Bondage - The South Marlin Circle Bondage Club Chapter 27

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Bondage - The South Marlin Circle Bondage Club Chapter 27

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"Sit up straight," Haruko ordered as Steven began to stick his fork into a piece of chicken." 'Don't hunch over your plate like you're going to shovel it in," she added.. "Now relax and focus on being graceful with your movements. Hold your knife and fork gently. Chew slowly. Don't gulp it down." Haruko suggested. "Watch my mom and Rie and try to imitate them," Haruko continued. "I'm not used to using my muscles this way. I'm not as flexible as you, Mistress." "Well, think about what you're doing as just inviting the food into your mouth, not trying to overpower or dominate it."

They finished the meal. "So how did he do, mom?" "He needs lots of practice," she giggled. "Here stand up, Stephanie. Stand as straight up as you can, your shoulders back like you're trying to show your tits. When you walk, you will be completely erect. Keep your back straight," Haruko commanded. "God Haruko, it's so hard to describe what to do because I've been doing it since I was a little girl and I don't really think about it," Rie noted. "I know what you mean, Rie. I hope I don't drive Stephanie too crazy.," Haruko rejoindered.  "So okay Stephanie, you're homework is to walk standing up straight and your shoulders back plus learning to eat like one of us. When we go back to my room, bring a chair with you and we can practice sitting up straight." "Yes Mistress." "Her voice is so cute, though, Haruko," Maki praised. "I think so, too. That is all the more reason for her to eat more gracefully," Haruko insisted.

"Mom, can you teach him how to sit Japanese style, please?" "Oh, okay Haruko," she agreed, giggling. ""Put your knees together and sweep your skirt over them and then kneel on the floor. Sit up straight! Stay there like that and hold it as long as you can. Here Shiho, show him." Shiho kneeled on the floor and folded her hands in her lap, her shoulders back. "See how straight Shiho's back is? See how cute she looks?" "Haruko, borrow one of your father's canes and give Stephanie a little tap when she starts to hunch over," Maki recommended. "Good idea, mom!" A couple of minutes later, Haruko returned with a long bamboo cane. "Try to relax your back muscles while still sitting erect, Stephanie," Haruko directed. "Mistress, my back is beginning to hurt." "Okay Stephanie. Sit in the chair. There is a back, so you will have more support. Sit up straight, hands folded in your lap. Now let's see how long you can hold it."

"Now listen Stephanie, when you are at school tomorrow  or at Mistress Lori's, it is important that you sit up straight at your desk because we need to reform the way you use your back  muscles or you will keep experiencing pain when you sit up straight. Keep stretching your back if you need to before you sit, but you must sit straight." "Yes Mistress. I'll give it my best shot." "Sorry Stephanie, but that isn't good enough. You will either do it or I will begin punishing you. One month from now, you must be able to sit up absolutely straight for 30 minutes in both a chair and on the floor or I will employ this cane" "Yes Mistress. Thank you Mistress."

"Mistress, my back is beginning to hurt again." "Okay Stephanie, stand up." "Yes Mistress." "Now keep your body straight and bend only at the waist while trying to touch the floor. You're hunching. Try it again. Try to turn your body into a jackknife, everything straight up with a fold at the waist. Now, lay on your back on the floor with your head looking straight up at the ceiling and your arms trying to extend toward the wall behind your head. Do you feel like you're getting some relief?" "Yes Mistress. Definitely. "Okay, so tomorrow, before we leave for school, we'll warm your back muscles up and as much as possible you will walk to school with your head held high and your body absolutely vertical." "Yes Mistress. "Good girl, Stephanie. The back is a tricky thing and we can't overdo it. So if you are experiencing pain, you will report it immediately. I will still punish you if you don't have any endurance at the end of a month, but that is mainly to help you focus on the task at hand." "Yes Mistress. Thank you Mistress."

