Bondage - The South Marlin Circle Bondage Club Chapter 31

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Bondage - The South Marlin Circle Bondage Club Chapter 31

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Just after dinner, Haruko called Lisa. "Hi Mistress Haruko!" Lisa said brightly into her cellphone. "Hi Mistress Lisa! Thank you so much for a very fun afternoon." "It was my pleasure Mistress Haruko. You and Stephanie are so nice." "Thank you Mistress Lisa. The reason I'm calling, though, is that my property would like to have lunch with yours tomorrow at noon. Would you be amenable to that?" "Yes I would Mistress Haruko. It's good for her to get out from under my skirt every now and again. Let me bring her on the line. Sissyboi!" "Hello? "Hi Marshall, this is Stephanie.. How are you?" "Hi Stephanie. What can I do for you?" "Hey, you wanna go out for a beer tomorrow at lunch?" "Sure. It will be fun getting to know you a little better." "Excellent! I'll come around at 11 a.m." "Sounds good Stephanie. See you then."

The next day, Steven swung around Lisa's house to pick Marshall up. "So where are we going, dude?" Marshall wondered. "Small's jewelry store, Marshall." "Why are we going there?" "I understand that the only thing keeping you from proposing to Mistress Lisa is that you can't afford an engagement ring." "Yeah, that's right," Marshall said quizzically. "Well, we need to rectify that," Steven said,  He pulled into the parking lot of the shopping center the store was located in. "Okay Marshall, you got $3000 to buy Mistress Lisa a ring." "Is that a loan?" Marshall asked suspiciously. "Nope, it's a gift. Now get in there and get her something she'd like!" Steven said, jocularly patting him on the back.

Marshall spent the next hour carefully evaluating candidates before he finally chose one. Steven presented his credit card for it and they were off to lunch. They talked about their lives as hopeless nerds while they ate and then he took Marshall back home. Marshall grabbed the outfit Lisa laiid out for him and secreted the jewel box in it. He went out to the livingroom, where Lisa was conversing with her mother, and kneeled on the floor. During a break in the conversation, Marshall raised his hand. "Yes sissyboi?" Lisa recognized. "Mistress, may your sissyboi ask you a question?"  "Yes you may sissyboi," Lisa tolerated. "Mistress, you are your sissyboi's goddess and his life has been defined by his happiness at being under your hand. Mistress, will you marry me?" Marshall said, producing the jewel box and opening it to display the ring. Lisa's mother's jaw went agape at the suddenness of it all and it took a moment to register in Lisa's mind, too. Then she shrieked. "Oh my God yes Marshall!" And for the first time ever, Marshal watched as his Mistress cried in his presence as he nudged the ring on to her finger. "Mom, did you know about this?" "Not at all darling. I'm just as gobsmacked as you are." Lisa had Marshall sit on the couch with her and they exchanged several short kisses while hugging tightly.

"Marshall, how were you able to afford this? This is a really expensive ring!" "Mistress, your sissyboi isn't going to lie to you. Steven heard that the only thing keeping me from proposing to you was the lack of money for a proper ring. So he let me pick one out for you." "Oh my God, that's so sweet of him!" Lisa started crying again and buried her head in Marshall's shoulder, moved by the kindness of Steven's gesture. When she had composed herself, she pulled her cellphone out and called Haruko. "H Mistress Lisa! "Hi Mistress Haruko. "Can I speak to your property?" "Yes you may Mistress Lisa. Please hold on a second." Haruko handed the phone to Steven, who was kneeling on the floor practicing sitting like a girl. "Hello Mistress Lisa," he greeted. Haruko giggled because she knew about all this in advance. "Steven, thank you so much. Marshall just proposed to me. This is one of the nicest things anyone has done for me." "I'm glad it made you happy Mistress Lisa. I know that sissyboi is totally besotted with you and, to be honest, it's easy to understand why." "Thank you Steven, you're very kind. Can you let me speak to Mistress Haruko again please?" "Yes Mistress Lisa. One moment please." Steven handed the phone to Haruko." "Hello Mistress Lisa. "Thank you both Mistress Haruko. Stephanie is so sweet to to do this and I know she did it only after she obtained your permission." "Yes, that's true Mistress Lisa. I hope that you and sissyboi have a lifetime of happiness together." "Thank you Mistress Haruko. I hope you have the same with Stephanie." "Thank you Mistress Lisa. Take care."

