's guitars, pedalboard and amps. They decided to put off decorating it until they got  back from Japan. The following Friday, he, Haruko, her family and Rie and Shiho's masters boarded a private jet at Burbank Airport and, 12 hours later, they landed in Narita before taking a limousine bus to their four star hotel. It was the first time Steven had ever been out of the U.S. and he was excited to see what new adventure might lay ahead.

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