Bondage - The South Marlin Circle Bondage Club Chapter 21

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Bondage - The South Marlin Circle Bondage Club Chapter 21

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With the livingroom concert out of the way and it now being November 2nd, Steven really started to hit the project that would help him taper his body so he could look better in women's clothes. He took copious notes after he came back from his run and had a shower. He practiced his deep throating and had a little more of a breakthrough, now able to get a toothbrush further into his mouth before the gagging would kick in. His ass was very sore from the fucking it endured the previous day and while he sat at his computer desk he was shifting around a lot trying to find a position where it wouldn't be so painful. He had now sucked Haruko's strap on cock and taken it in his ass and was now becoming curious about doing the real thing. However, the thought of kissing a man repulsed him. There are a lot of straight guys who have, for whatever reason, cocksucking fetishes. He played around in his mind what he would do if Haruko ordered him to suck somebody's penis, a very unlikely scenario in his mind.

He went to Haruko's house, put his makeup on and dressed in the outfit that was laid out for him by her and sat as demurely as he could muster on her bed. "So how's your butt?" she wondered. "Oh my God Mistress, it is so sore. I'm definitely not looking forward to using the bathroom because it's probably going to feel like I'm shitting razor blades." "I'm sorry to hear that Stephanie. I hope it heals quickly because I want to use my little slut again." "Yes Mistress. Thank you Mistress."

"Now we need to do something about your language. Cursing isn't very ladylike. So from now on, everytime you utter a profanity, even out of character, it will mean 25 swats from my paddle. Do you understand Stephanie?" "Yes Mistress." "Of course, during sex, that rule isn't in effect. But all other times it is." "Yes Mistress."

"By the way, when was the last time you masturbated?' "I don't think I have since Mistress decided to feminize me." "Why is that?" "Usually, when I get the urge, it's after 9 p.m. and I'm not going to bother Mistress by calling you for permission. So I just go without." "You're making good progress Stephanie. You aren't frustrated?" "Mistress, we've been having enough sex so that I get to cum often enough to stave off being frustrated." "That's great, Stephanie. I like having sex with you fairly regularly, so  since you aren't masturbating, I don't see the need at this time to put you in a chastity belt. But that will change if you start to cum when I haven't given you permission." "Yes Mistress. Thank you Mistress."

I want to begin restraining you, but I haven't been trained in that because of my earlier vanilla preferences. How do you feel about that?" "It sounds hot, Mistress." "I'm glad you think that, Stephanie. It will become especially handy when I have to punish you. But I also don't want to do any lasting damage, so I will have to ask some of the other dominants to show me the ropes, as it were." "Yes Mistress. Thank you Mistress." Also, when you do undergo a correction, it is to make you a better slave for me, so you will express gratitude for the correcting of your behavior. "Yes Mistress, Thank you Mistress."

Okay, let's look at some fashion magazines and I want you to memorize the styles, clothing types and how they mix and match. So raise your hand when you have any questions. "Yes Mistress." "And tell me what you would like to wear. Of course, I will take that under advisement, but the final decision is mine since you have no right to decide what to wear when you're in your female garb." "Yes Mistress. Thank you Mistress."

Over the next  several days, Haruko and Steven looked at women's magazines and apparel sites on the internet so that he could learn about fashion. Ms. McMullen had decided a couple weeks back to not do anything with Steven's hair because it was so short and already curly. Therefore, she recommended that he grow it out  for another few months and then she would see what she could do at the time. However, Thuy did his nails, though Haruko allowed his righthand nails to be a little longer so he could continue to play fingerstyle guitar.

As he continued to run, his legs were becoming more toned and his body was beginning to seem thinner, which he didn't really need. This was more about his body's contours and not his weight. The core exercises were also helping to firm his stomach up as well, though he was far from having six pack abs. He made his presentation to Haruko the Saturday after Thanksgiving, when he had massively pigged out during dinner with his family and relatives, about the regimen he would follow to help flatten and taper his abdomen. Haruko decided to follow that program, too. She usually sparred with other members of her family in the backyard to stay in shape, but since this was something she could do together with Steven she decided to add this to her routine. So before he would leave her house, they would do an hour of core work.

As the days and weeks passed, Haruko noticed that Steven was becoming more passive. She also imposed a new rule, that he had to kiss her feet before they left for school in the morning and any other time he was entering her home. She bought more outfits for him and also had him helping Maki in the kitchen on occasion so that he could learn to cook Japanese food. But she still loved having him stuff her pussy a couple of times a week with his big dick and never denied him an orgasm since there was no need to do that because he already worshipped her.

