Bondage - The South Marlin Circle Bondage Club Chapter 28

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Bondage - The South Marlin Circle Bondage Club Chapter 28

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Steven sat down to dinner with Haruko's family. He had learned to slow himself down when he ate, but his use of chopsticks in a ladylike way still left a lot to be desired. He could at least sit up straight while he ate as long as he only had to do it for about 20 minutes. "Smile and be more flirty, Steven," Rie pointed out. "The expression on your face is too serious." "The problem, sweety," Erik said, "is that women come to the dinner table to socialize. Men do it to get a job done." "You guys have to learn to have more fun at dinner," Shiho bubbled. "Try to see it as a way to share not just food, but yourself, too," she added.

After they finished, Steven and Haruko went back to her bedroom and she had him do some exercises to stretch his back out. She then had him walk around the house so that he could work on doing it while keeping his back straight. "You really look nice when you walk tall," she complimented. "Too bad you don't have much of a butt," she giggled. "Mistress, are you sure we're going to be okay at the zoo? Aside from the embarrassment, I'm afraid we might run into some belligerence there." "Don't worry. Me, Shiho and Rie will be there, too, so we'll just kill anyone who gives you any problems," she promised. "Great," he thought to himself. I have to be protected by my GIRLFRIEND."

That Saturday, Steven felt nauseous as soon as he woke up. As he went to make himself up, he wondered how Haruko would make him dress. He didn't have to wait too long to find out. She arose about 15 minutes later while he was still in the bathroom. First, she had him put on white silk panties and a bra. Then she handed him a light blue t-shirt with a teddy bear on it and then a knee length jean skirt, which she then finished off with white ankle socks and tennis shoes. "You're going to need a purse, too," she stated, handing him a little brown leather one she never used. He put his wallet, makeup, lipstick, tissues and cellphone in it and Haruko had him walk around the house to see how he would look. "Daddy, tell the truth: if you saw Stephanie walking around would you ask her out?" Rie giggled. Erik laughed. "The problem honey is that I know he's a boy and so my eyes go right to his biceps and his hands. Plus his feet are a little big," he noted. "Gee thanks, Erik," Steven thought sarcastically to himself.

When the family got into their SUV, Steven felt like he was walking down those last yards to the death chamber. His stomach churned and he prayed for an egregious traffic jam. When they entered the San Diego city limits a little over an hour later, he felt a little flushed due to the embarrassment. His heart was flipping and flopping in his chest. As they pulled into the zoo parking lot, Steven wanted to go bury himself in a hole. "Here Stephanie, let me check your makeup," Haruko said. She was happy with it and so the doors opened and Steven stepped out. "Stand up straight Stephanie," Haruko reminded him. "Yes Mistress," he obeyed. "Listen son, if you're going to go down in flames you might as well do it big. If it becomes a big problem, I've brought a change of clothes for you. "Thanks Master Erik." "Okay kids, let's go," Erik encouraged and they headed to the gate.

As they leisurely strolled about the various animal exhibits, people scarcely noticed him. But as the day wore on, he began to notice men staring at him. "Do they think I'm hot or do they want to kick my ass?" he wondered. His nervousness, fortunately, didn't hinder his ability to talk in a woman's voice. At lunchtime, the family sat down at adjoining tables and Haruko had Steven go fetch what she, he, Robbie and Shiho wanted to eat. Behind him was a tall fairly average looking guy. "Hey, you're cute!" the guy said. "Do you live around here?" "Oh Christ, he's fucking flirting with me!" Steven smiled as best he could and said he didn't, that he was just here with his family, which slowed the guy's roll considerably. It was also now her turn to order from the concession stand. They man at the counter was staring at him. "Jeez, does he know and is laughing inside or does he want to fuck me?" he questioned internally. He got the food, said thank you and took it over to his table.

:"Hey you guys, a dude actually flirted with me!" he laughed. The others cracked up and Shiho leaned over to the other table to tell her remaining family members, who also got a good chuckle out of it. "Stephanie, the pitch of your voice drops when you laugh. You need to work on that," she informed him. "Thank you Haruko."