"Now you learned to sound like a girl. For that, you deserve to be allowed to cum. Remove your clothes and take your makeup off. "Yes Mistress. Thank you Mistress." Haruko removed her clothes. "You will have sex in your male voice, do you understand?" 'Yes Mistress." After he had gone to the bathroom to wipe his makeup off, Haruko got on all fours at the edge of the bed. "Mistress doesn't want any foreplay?" "No. I just want to be fucked and fucked hard. You may be rough with me tonight Steven." "Yes Mistress, Thank you Mistress." He lined his cockhead up and rammed it into her. He grabbed her hips and began to ream the living shit out of her from the outset, almost like he was raping her. SLAP! His hand impacting her right butt cheek forcefully. "Fuck yeah Haruko. You're such a hot piece of ass." SLAP! She yelped as she felt another impact on her ass, making her pant a bit. "So you wanted some cock tonight, huh? Well, you're getting it now, so you better enjoy it!" SLAP! She was moaning and already beginning to pant and that increased as time passed by, his long, fat cock creating the friction that was driving her nuts. SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! Each of the shots on her posterior adding to the atmospheric intensity. SLAP! SLAP! "God Haruko, your cunt feels so good. You're loving my dick aren't you? You want me to keep giving it to you, don't you?" "Oh God Steven, yes, fuck me, God, fuck the shit out of me baby!" she pleaded. SLAP! SLAP! SLAP!" Her butt was sore and hot now as he punished her pussy and he could feel his cock getting ready to erupt. OH FUCK STEVEN! AHHHHHHHH!!!!" she screamed as a volcanic orgasm surged through her and made her convulse like she had just put her finger in a light socket. "OH FUCK!" he growled loudly as he shot his steaming cream into her wanton twat."

He violently forced her on to her back and then jumped on top of her, still breathing hard as he stared intently into her eyes and then kissed her hard and passionately, forcing the back of her head toward his, grinding his lips against hers. He wrapped his arms around her and held her as tight as he could, stopping just short of hurting her and pushing his lips back into hers, his tongue not exploring her mouth so much as penetrating and invading it. "Fuck, Haruko, I love you so much. Give me that mouth!" he snarled and she gave every bit back that she took. He was in a frenzy and was soon hard again, jamming it back into her semen polluted slit and pistoning it in and out of her, her vaginal muscles clamped around it. "Tell me you're my slut!" he demanded. "I'm your slut!" she repeated and he kissed her as hard as he could while he pumped his meat tube in and out of her over and over. She was being attacked rather than made love to, his feral intensity sympathetically ramping her own desire upward, her legs pressing on his back urging him to keep hammering his fuck stick into her, her breath hot and erratic, which became rasping and then panting and then a warning that she was hitting maximum overload. "God damn it you bastard, fuck me!" she shrieked as she felt the rushing, swarming pin pricks of her orgasm blooming into a body shaking sensual earthquake, her having no choice but to keep accepting his penis until he was through with her, his superior strength subjugating her and taking her for his own pleasure. Five minutes later, she was at the precipice of insanity again, her nails leaving scratches in his back as he grunted with every thrust, those grunts colored by the gasping of his oncoming exhaustion, gasping she matched as another orgasm slammed into her like a freight train colliding with a semi truck. He could feel the boiling in his balls and he firehosed their contents into her, filling her to overflowing. He collapsed on top of her, sated and drained.

They laid there out of breath, his body hot and sapped of all its energy as his spunk steadily dripped out of her birth canal. "Oh  my God Steven, I think you just replicated one of my rape fantasies!" she whispered into his ear. He looked into her eyes, smiled, and cracked, "my name is Steven, I'll be your rapist this evening." That made her laugh. "You literally drive me wild, babe." "I noticed," she giggled.

He rolled off of her and took her in his arms. "So did I give you what you wanted Mistress?" "Shit, Steven, that and more baby. I might be a little sore tomorrow." "Come on Mistress, let's take a nice, hot shower and then we can have a nice cuddle afterward." "Okay."

