Bondage - The South Marlin Circle Bondage Club Chapter 26

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Bondage - The South Marlin Circle Bondage Club Chapter 26

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Once Steven had finished making the cheesecake and put it in the refrigerator to chill, he and Haruko took a shower together. They spent a few minutes kissing and groping each other before getting down to actually washing themselves. They went to bed and had makeup sex, reaffirming the bond they had. When they arose in the morning and after they brushed their teeth, they held each other tight and engaged in some pretty passionate kissing until Maki announced that breakfast was ready. "So are we okay now?" Steven asked. "Yes we are," Haruko affirmed.

That morning, there was a happy event for the Eklund household. Shiho's boyfriend, Matt, came over to pick her up for the walk to school. He entered the house and met Shiho in the livingroom, where Rie, Steven, Ken, Robbie, Ken and Haruko were getting ready to go out the door. Matt kissed Shiho. "Hey Rie, can you please get your mom?" "Okay Matt, give me a minute." Once Rie had returned with Maki, there was a knock at the door. It was Brandon. He was let in. "Hey Brandon, just in time. Can you hang for a couple minutes?" Matt asked. "Sure dude. What's up?" "Shiho, please kneel," Matt ordered. "Yes Sir," she said, as tears began to form in her eyes. "Shiho Renee Eklund, will you submit to me?" "Oh God, yes Master!" Tears flecked her cheeks as she accepted his entreaty and everyone came over to hug and congratulate her. They then headed to the lawn of Alan Perlis' house, where Matt announced to the others he had taken another as his slave. It was high fives all around from the boys and more hugs for Shiho. "You know Steven, I was really afraid she would find a master before I was in a real relationship. I'm glad I found you, but I'm even more glad Shiho has finally been taken." "Yeah, Shiho is so nice Haruko. I wonder how many kids they'll  have when they get married." "Shiho adores children and told me she wants as many as mom had because she wants the same kind of household she was raised in. I don't know if that will be possible, but I hope she can realize her dream." "Me too, Haruko."

That evening, Steven took the plain cheesecake he had made to his parents house. The dinner he subsequently made for them was judged more than decent and they loved the dessert. After he did the dishes, he went back to Haruko's. "So how did it go, Stephanie?' Haruko inquired. "It went okay Mistress. They said they liked everything and my dad thought it was nice to give my mom a break from having to prepare dinner. He was also pretty happy when I relayed what Arlene told us." "I bet. I'm so glad that worked out well." "Well, it never would have happened if it wasn't for you, Mistress. You're the one who brought me into the neighborhood. As you can imagine, my parents really like you, though they have no clue what goes on here."

"Have you been able to find anything that would help you gain a female voice?' "Not really. There are sites selling DVDs that purport to show how to go from a male voice to a girl's, but those companies look like fly by night outfits. I've looked at You Tube videos on the same subject, but none of those really made any sense for me. Sorry Mistress." "It would interest me to see if your demeanor would change even more if you adopted a feminine tone. You are definitely softer and more passive since you began dressing as a woman and I notice that sitting like one has become pretty automatic for you. It's really cute." "Thank you Mistress." "Have you caught any shit for your hair or the way you sit?" "Not really. Most people just ignore me, which is fine." "Mom wants to train you how to eat like a proper woman should since, like most guys, you're just this side of Homer Simpson at the dinner table." "If Mistress wants me to undergo that training I will. I watch the way Mistress and your sisters eat and it's really elegant. I still don't understand how Mistress got to be able to cut meat with your chopsticks, though. I think that's totally amazing." "You grow up with it and it just becomes a habit."

"So how's Shiho enjoying her first day of slavery?" "I haven't talked to her since we left Mistress Lori's house. She's spending the night with Master Matt. So we'll have to ask her tomorrow." "Would Mistress allow me the honor of cuddling her?" "Yes you may sweety." "God, life is good. I'm in such a mellow mood right now/" "Me, too." "Mistress. should we get naked in case we fall asleep?" "Yeah, that would probably be a good idea." Haruko dozed off a few minutes later and, after he set the alarm clock, Steven joined her in deep slumber.