Steven's buying a ring for Marshall to give to Lisa resulted in Steven and Haruko talking about what they were going to get Donny and Yoriko for their wedding present. They knew that Yoriko wanted a big family and should they take that into consideration or should they just buy them stuff to help them through the first couple of years of their marriage and then leave the rest up to them? They kicked a lot of ideas around, but didn't come to any firm decision, though they were leaning toward the idea of starting a college fund for Yoriko's children. That inspired them to begin talking over what they would want when they got married, which Steven knew was going to be sooner rather than later.

As the month of July became August, Haruko was proving a dab hand at rope bondage. She had begun sodomizing him with her strap on while he was bound up, which added an even kinkier dimension to their sex lives. She even had him tied up in harnesses, sometimes with a butt plug inserted into him, too, underneath his feminine clothes when she took him out en femme. Steven loved that he could feel against his skin the reminder of who owned him and it made him super hard. She would also tie him up and cocktease him before making fun of the fact that he needed to cum so much that he could scarcely think straight. When they had sex, after she had her orgasm, she would sometimes flip a coin to see if he got to cum or not. This made Steven want to keep her as horny as possible so that he would be allowed to shoot his spunk into her, which made for more sexual satisfaction for her. The irony was that when she would spend a considerable amount of time teasing him it would make her more aroused than usual, too, and want to be reamed like a slut. So Haruko was indeed a domina, but with switch type tendencies.

As the days went by, Haruko was faced with him beginning college while she would be without him during the day as she went into her final year of high school. The day before he was to start at Cal Tech, she asked him to walk her to her school. They stopped at the convenience store where the South Marlin Circle member kids bought each other candy bars and Steven got one for her. They continued on to the empty schoolyard, where they sat on the planter they had hung out at as recently as two and a half months before and made out. Then they walked home hand in hand, the last time they would ever do that from that particular school together. She bought him a candy bar as they made their way back and spent the rest of the day in her bedroom making love.

When Steven arrived at the Cal Tech campus the next day, he immediately felt he belonged. The general conversation was no longer about bullshit like the personal life of Rihanna, who was sleeping with who on campus or football, but  of computers, books, astrophysics and other more salient topics. 

In early September, after Steven had made another long commute home from Cal Tech, Maki handed him a package that had been couriered over from Stevenson Avionics. He carefully opened it. Inside of it were some documents and a check. When Steven got a look at the figure written on it, his eyes just about bugged out of his head. It was for $7.2 million. "Boo yah! That's what I'm talkin' about!" he exalted. He phoned his father and asked him if he had gotten his money. "Yeah I did. I just about had a heart attack when I saw the number," Tim confessed. Steven skipped school the next day to go down to his bank and put it into his account. Clearly, Stevenson Avionics was cleaning up on his modification of their navigation device and he found a lot of satisfaction in this. They were also going to begin testing on his weapons system the following March.

Haruko, of course, was thrilled. They were pretty much set for life now if they handled the money right. They began to make wedding plans the day Steven went to the bank. She had already been engaged as a high school junior and now she was going to be married as a high school senior. They decided to usher in the new year with the ceremony. She was going to put off becoming a mommy until she graduated college, but it wasn't like she didn't want to start popping out babies right then. The problem was that if she started showing up at school with a protruding belly, people would figure it was a kind of shotgun wedding. However, they had already decided the names they would call the first of two children she wanted to have Isaac Steven if it was a boy and Miyako Erika if it was a girl.

Yoriko's ceremony was held at a nearby hotel with more than a hundred guests. Haruko silently took notes in her mind. Yoriko, beautifully wrapped in the white wedding gown, which contrasted vividly with her black hair and dark brown eyes, looked phenomenal and her sisters and mother were in tears as she recited her vows. Donny was smiling the whole time because he knew what he had landed and looked forward to a life of ruling his very pretty and smart slave wife.