The week before Christmas, there was a neighborhood Christmas party for members of the club and the girls were quite impressed with Steven's newly acquired cooking skills as the subbies prepared the food that would be served to the celebrants. He was fully dressed in female clothing because, of course, he was genetically male, but was proud of his contributions to the festivities nonetheless. Haruko was well chuffed with his performance. By that time, too, he could deep throat her strap on cock, which had also reamed his ass several more times. He had tried to internalize the concept of equating his being assfucked with getting a cock in a pussy, but that was still a work in progress. He did, though, now want to try sucking a real dick and had fantasies about it. He wanted to stay with Haruko because men just didn't get it for him sexually, but he began to think about sucking and being screwed from a woman's point of view.

Steven, though, wasn't the only one making a big transition. Christmas Day, Ethan, Daniel, Aoi, Dante, Cheryl and their parents went over to the Yamanoris. "Merry Christmas Master Koji.We're sorry to interrupt your good household's festivities, but Ethan here has something he needs to say. Ethan? "Thank you Dad and I apologize to Master Koji and mesubuta for imposing on their wonderful family.." Ethan then walked up to where Aya was sitting. "Aya, please kneel," he ordered. Aya immediately recognized what this was about and as she assumed her position on the floor in front of her boyfriend, tears began to fall from her smoky brown eyes. "Aya, your loving devotion to me has made me a better man by making me want to prove to you that I am worthy of being in your life. Every day I have been with you has been a happy one and my pride in having such a beautiful and sweet girl by my side is limitless. Aya Maureen Yamanori, will you submit to me?" Aya began full on crying as she choked out, "Yes Master!" She was quickly surrounded by Yoriko, Keiko, Yuki and Akihiro and given congratulatory hugs. "Master Ethan, according to the rules, I  must remind you that you will display the necessary dignity and self control in keeping and preserving my daughter or your right to lead may be forfeited. Do you understand Master Ethan?" "Yes Master Koji. Thank you Master Koji."

"A-chan, your father has always taken pride in the beauty and accomplishments of his daughters and thanks mesubuta for the way she has guided them over the years. You will serve Master Ethan with all of your heart and soul. Do you understand?" "Yes daddy. Thank you daddy." "Aya, I will choose your slave name over the coming days. Please take your time celebrating the holidays with your great family. Merry Christmas to everyone and again, I apologize for interrupting this household's festivities." Everyone left and on the way back home, Daniel and Dante high fived their brother. "She's definitely a keeper dude," Dante insisted.

She felt numb. After they had dinner in the late afternoon, she asked permission to go over to her new master's house. Berniece Perlis answered the door. "Oh hi Aya! Come in honey," she bubbled. Aya walked into the house, stripped, and then went into the livingroom and kneeled in front of Ethan with tears in her eyes. He had her stand up and then he hugged her tight. "I love you Aya," he said to her as her tears dripped on to his chest. "Master, your slave has waited so long for this day. She is so happy to finally be able to submit to you." "Aya, I will keep and love you forever. You are dismissed from your duties for the day and are welcome to celebrate Christmas with our family." "Thank you Master. Your slave is so sorry to be interrupting your holiday with her presence." "Aya, you can interrupt me anytime," he rejoindered. "Welcome to the family Aya," Troy Perlis said. "Thank you Master Troy. I will serve Master with all my heart," she reported. "I know you will, Aya. Our family has always been very happy that Master Ethan chose you as his mate and now his slave." Everybody hugged her. "Omedetai desu ne, (this is an auspicious occasion, isn't it?)," Aoi said to Aya. "Arigatou Aoi senpai (thank you Aoi, who is my senior)." "Gambatte ne (do your best, okay?)." "Gambarimasu," Aya acknowledged.

The next day, Ethan notified Aya that she was now "comforthole." Noriko put her on birth control as soon as she turned 14 knowing that her daughter wanted Ethan to take her, so she was now ready to meet all of her Master's needs. Ethan didn't hesitate to take advantage of his new power over her. He took her into his bedroom and she knew what was coming next, but she, like Ethan, had so much pent up desire she was happy to finally experience this moment. They crawled into bed together and began heatedly making out. She felt his fingers inside of her pussy for the first time and gasped as they nuzzled the little ridges just inside of her opening. By doing this, he was adding to the sensations and emotions she had felt before when what he could do with her was restricted by the rules. The feelings of anticipation, her passionate love for him and her need to serve him all converged to heighten the heat inside of her pussy and increase her heart rate.