The next morning, while everyone, including Haruko and Steven and her siblings, were milling around the Alan Perlis lawn waiting for the last stragglers to arrive, Steven's cellphone rang. "Hiya Stephanie, it's Rich here. "Hi Mr. Stevenson! How are you?" "Well, I'm really looking forward to this morning, to be honest. "Why is that, Sir?" "Well, we have some problems I want you and your dad to help us with today. Can you call your dad and have him come to Haruko's place and I'll have a limo pick you guys up?" "Let me ask permission Sir." 'Even better, give the phone to Mistress Haruko." Steven gave handed the phone to Haruko. "Good morning Mr. Stevenson. " "Good morning Mistress Haruko. How are you this morning?" "I'm doing great. We're about to walk to school. Anything I can do for you?" "Yeah Mistress. I'm afraid we need to borrow Stephanie again and we'd like to have them picked up in front of your house. Would you be good with that?" "What time do you think they'll be back Mr. Stevenson?" "I don't think they're going to be back home until the early afternoon, maybe later Mistress. I'm very sorry." "That's okay Mr. Stevenson. You have my permission. Please say hi to the rest of your fantastic family for me." "I will Mistress. We'll send over a little somethin' somethin' for you for your cooperation and sacrifice." "Thank you Mr. Stevenson. Have a great day." 'You too, Mistress. And I apologize again for depriving you of your property today.. Bye bye."

"Steven, you are to call your dad right now and you and he will wait for a limo in front of my house. Do you understand?" "Yes Haruko. Thank you for being so understanding and tolerant." "Shikata nai ne (it can't be helped)." He kissed Haruko goodbye as everyone departed for school and then he called his dad, who had to scramble to get dressed before driving over to Haruko's house. Ten minutes later, the limo showed up and whisked them off to Mr. Soramino's machine shop, which was being afflicted by growing pains. Mr. Stevenson was there with Mr. Soramino as well as Cyril. "Hiya guys. Nice of you to help us on such short notice," Mr. Stevenson greeted.

Mr. Stevenson explained that they were having some production hiccups and it was driving up costs. "What we want you and your dad to do is to survey the operation here and see what you can do to smooth things out." Tim asked for a legal pad and a pen with which to take notes. They walked around Mr. Soramino's operation, bounced ideas off of each other and even climbed a couple of ladders to try to get the broadest view of the production flow. Two hours later, they said they had some recommendations, which included bringing in some new machines for part of the shop and changing the arrangement of their production line as well as some relatively minor tweaks. "Mr. Soramino and Mr. Stevenson, we are confident that if you implement these changes you can cut costs by anywhere from $250,000 a month to double that and you'll have a faster production cycle. You'll have some initial cost having to do with imposing the recommendations. We would also suggest you take the savings and hire two more QC guys to ensure consistent quality performance, which we believe will pay off long term many fold as you develop a reputation for exacting, reliable manufacturing."  "I'm impressed, Mr. Stevenson. I didn't know Haruko-san was going out with such a smart boy. I see lots of money here." "Yeah, this could really snowball for you, Hide. Are you on board with his recommendations?" "Yeah. I'll get my floor manager and chief of logistics and production on it." "Remember the project I told you about, Hide. We really need you to be up to speed when we're ready to roll that out. Could be a real profit center for you my friend." "And you, too, Rich." "Damn straight there big guy!"