The biggest test came, though, when he needed to use the bathroom. "I'll go with her," Haruko said and they went into the women's bathroom. Steven was surprised at how messy it was. Not as bad as the men's bathrooms usually are, but nonetheless worse than what he had conceived women's toilets as being. Haruko whispered to him that he was going to sit down to piss because otherwise if people saw two legs facing the john they would wonder what the hell was going on. Haruko redid her lipstick in a mirror while Steven did his business.. He pulled his panties back up, lowered his skirt, washed his hands and he was good to go and they hurried out.

When he discussed how messy the women's head was, Maki rejoindered, "American girls these days are such a bunch of pigs," she spat. "You would never see anything like that in Japan," she claimed. "It would seem so," Steven agreed. "I don't understand it," Rie analyzed. "Hygiene is a huge issue for us because we have more places germs can get into. Plus it just isn't very nice to be a girl and a slob. It makes your family look bad."

They continued rambling around to the various exhibits and Steven found himself relaxing more, even with Haruko's occasional reminders to stand up straight. "Hey you guys, I know a good restaurant in this area. You want to go there rather than getting fast food later on?" Erik asked. Haruko smiled devilishly while Steven's heart sank since he had previously thought that his ordeal was just about over. Maki, of course, knew which restaurant he was talking about and indicated she wanted to go, which pretty much sealed the decision. Approximately 20 minutes later, they pulled up to the eatery, which was actually a steakhouse. They went in and had to await amid a milling gaggle of customers. A couple of guys stared at him, but otherwise nobody said anything before the Eklunds and Steven were shown to their table. "Sit up straight Stephanie," Haruko barked again. They ate then loaded back into the car. "So how do you feel right now Stephanie?" Haruko inquired. "Relieved Mistress. This was definitely the most unique experience of my life," he revealed, chuckling. "Did it turn you on?" "The idea of doing this is a turn on Mistress, but actually having to do it is nerve wracking and stressful." "I saw a few guys staring at you, Stephanie.," Shiho said. "Yeah, so did I. But it more scared me than turned me on, although the one guy who made a pass at me, that was pretty funny. Who knows though, he might have a tranny fetish." Everybody laughed. "That's a cute outfit for you, Stephanie," Rie propounded. "Thank you Rie. I think so, too," Steven admitted. "So you really like dressing like a girl, don't you?" Haruko interrogated. "Yes Mistress." "Why?" "Because dresses are really comfortable. You can get a little bit of a breeze up there on a hot day." "Yes, that's true," Haruko agreed. " "But you also get guys trying to look up there."

"How did I do walking, sitting and eating today?" Steven wanted to know. "You did okay under the circumstances. You're eating slower and in smaller bites and taking more time. But you still have work to do," Haruko evaluated. "Haruko, we need to get him some boobs, too," Shiho asserted. "Stephanie, tonight, we'll go online and see if we can find you some fake boobs," Haruko giggled. "We need to give you more of a figure." "Thank you Mistress."