After the ceremony and reception concluded, Haruko started kidding Steven about making him wear a wedding dress during their ceremony, too, which caused Steven to propose in jest that they have a fetish themed ceremony. "We could gag the bridesmaids and put them in leather corsets, thigh high stockings and boots while the groomsmen would don something that Rob Halford of Judas Priest would be proud of. Or we could just get Rob Zombie as our wedding planner and let the chips fall where they may." That got a good laugh out of Haruko.

The workload at Cal Tech was very demanding and while Steven had little trouble keeping up, the commute home was really wearing on him. "God Haruko, if I had to do this for the next ten years I think I would just go sell shoes," he snarked. Once he changed into a skirt, though, it relaxed him and made the commute more tolerable. She also made sure he came more and lent him more time to play his guitars to help vent the stress.

At school, though, Haruko definitely felt that there was something missing. While her sisters would be lovey dovey with their masters during lunch, she was the one who didn't have anyone during the school day and it made her feel a little left out. She had to really psyche herself up to maintain her grades. It was especially tough to pay attention after Thanksgiving since it wasn't going to be that long before her wedding. Her thoughts were often on the plans for it rather than what the teacher was saying in class. Some of her instructors noticed and called her on it. "What in the world are you daydreaming about, Haruko?" "Sorry Mr. Crespo, but I'm  getting married in January and I'm having a hard time focusing on anything else." "Oh. Congratulations Haruko, but why are you marrying so early in your life?" "Because we want to." "What does your fiance do?" 'He's a consultant for a defense contractor. He also goes to Cal Tech." "Did he go to this school?" "Yeah. He's Steven Morris." "Steven Morris is a consultant for a defense contractor? Wow!" "Yeah." "Well, good luck Haruko." "Thanks."

By the time that exchange had occurred, Steven had received another $4 million worth of checks. His patent applications had also all been approved. They decided that they would rent a house within hailing distance of the UCLA campus during the summer and he would subsequently commute from there to Cal Tech, which would be a lot easier than what he was doing at that moment.

For Christmas, Steven bought Haruko a car and a more up to date laptop. They were now only just a bit over a week away from the wedding ceremony and Haruko was beaming but also nervous. They were going to hold it at the luxurious Pan Asia Hotel in Little Tokyo. Steven suggested a Japanese style wedding and Maki was definitely enthusiastic about the idea, so Haruko agreed to it. In addition to the members and honorary members of the South Marlin Circle Bondage Club and its alumni association, Haruko's relatives from Japan were flying in to see it, including Maki's sister Mari and her husband plus their two kids. Steven was only going to have his immediate family. He also hired a high end caterer to take care of the food for the reception

On Saturday, January 2nd, everybody in Haruko's house rose at 3 a.m. At 6 a.m., they were at the hotel and a stylist was taking care of Haruko's makeup and hair and helping her into her wedding shroud, all of which took several hours. Maki ran around with the hotel staff checking on the execution of preliminary details. At 10 a.m., the caterers arrived to begin their set up. Steven, meanwhile, was being dressed in a traditional male wedding kimono, which he felt completely dorky in, especially given his long curly hair. By noon, almost all of the guests had arrived. At 1 p.m., the ceremony began and Maki, Erik and their daughters' tears began to fall as the rivetingly gorgeous tall blonde Haruko, her hair tucked up under a traditional black wig, slowly made her way down the aisle with Steven. When they got to the altar, they stood still while the wedding photographer took a dozen or so shots of them. 30 minutes later, the ceremony was over and the picture taking  by guests began. Steven's eyes were stuck on Haruko, who looked amazing and uber happy while the guests began going at the large buffet of food and drink. Steven and Haruko left to change, he into a suit and her into a kimono, the first time she had ever worn one, to formally greet the guests.  The party went on for hours as Haruko was hugged and kissed more times than she could count by the well wishers .