They left Mr. Soramino's shop and went to a factory where Stevenson Avionics produced some of its products. "Okay, you guys know what to do. Call me when you're ready." For the next five hours, Steven and Tim went over the factory floor practically inch by inch, talking to the labor force, making notes, kicking more ideas around. About 4 p.m., they pronounced themselves ready for their presentation. They ran things down point by point, but essentially said that the factory was technologically a bit behind and the division of labor needed to be reorganized and streamlined. "Also Mr. Stevenson, my dad was talking to a Vicente Ramirez and we recommend that you bring Arlene in and interview him. My dad is pretty critical of people and knows the truly borderline brilliant from the pretenders. Vicente's education has been stunted to some degree for whatever reason," Steven began. "He reminds me of me when I was a teenager. I was a 140 IQ kid who got crappy grades because school bored me. It was only after I grew up a little that I acquired the patience to go back to school and get my degrees. I personally see that potential in Vicente," Tim enthused. "Mr. Stevenson, if you're willing to be patient and groom him, our suspicion is that you could have a future high flyer." "Fabulous, boys. I'll bring Arlene in tomorrow and we'll have some words with Mr. Ramirez. Okay ,now let's talk turkey here. What do the dollars look like?" "Mr. Stevenson, I won't mince words. The retool you'll need to do, especially for the new project, is not going to be cheap. But if you implement our changes, we believe that, at bottom, you're talking perhaps as much as $2 million a month in cost savings. You can then take that and put it into mentoring your workforce, especially your new employees, and that will result in even more productivity and, as one of the Wayans brothers once said, 'mo' money, mo' money, 'mo money." "Now we know you don't like laying people off because of the back end costs and possible competitive blowback.So my suggestion is to take those ostensibly redundant employees and train some of them for quality control and jacks of all trades so that they can fill in for people who are sick or can be extra hands when your workload becomes greater, which we believe it will." "Fucking spectacular, you guys. The shareholders are going to shit themselves with glee when they see the profits. Looking at your recommendations, I think we're going to realize a lot more out of it than you know, which is fucking great. Thanks again boys. I'll have my driver take you home."

The following Monday, Mr. Stevenson and several of his subordinates were in the office of Cal Tech President Royal "Roy" McWinson. "Mr. Stevenson, Mr. McWinson will see you now." "Thank you sweetheart." They walked into the academic bigwig's office. "President McWinson, this is Cyril Langford, my projects director, my legal director Armando Gutierrez and my assistant head of R&D Bill Mintz, Cal Tech class of '86." "Welcome Mr. Stevenson, Mr. Langford, Mr  Gutierrez and Mr. Mintz. What can I do for you today?" "Well, Mr. President, we have a little problem at our company we think the good folks at Cal Tech can help us with." "Which is?" "Well, let me start at the beginning, Mr. McWinson."

"Right around Christmas, my daughter Arlene came to me and said that I had to talk to a classmate of hers, Steven Morris. I was busy at the time and made a note of it, but I forgot about it until she came to me again and practically at gunpoint demanded that I talk to him. Now let me tell you a little about my daughter: she has a knack for winnowing out the heroes from the zeros. As an illustration, three years ago, I brought her to my office as part of a "take your daughter to work day." She was just hanging out in the office while I was interviewing a candidate for a very important position in my company. The guy seemed like he really had something on the ball and I was pretty sure I was going to hire him. But my daughter came to me once I had shown the guy out of my office and told me that there was something skeevy about him. She couldn't put her finger on it, but strongly urged me to pass on him. She was there for a couple other interviews and was enthusiastic about me hiring another candidate who she thought had "something." That guy is my R&D director now. The guy she told me to pass on was later arrested for child porn on his computer. And so I started bringing her in when I interviewed other potential employees and, what can I say, the girl is always right."

"Anyway, I brought Steven in for a consultation and it proved to be very fruitful, though for national security reasons I can't give you details. I think he's a once in a lifetime talent and he wants to go to your school and for a variety of reasons we want to keep him in this area."

"Mr. Stevenson," the school president averred, " here at Cal Tech we have cafeteria workers who were straight A students in high school. There is a genius every ten feet here." "Yes, I know that Mr. President. Aside form Mr. Mintz here, we have another one we hired from your school just a couple years ago." "Mr. Stevenson, there is no shortage of corporations we have relationships with. So why should I give you special consideration?" "Mr. McWinson, not only would Steven embellish the reputation of your school down the line, but if you admit him, we will sponsor a $500,000 a year Young Innovators award to go to the most promising and enterprising senior as chosen by a board we will set up that will include me, you, my friend General Albert Sparks and venture capitalists Cameron Rondeau and Gloria Barnes. We will publicize this award and thus give your campus what amounts to free publicity.. Moreover, we will bring in three interns from your school each semester and actually mentor them to work in the defense and aviation industry., not just have them fetch coffee."