When they got home, Steven asked for permission to take a shower and Haruko granted it. However,  he had to wear panties and a bra when he exited the bathroom. He fell into bed and let out a long sigh of relief while Haruko went to take her shower. He couldn't believe that he had spent the whole day out in public dressed as a woman without getting his ass kicked or people laughing at him. When Haruko came back into the bedroom and unwrapped the towel she had hidden her body in, Steven asked her to remain naked and sit down with him. Haruko smiled and acceeded to his request. He wrapped his left arm around her and smiled. She smiled back and they began kissing. He looked at her silently while stroking her left cheek with his righthand. An obvious bulge formed in his panties. "Mistress, do you think my appearance as a woman was convincing?" "It may have been more convincing for some people than others, Stephanie, but nobody screamed when you went into the women's  bathroom, so maybe it was. I thought you looked adorable myself. But like daddy said, you still have those man hands and the obvious male biceps. There's nothing that can be done about that. Do you want men to be turned on by you when you go out as a female?" "I have to admit, Mistress, that part of me wants that for the lulz. But other guys who approach me may suss out that I'm actually male and they would get so furious they would beat me up or worse." "What if a really hot guy hit on you and asked you to suck his cock?" "I wouldn't do it unless you ordered me to do it Mistress." "Why not?" "Because my body belongs to you, not me." "Good answer, Stephanie. But if I told you to let a guy fuck you would you do it?" "If he wasn't too gross I would, but only as long as he used a condom." "What kind of guy would you want me to have fuck you?" "Mistress, if you feel you want to watch a guy fuck me, I would prefer a guy who isn't very hairy and who doesn't have facial hair or tattoos and it would be great if his cock and balls were shaved." "Would you want to be fucked by a young guy or older guy?" "The age doesn't matter as long as he was decent looking to me." "It's too bad I don't know any gay or bi guys who i can trust to have fuck you, Stephanie. The feel of a penis inside you is wonderful."

"Mistress, you're my dominant, but how do you feel when we have sex? It seems that women are mostly physically built for submission. The only time that isn't true is when you're on top, but that's about it." "You know what Stephanie? I don't think about that. You tore me up pretty good the other day when you did me doggy and then missionary style, but I was more concerned about enjoying myself and taking that beautiful big cock you have between your legs than determining, 'well, should I use this position because it's more dominant and forego this other position because it requires me to be under the guy?' and all that crap. Besides, I like the feel of your weight on me and it's hot when you display how much more powerful the male body is than the female one. I guess I'm not as dominant as some other girls, but I have to do what's right for me. Besides, you're very obedient and so I don't have to use denial as a tool to get you to do things for me. Now if you become more defiant then yes, I will pull the denial card out of the deck. Also, I love sex and I think it deepens our intimacy when you cum inside me, so I'm not going to deny myself by denying you for long periods of time. Plus, I love you." "I love you, too, Mistress. I hope that when you see that engagement ring on your finger everyday you comprehend how much love I was feeling for you when I bought it. It makes me so happy to see you glad to wear it in front of everybody every day. It's really validating." "I'm glad you feel that way, Stephanie. To be honest, to me, it's not just a symbol of your love for me, but it tells me that I have someone I can depend on and who will always be there backing me up. That's really comforting and that I get to do it at such an early age just makes me want to pinch myself."

Steven scooted himself to the head of the bed and laid his head on the pillow. "Mistress, may I please have the honor of your head on my shoulder?" "Yes you may, Stephanie." "I love holding my Mistress and showing how much I love her. I hope my shoulder is as comfortable for you as it is fun for me to cuddle you." "Steven, what planet are you from? I wish there were more guys like you." "Thank you Mistress."

When they woke up in the morning, Haruko released Steven from his duties for the day and let him dress however he wanted. He used some of that time to play guitar, though nonetheless still in panties and a bra, while Haruko opened her laptop and ordered a couple of things off the internet for him. "You really like those panties, huh babe?" "Yeah. I'm so used to them that it feels weird now when I'm not wearing them." "Wow, I've really trained you well," she giggled. "I guess you have!" he laughed. "Hey sweety, can you play that song you dedicated to me when you did that little concert?" "Sure babe. I don't know if I can remember all the words now, but here goes," and he went into Jim Croce's "Time in a Bottle." "Thanks Steven. That's really sweet." "Anytime my beautiful Mistress."

A little later, as more of the sun shone through the curtains in the room, she asked Steven to stand for inspection. She looked him over. "Hmmm, some of that body hair is beginning to grow back. We'll have to go to Ms. McMullen's this coming Saturday." "Yes Mistress." Haruko called to make an appointment. "Mistress, I'm going running. You want to come?" "No thanks honey. I'm feeling lazy today." "Okay. I'll be back in while." When he came back, he tossed his running shorts, socks and shirt into the laundry hamper. "Hey honey, when you come out of the shower, stand for inspection for me, okay?" "You got it my goddess." Thank you sweety!"