Haruko went to sleep after her and Steven finished showering. Steven, though, still wasn't tired enough to sleep and his mind began to wander as he held Haruko's slumbering form. For some reason, he began thinking about the final battle scene in the original Star Wars movie that resulted in the blowing up of the death star. "Holy Shit!" he muttered to himself as an idea flashed across his brain. He carefully extricated himself from Haruko and grabbed his book bag and went out to the dining room table and began conceptualizing and drawing. He was so intent on developing and fleshing out the idea that he didn't notice the passage of time until Maki greeted him when she went to make breakfast. "Is that for school?" she asked. "Mrs. Eklund, it's a science project, but it's definitely not for school. What time is it?" "It's just before six honey." He got up and went back into his and Haruko's bedroom and retrieved his cellphone and speed dialed his parents. "Hi Mom. Sorry to wake you up, but I need to talk to dad right now!" "Hello?" his father drawled groggily. "Hi dad. Look, I have a major idea and I'm coming over in a few minutes." "Okay, son, Let me get a couple cups of coffee in me." "Will do, dad."

He went back into the bedroom, got dressed, kissed Haruko lightly on the forehead, picked up his laptop and went out the door. He met his dad in the living room and they went into his dad's office and began to hash things out. "Holy shit, son, that's a ballsy idea. If we can get it to work you'll be a billionaire before you're 21!" Steven called Haruko just after she got up at seven. "Hi Haruko. I'm not going to school today because I just got an epic idea and now I'm working on it with my dad. I don't know when I'll be home. But I'm sorry to be away from you. I'll be back as soon as I can." "Can I come over after school Steven?" "Of course Haruko. I would love to see you. But this is an idea that could be huge for us. So I need to be all over it." "That's great sweety.  You're serving me by assuring our futures, so I order you to not eat and keep at this until I've come over, do you understand?" "Yes Haruko. Thank you sweety. I love you." "I love you, too, Steven, Good luck with your idea." "Thank you babe. Bye bye."

"Hey Haruko, where's Steven?" Jeff asked. "He and his dad are working on some idea he had last night. So he isn't coming to school." Hearing this, Arlene Stevenson asked her master for permission to call her father. "Hi princess, what's up?" "Hi daddy. I just wanted to tell you that Steven is over at his dad's right now working on something. Haruko, though, didn't know what it was." "Thank you my darling. I'll talk to Steven about it and see what's going on." "Okay. Bye daddy! I love you!" "Bye sweetheart."

Mr. Stevenson then rang Steven's cellphone. "Hi Mr. Stevenson, what can I do for you?" "I understand you have a new project you're working on?" "Yes I do, Mr. Stevenson, but I'm not going to discuss it until after I've filed the patents. Sorry." "Well listen Steven, you're going to give me first shot at developing it, right?" "Definitely Mr. Stevenson. By the way, I need a top secret security clearance. My dad already has one. Can you get the paperwork rolling on that for me?" "Yeah, I'll get the boys and girls in legal to put the paperwork together and I'll have it couriered over to you." "Thanks Mr. Stevenson. I hope you have some extra room in your bank account because you're going to need it." "I love the sound of that, Steven." "You and me both. Well, I gotta get back to work here. Talk to you soon." "Looking forward to it, son. Bye."

When the computer stores opened, Steven and his father went to them, bought the most powerful pc  they could find and the software they would need and went home, hooked it up and started to lay out the technical requirements and hardware for the device they were formulating. Time went by in a flash for Steven, such was his concentration, and, before he knew it, Haruko was by his side. She leaned over and kissed him on the cheek. "Sorry Haruko, but you're going to need a security clearance to see this." "Ooh, how exciting!" "Have you eaten yet Steven?" "Not yet, Neither has my dad." "I'll make you guys something." "Just some sandwiches would be great, Haruko. Thank you honey bunny."

Haruko went to the store and bought fresh avocados and sprouts since she knew Steven loved them on his sandwiches. When she got back, she and Steven's mom piled on meat and vegetables and Haruko took the sandwiches as well as some cokes into the office. "Thanks,  babe." 'Are you going to be home tonight Steven?" "Yeah, but probably not until around 11. Leave the door unlocked if you decide to go to sleep so I can get in." "Okay baby." She kissed him and left.