"Mr. Stevenson, that is an amazing proposal and the money would help seed new leading edge businesses our graduates aspire to set up. I also see that you want to construct a pipeline from our campus to your company, which is good for the future prospects of our graduates, too. It also shows me that this kid seems to be a rather extraordinary individual. Has Mr. Morris sent in his application yet?" "Yes he has, Mr. President. We have already made a substantial investment in this kid,  but from a cost benefit analysis, it's peanuts when you have a chance to have a possible next Einstein on your hands." "So what are the legal ins and outs of this?" President McWinson wondered "Armando, I think that means you're up at the plate." "Thank you Mr. McWinson and Mr. Stevenson." Mr. Stevenson's chief legal shark outlined how to set up the fund according to the current laws. Of course, it was also all tax deductible.

"Okay, let me get my admissions director on the horn here and see what she has from him. Hi Mindy, this is Roy. Hey, do you have an application packet from a Steven Morris? She says it will take her a couple minutes to pull it. Yeah, I'm still here." "This is pretty impressive Roy. He's got recommendation letters from Stevenson Avionics CFO Richard Stevenson, Coreline Computer CEO Jack Frazier, Wow, Senator Freeman? Joint Chiefs head General Robert Foley? His SAT score is definitely there.189 IQ? Holy Toledo!. No extracurricular, though." "So what's your judgment Mindy?" "Roy, if that IQ is true and given his LOR's, we should probably admit him. Does he have a girlfriend?" "Yes he does," said Rich. "She's going to UCLA next year and they're engaged." "Okay, so he can relate to people. If you're favorably disposed, Roy, I can have the admission letter in the outgoing mail by the close of business today." "Yeah, go ahead and pull the trigger on that for me Mindy. You're the greatest." "You make it so easy Roy. Take care."

"Mr. President, Bill, Cyril and I here are going to take a walk around campus and see if we can make some friends. Armando here will give you the details of the award. Of course, we would be honored if you were to helm the ceremony." "I think I can find a space in my calendar for it Mr. Stevenson. Thank you very much for your contributions to this institution." "Glad to help out Mr. President. Come on Bill, how about you show me and Cyril around?" "Absolutely Rich."

At 5 p.m., there was a knock on the door of Haruko's house. Maki answered it and saw a middle aged woman standing there with a garment bag. "Good evening. I'm looking for Ms. Haruko Eklund." "Please come in and I'll get her for you," Maki said. Haruko came out. "Are you Haruko?" "Yes I am." "I'm Rayanne Poston from Ford's Department Store. Please accept this Chanel suit with our compliments. We hope to see you and the rest of your family again soon." "Thank you," Haruko said blankly. Then she remembered that Mr. Stevenson said he would do something nice for her for depriving her of Steven's services. Mrs. Stevenson picked it out and had it sent over.

Two days later, Haruko and Steven came home after doing their homework at Mrs. Westfield's. 'Steven, some mail came for you today!" Maki sang. "Oh my God!" he hyperventilated when he saw the Cal Tech logo on it. "Please God, give me this one," he prayed while he tore the envelope open." 'I know you got it baby," Haruko said. "Dear Mr. Morris," Steven read aloud. "It is with great pleasure we inform you that you have been admitted to the California University of Technology.. Boo yah!" Steven shouted. Haruko screamed and they hugged each other. Haruko started crying. "Thank God. Now I can keep serving you while I go to school Mistress!" "God, Steven, I'm so happy. I get to keep you next to me every night." "Mrs. Eklund, let's go out to celebrate tonight! My treat!"