About 25 minutes later, he came back  into the room, chucked his towel into the hamper and stood at attention. Haruko got up out of the bed and looked him over. Then she hugged him and sniffed his freshly washed body. "God, you smell so good. I know you like how I smell after I've showered, but I like your scent, too," she praised. He hugged her tight and kissed her. "You so rock Mistress." She giggled and then put her hand over his mouth. His cock hardened instantly. She dropped to her knees and engulfed his unit with her mouth, tasting his freshly cleaned dick as her lips slid up and down the whole of his shaft, enjoying the lightly soapy aroma emanating from his body and the saltiness of his precum, gradually pushing him higher and higher up the mountain of pleasure before he released his burden into her piehole, which she swallowed, before she stood up and kissed him. "God Mistress, that was sensational!" "Just like you!" she grinned.

He pushed her down and slipped her pants and panties off and knelt on the floor. He pulled her pussy up to the edge of the bed and took in the taste of her sex, lightly running his finger on the rims of both of her labia while he slammed his tongue into the hood of her clit, her faintly musky odor inspiring his animalistic imperatives, his tongue slurping her juices and sucking her love nubbin with earnest intent in order to drive her ardor higher and faster than a Saturn rocket until the cork on her champagne bottle of pleasure rocketed across the room, rebounded back in the bottle then blew off again and again and again, unable to contain the effervescence of the sensations he imposed on her. "Oh shit Steven, God," she said, unable to form a cogent thought due to the stream of orgasms that had flooded her brain with endorphins, putting her in a kind of stupor. He plopped himself at the head of the bed and pulled her to him, his eyes sopping up the beauty of her face, body and legs like a biscuit soaks up gravy. They stared into each others eyes for a couple of minutes. "Sorry Haruko, but your beauty does to my brain what kryptonite does to Superman, so that's why I can't think of anything to say.." She laughed at that bit of flattery. "So that explains why so many boys impress me as drooling dumbasses," she giggled. "Yep, you're fault. A man's failures are always the woman's fault," he joked. "I should get my paddle out for that remark," she laughed. "At this point, Haruko, the intervention your looks did on my brain means I can't even spell 'paddle'" right now."

"By the way, Steven, aren't you going to be class valedictorian?" "Yeah, I was, until principal Ellsworth saw the speech he thought I wanted to give. I actually didn't want to go up there and act like I was some big deal douchebag, so I wrote this rant that started with a quote from Johnny Rotten: 'you ever feel like you've been cheated?' and it went pretty much downhill from there so that he would have an excuse to not pressure me to do it. I mean, come on, writing a valedictory that opens with a Sex Pistols quote; what could possibly go wrong?" he chuckled. "So they gave it to Susie Kim. She earned it, so I don't begrudge her getting it. I'm not even going to go to my graduation anyway. It's not like anyone actually wants me there, anyway." "But other people from the neighborhood are going to their's." "That's not really my problem, Haruko. Sorry." "What do your parents think?" "They're resigned to me doing what I want to do. My dad knows how I feel about the herd animals that will comprise the greater part of the graduating class, dumb bastards allowing themselves to be suckered into their own extinction." "Steven, do me a favor: don't turn into a bitter old man, okay?" "Don't worry Haruko. As long as I wake up next to you every morning I'll be one happy dude." "That's good sweety. Because I really love the guy you are now."

When Monday came, it signaled that there was only just a touch over a month left in the school schedule. For Steven, he was glad the ordeal was finally going to be over with and looked forward to being among his fellow nerds at Cal Tech while continuing his relationship with Haruko. For her, though, she was going to hate not being able to see him during the day and it was going to be at least another eight years before he finished his Phd and it was more likely to be ten. On the way to school, she put her arm on his his hip and leaned her head on his shoulder as they walked to school. He could see that she was troubled by something. "What's wrong, baby," he asked. "I'm just feeling a littler wistful because I won't be able to do this with you in the fall," she disclosed. "We have our whole lives still in front of us, Haruko. Please don't be sad."

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