The idea was fully crystallized and they knew what form it would take, but the main points of contention were the design of the control surfaces for the device and trying to bring the business end of what turned out to be a laser plasma cannon's weight. It would make missiles mostly obsolete for aerial combat. By the end of the following week, they had the problems worked out and submitted the necessary papers with the U.S. Patent Office. Now they would have to wait several months for it to be approved before they would be able to begin even thinking about production. Steven called Mr. Stevenson and arranged a meeting for the Monday after.

It was now the first week of May as Steven and his father sat in Mr. Stevenson's office after having set up the equipment for a power point presentation. They addressed all the issues surrounding the new weapons system. "Jesus fucking Christ! That's amazing and we're going to clean up with that thing!" Mr. Stevenson anticipated. "Mr. Stevenson, I don't think this company is really set up to manufacture something like this on a day to day basis. Yeah, we can build a prototype, but I think our money play here is to build just the control surfaces and then leave the rest of the hardware to somebody else like Lockheed. Of course, we would license the technology to them for a hefty fee." "I think your analysis is on the money there, Steven. Just on the licensing we could make major bank."

"Now look boys, you would have to go a long way to get the financing for this and sell it to the right people at the Pentagon. So let's split the rights for this down the middle at 50-50 and we're open for business." "Sorry Mr. Stevenson, but I could turn around and sell this to Hughes or somebody like them right now for $100 million and spend the rest of my life living with Haruko on the Riviera. So I am willing to give you a 35% stake." "Tell  you what boys, I'm willing to go down to 45%. I mean, I'm paying for the lobbying and marketing here and I think that is more than fair." "Mr. Stevenson, 40% is our final offer." "Alright guys, 40% it is. We'll have Mr. Soramino fabricate the prototype and our factory will get to work on the control modules and then initiate testing. Fuck, Arlene really brought me a good one." "Mr. Stevenson, the patents are still pending, so we'll have to wait six months or more until they are granted before we can do any of that, which gives us time to organize the workforce for production, lobbying and marketing. We'll have our attorney contact you with the legal niceties and then we'll be ready to go," Steven said. "God, wait 'til General Foley gets a load of this. He'll cream his pants!"

"Hi, can I speak to a principal Ellsworth?" The secretary looked up from her desk to see two men in black suits and sunglasses standing before her. "Do you have an appointment?" "I'm Detective Dan Lerner and I'm from the FBI. This is my fellow Detective Dave Lugo." "Can I see some ID for that guys?" the secretary asked. The two officers pulled out their wallets and flashed their credentials. "Wait just a second." "Mr. Ellsworth, there are two FBI men out here for you."  "The FBI? What do they want with me?" "I have no idea." He got up from his desk and went out into the front of the office. "Good morning gentlemen. What can I do for you?" 'Mr. Ellsworth, we want to talk to you about a student of yours named Steven Charles Morris. He's seeking a top secret security clearance and we are doing a background check on him." "One of our students is seeking a security clearance? Are you for real?" "We're deadly serious Mr. Ellsworth. One of our area defense contractors submitted it on his behalf. So we'll need to see his records and talk to his teachers. Also, if you could tell us who his friends are so that  we can interview them we would be much obliged."