"You know honey, you might want to phone Mr. Stevenson. I bet those letters he had those important people write really helped." "As always Mistress, you're right on." Steven pulled his cellphone out and speed dialed Mr. Stevenson's cellphone. "Speak!" he answered. "Hi Mr. Stevenson. This is Steven. How are you?" "Hiya Steven! What can I do you for?" "I just got a letter from Cal Tech today and I've been admitted!" "No shit? That's fucking great kid! Congratulations!" "Thanks Mr. Stevenson for all your help in making this happen. Now Haruko and I can still live together during college. She's so happy you wouldn't believe it." "That's great Steven. Can I speak to your Mistress?" "Yes Sir. Hold on." He handed the phone to Haruko. "Hi Mr. Stevenson. Thank  you so much for being so kind to Steven. You've done so much for us," she said, beginning to weep. "Mistress Haruko, I owe you bigtime. Your boyfriend has made me and Mr. Soramino millions of dollars, and that is just in the very short term. It's all because you brought him into the club's orbit. I can't tell you specifically what it will be, but just before you guys start school in the fall, you're going to get a very nice present. Also Mistress Haruko, my wife wants to take you shopping and for lunch at Chez Calais.. I'll get with her tonight and then I'll have her call you. Is that okay?" "Thank you Mr. Stevenson. That's wonderful. It's all due to Steven's talents, though. I admire him so much." "Well, be good to each other. I know he is so into you it's wacky Mistress. Considering how beautiful and intelligent you are, who can blame him?" "Thanks Mr. Stevenson, that's really nice of you to say." "Take care Mistress. Say hi to your beautiful mom, Master Erik and your brothers and sisters." "I will Mr. Stevenson. Thank you again." "Always here to help Mistress."

"Steven, take your clothes off and wait for me in the bedroom." "Yes Mistress." Haruko went and took a shower because she knew how much Steven loved the way she smelled when she was freshly bathed. When she was done, she tied her hair up in pigtails and returned to her bedroom. As he sat demurely on the bed, his legs closed, she straddled him and sat in his lap, hugging him tightly. He became instantly hard as he felt her soft breasts against his chest. "Steven, God, I love you so much right now," she said, pulling her body up a little bit, grasping his cock and then impaling herself on it. He let out a moan. "God, that feels so good when you have me spiked liked that," she admitted. "God Mistress, you smell so good, he quietly sighed, kissing her neck and inhaling the scent of the shampoo she used on her hair. He enjoyed the sensation of her soft skin against his as his dick remained buried in her. He stroked her left cheek with his righthand while looking into those bewitching brown eyes. He ran his hands up and down her slim body. "Mistress, seeing you happy thrills my heart," he said, as he grasped her hips and very gently rocked them back and forth, the movement stirring his cock inside of her enough to keep him stiff. They began kissing and he mixed soft kisses with harder ones. tracing her lips with his tongue and then driving it deep into her mouth. He gave her a series of short pecks and she smiled in between each one. "Mmmm, yes, she purred in his ear as her hips began to leisurely undulate back and forth."

But then something funny happened. Arisa, Takashi and Mina came to the door and Maki let them in. They immediately headed for Haruko's bedroom, where they saw her impaled on Steve's cock. "Sorry to interrupt you guys," Takashi declared. "It's okay Tak," Steven said even as he remained joined with his Mistress. "Mistress Haruko, may I speak to your property?" "Yes you may, Master Takashi." "Thank you Mistress Haruko. Stephanie, I talked to my dad last night and I just wanted to thank you and your father for what you've done for us. I want to inherit my dad's shop someday and I hope you will stay around to help us occasionally." "My pleasure Master Takashi. You have a great family and I am more than glad to do the little I've done to keep it prosperous." "Mistress Haruko," Takashi intoned," thank you for bringing Steven into our neighborhood. We are forever in your debt." "Tondemonai yo (don't be silly)!" Haruko answered. All three of them hugged Haruko and Steven and then left.