By the time it was all over, Steven was out more than $50,000 but up one wife and Mistress and, to him, that was a good tradeoff. They spent the night at the hotel and then went home Sunday. Monday, they got the photos and video back from the photographers and videographer. Haruko didn't go to school that day since she wanted to decompress a little. Steven received another check, too, this one for $770,000, a nice little inadvertent wedding present. She returned to school Tuesday and at lunch showed her wedding pictures to her friends. It felt weird to her to be hitched while still a student, but she was content all the same. She put her engagement ring away in favor of her much larger wedding ring, which the other girls in her classes oohed and aahed over. She showed them her wedding pics, too, and received lots of compliments for how gorgeous she appeared in them. "That ceremony must have cost your parents a lot," one of the girls remarked. "It didn't cost them anything. Steven paid for it all." "Steven Morris had the money to pay for such an elaborate ceremony? What, did he inherit some money or something?" "No, he earned it from his job." "So how much did it cost?" "Steven wouldn't tell me, but just the catering bill must have done some big damage to his bank account," Haruko bragged.  "That was some of the best food I have ever eaten!" "So where are you guys going to honeymoon?" someone inquired. "In Japan. Steven is chartering a private jet and flying me and the rest of my family there and we're going to spend a couple weeks there." "Dude, that's like a hundred grand roundtrip. Where is he getting this money?" "Like I said, his job." "What job is that?" "He's a consultant for a defense contractor." "At his age? And he's still going to college, right?" 'Yeah." "Not everybody ends up working the drive thru at Taco Bell like you Mike," someone riposted. "Dude, shut up." "Would you like some fries with that fail, Mike?" another student needled.

One funny thing that happened was that Haruko had to inform the school that her name had changed to Haruko Morris. One of the teachers, when he got an updated roll sheet, said, "oh we have a new student. Haruko Morris?" "Sorry Mr. Augustine, that's me. I just got married." "Oh wow Haruko, congratulations! Who's the lucky guy?" "Steven Morris." "Steven Morris, really? What's he doing now?" "Going to Cal Tech and working for a defense contractor, Mr. Augustine. "As what?" "A consultant." "For who?" "Stevenson Avionics." "Come on Haruko, don't fib to me. What is he really doing?" "Just what I told you, Mr. Augustine," she said, flashing her ring "If you say so, Haruko," he dismissed before going into his lecture. Steven said that he liked being an undercover millionaire because it was a lot less of a hassle and kinda funny to him, so he told Haruko to not push it when people denigrated him as a loser, but to look at where those people are and then laugh at them..

The night of the above incident, Haruko and him were both naked in bed just after having sex. "God Steven, I can't get over the number of people at school who don't take you seriously," she observed. "You're already more successful than any of them will ever be." "Yeah, but that's fine. I have the bank account and you and they only have their empty thoughts and prejudices. Advantage: me! But also the less they expect out of you the less they'll bother you. Even if I become a billionaire I don't really want to be in the spotlight because then too many people try to get their claws into you to grab a piece of your cash." "What's happening with those other two projects?" "One was declared top secret by the Pentagon, at least for now, so I can't discuss it, which drives me nuts because I hate keeping anything from you. The other one probably won't see the light of day until the fourth quarter at the earliest because of the money it takes to get up and running just for testing. Mistress, look, we have enough money right now to live the rest of our lives very comfortably. So we need to view anything else that comes along as a nice bonus. If you're worried about money after you have more than enough to live on for the remainder of your days you're not enjoying life. Or you're a spendthrift."

She ran her hand up and down his chest and smiled up at him. He bent over and kissed her before enclosing her in his arms tightly. "God Mistress, you're such a force of nature. I love you." "I love you, too, honey." She reached down and grasped his cock and stroked it back to life, her fingers gauging its thickness as she pulled gently while her palm glided over it. "God, that feels too good," he sighed. She alternately squeezed and stroked his manhood while he laid on his back enjoying it, his precum lubricating things. After several false indications that he was going to unburden his balls, it finally went off like a hair trigger bazooka, pasting her stomach and hand with his warm, viscuous semen. She got up to wash her hand off and when she plopped herself alongside him again,  he tried to finger her, but she said, "it's okay sweety. I just liked doing that for you." "Thanks baby."

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