Steven had warned everyone in the community that the FBI might come around to talk to them and so they were ready when, after obtaining copies of Steven's school records, they began to make the rounds. They got to Haruko's class and one of the officers walked in. "Mr. Nelson?" the officer said in a whisper. "Yes?" the instructor responded. The officer showed him his ID and asked him to step outside and then peppered him with questions about Steven and his girlfriend Haruko. After they were finished with Mr. Nelson, the teacher said, "Haruko, these men would like to talk to you." "Uhhh, okay,," Haruko said, feigning surprise. "Good  morning Ms. Eklund. We would appreciate your cooperation in answering a few questions about yourself and a Mr. Steven Morris. "Steven's my fiance," she volunteered. "Yes, we know, it's in the papers he filed with the government. Now does he have any habits, desires or interests that may compromise him to a foreign government?" "No Sir, not that I know of and he lives with me, too. "Is he gay or bisexual?" "No Sir.  I would think I would notice." "Have you ever witnessed him engaging in any political activity that may show favor toward a particular foreign country, communist ideology or advocate of overthrowing the government of the United States?" "No Sir. Steven 's pretty passive." "Have you ever witnessed him engaging in criminal activity or does he have associates that have done so?" "No Sir." "How about yourself Ms. Eklund? Are you a member of any political groups or have you participated in any of the previously mentioned activities?" "No Sir. I love this country, Sir." "Do you have any criminal record?" "No Sir." "How about your parents, relatives and their associates?" Sir, my parents are retired after my dad sold his publishing company. The rest of my relatives are either in Japan or Minnesota or Pennsylvania and I haven't seen any of them in years, so I don't know what they're up to." "So is one of your parents a foreign national?" "Yes Sir. My mother is from Japan." "Has she participated in any of the previously mentioned activities?" "No Sir. My mom is a naturalized citizen of the U.S.," "Is there anything in your background that would compromise you, your siblings or your parents to a foreign government?" "That would be a hell no, Sir." "No need to get excited here ma'am, we're just doing what we're hired to do." "Yes Sir. Sorry Sir." "Thank you for your cooperation Ms. Eklund. The agency sends along its best wishes for your marriage." "Thank you Sir."

"What did they want with you, Haruko?" A student inquired. "They were asking about Steven." "What would they want with him?" "I know what it's about, but I can't tell you. Sorry." "Weird. What, did he hack  into the defense department or something?" "No. Don't start any dumb rumors Bryce."And so it went, as the FBI men visited the classrooms of Steven's teachers, both past and present, and talked to his friends. Of course, that fact was spread all over the school being that schools are huge rumor factories. 

In his gym class, a fellow student came up to him. "Hey Morris, what the hell would you need a top secret security clearance for?" "Where did you hear that, dude?" "My girlfriend works in the office as as a student assistant. She said two FBI guys came around asking about you because you had applied for a top secret security clearance." "Dude, if I told you I would have to kill you." "Come on Morris, that line stopped being funny before I was even born." "Sorry dude, but I can't tell you." "Are you working for the government?" "That would be a no." "Man, Morris, you're really weird, you now that?" "So I've been told."

When everyone assembled after school to begin the walk home, Steven asked how many of them had been interviewed by the FBI so far. Pretty much all of them had. "Man, they're really thorough," he thought to himself. They had also talked to Mrs. Westfield and some of the other wives. Steven apologized for putting everybody through it. "Don't worry Steven. It's not like you're going to be the only one in the neighborhood to work in that industry somewhere down the line," Scott Delasso reassured him.

Haruko liked that at just 18, Steven had a direction to his life. She also dressed him up again, this time in a red cheongsam with black thigh high stockings and red heels. She had him kneel on the floor to practice sitting like a lady, reminding him to sit up straight. He was slowly doing better, especially as he had been practicing while sitting at his desk at school. His back muscles were becoming used to it.

When his back began getting sore, she had him sit in a chair. "God, Stephanie, you look so cute, Haruko bubbled. "Thank you Mistress, he said in his female voice. After about 20 minutes, though, his back began to bother him again. "Stephanie, you still can't sit for half an hour and it has nearly been a month. So Saturday, as punishment, we're going to the San Diego zoo and you will be wearing a dress while we're there." Steven's eyes got real big and the thought made him break out in a cold sweat." Dejectedly, he answered, "yes Mistress. Thank you Mistress." "This is just a first step, Stephanie. When you're ready, I will be taking you out with me shopping, to restaurants and elsewhere. So this practice is important for your development as a woman." "Yes Mistress. Thank you Mistress."

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