"That was pretty funny," Steven remarked. "Yeah, but it's nice of you to help good people," Haruko cheered. Steven picked her up and dragged her to the middle of the bed with him and he laid flat on his back. She continued wiggling her hips and stirred his cock inside of her, letting out a long moan. She stopped briefly to look down at him and brace herself with her hands against his chest. Then she rocked and pumped her hips hard and fast and brought herself off to an intense orgasm before he spooged his load into her sperm catcher. "I'm so happy right now," he told her. "I have a beautiful Mistress who loves me for me, my abilities are recognized rather than derided, I've got some money in the bank and I'm going to go to one of the country's finest universities." "Yeah, both of us have it pretty good," Haruko echoed.

Once Haruko's dad got home, Steven took the entire Eklund family as well as his parents out and they stuffed themselves on Italian food. When Steven returned to Haruko's home, he asked, "Mistress, may I use my laptop? I want to do some research so that I can continue to try to change my voice for you." "Yes you May, Stephanie." "Thank you Mistress." She watched television as he read copious information about the anatomy and physiology of the throat and mouth and took voluminous notes. Haruko thought it was gross when he watched video of the larynx moving while someone was speaking and then researched information on the physiological differences between the female and male voice. Over the next few days he listened to the voices of the girls around him and attempted to do impressions of them when he was alone. He also paid attention to inflection, the syntactical choices of the sexes and pitch.

Then it suddenly struck him what was going on, aside from the structural differences of the vocal cords in men and women. He began to gradually "tune" his voice while standing against the washing machine in the Eklunds' garage so he wouldn't drive them nuts by doing it in the house and adjust his breathing until just the right quality emerged to where it would sound natural. He didn't tell Haruko about it, though, until the next day, which was a Tuesday during the first week of April. As usual, they went home from Mrs. Westfield's, whereupon he changed into a little light blue skirt, white blouse, white thigh high stockings and heels. "Do I look cute Mistress?" he said in the new female voice he had so assiduously cultivated. "Oh my God Stephanie! You did it!" "Yay!" Steven cheered. "From now on, when you're with me, you're not allowed to use your male voice, do you understand?" "Yes Mistress," he chirped. Haruko called her sisters and her mother in to hear his new voice. "That's amazing!" Rie bubbled. "Thank you Rie honey/" he coquettishly acknowledged.

"Okay Stephanie, we're going to teach you how to eat like a Japanese woman, so watch us carefully at dinner and try to imitate us. Yes Mistress." "Mistress Haruko, as long as she's just about there, it wouldn't really look right that we let her body language to be like a man's any longer." "Rie, I'm so afraid he'll get queer bashed or mistaken for gay if he  gets too good at moving like a woman and attains a point where he can't toggle between moving and gesturing like a man and a woman.. It's just like his sitting like a woman now. It doesn't really feel comfortable for him anymore to sit like a man." Steven raised his hand. "Yes Stephanie? "Mistress, when I sit like a woman, it feels really elegant and pretty to me and the sitting style when I sat like a man seems boorish to me now." "See what I mean Rie? He is so internalizing being a woman that he can no longer sit like a man." "I wish I could tell you what to do about this Haruko. Stephanie looks really cute sitting there with her legs lined up at an ankle and her hands in the lap like you and I sit. So now that he can talk like us, I would really like to see him be able to at least gesture like us." Steven raised his hand. "Yes Stephanie?" Mistress, I would like to express my gratitude to Rie for her kind thoughts about my appearance and demeanor. But I do think Mistress is correct. The deeper I get into being a female, even though it is largely just external, the more I enjoy it." "Do you wish you had breasts and a vagina now Stephanie?" Haruko interrogated. "Not really Mistress. Yes, there is the curiosity factor. However, inside, no matter how much I might like dressing and moving like a woman, I still think like a male and like having a penis and you like me as a boy dressing and acting like a girl, not as a natural born girl. So I'm not going to go the tranny route in this lifetime." 

Maki called the family to dinner and the next phase of Steven's feminization began. 

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