As the  minutes passed and the stimulation of her g spot mounted, his mouth now sucking on her dark nipples, she could already feel herself losing control of her breathing and her face and chest feeling flushed. She was in a kind of hypnosis, her yearning for this moment having trained her to drink in every little bit of the experience as she began to pant. Before, only she could touch that part of her body, but now she was surrendering it to her Master and her breathing accelerated until her body shuddered, the initial waves of pleasure fanning out through her, the first orgasm that she had been given by a boy with her clothes off.

She was enjoying the sensation of opening her body to him as he scooted down to put his mouth on her vulva and his tongue on her clit, his first taste of a woman's wetness and heat. His cock tightened that much more as his nose and taste buds sampled her secretions and scent. Aya panted every time his tongue clanged against her nubbin and wrestled and kneaded it to push her pleasure higher and higher, his love making him want to please her and keep her submissive to him. Her clit was feeling steaming hot as it engorged with blood and the pulses she felt when it was sucked on nearly caused her to lose her breath as he slurped more of her moisture down. She reached down and stroked his head, begging him to not stop, her voice changing keys upward while he maintained his oral attack. She let out a squeal as she felt the release commence, the music of her gasps spurring him to keep at it, wanting to pleasure her until he was exhausted and also make her helpless to the stimulation he exerted on her.

The energy that the orgasms sapped from her and the endorphins that imbued her with a kind of high made her passive and willing to allow him to penetrate her. She lay there with her legs open waiting for his penis to transgress her soft, warm gate. He positioned himself on top of her,  his face above hers and his righthand stroking her cheek and brushing the hair out of her eyes. He used the tip of his tongue to tantalize the inner ridges of her ears and then putting his lips on hers. "Aya, you're so awesome," he burbled in his adolescent way. "I so want to be one with you," he said, a line he had heard in a rock lyric but nonetheless reflective of his wanting to be stay close to her. "Guide me in baby," he pleaded, wanting her to welcome him into the most intimate part of her. She grasped his length and gently pulled the head to her opening. He gingerly thrusted his hips forward and poked his cockhead into her, cleaving her steamy walls open. Since he knew she was going to experience pain, he decided he wanted to get it over with for her as soon as possible rather than drawing it out. "Relax Aya," he advised her as he hesitated for a minute to give her time to adjust. Her brown eyes looked up into his and then they closed tightly as he impaled her with every inch of his manhood. She let out a yelp and then gasped rapidly and writhed and twist under him. "Sorry about the pain babe," he apologized, kissing her.

After a brief respite, he raked his cock slowly in and out of her, stopping every second or third thrust hoping her vaginal muscles could adjust. "God Ethan, it hurts!" she whimpered, tears falling down her cheeks. He stopped again and wrapped her in his arms to comfort her. He softly kissed her and then started to push his dick into her and withdraw it over and over. As he secreted more precum into her and her body leaked its own wetness in reaction to his invasion of her, after a few minutes, it became easier and easier for her. She attained a stage where the pain had completely halted and, when he didn't hear any indications of pain,  he hastened his thrusts. He smiled when he heard her first moans and felt better that he wasn't torturing her. He masturbated just before he saw Aya so that he wouldn't shoot too quickly, but he was already feeling the weight of his balls beginning to nudge him toward an orgasm and now it was he that needed to relax. His cock kept dodging in and out and now her senses looked forward to each passage of his prong in and out of her tender twat. The results were expressed in her breathy sighs. "Oh God Ethan, that feels so good now. Don't stop baby," she called. He smiled but didn't respond verbally, trying to stay on task, finding happiness at each sign of her peaking ardor, hoping that her journey to ecstasy will end soon so that he may dispense with his heavy load.

She felt his hard rod rubbing her vaginal walls and the  friction that made her so hot inside inspired the machine gun pace of her breaths as he was just about there. He found the key to her pleasure chest and she squirmed and squealed as the full force of the tidal heat lit up her senses and she dug her nails into his back. His shooter then unloaded cum rockets into her, his sperm swimming through her cervix and into her womb in the hunt for her egg. He fulfilled his primal need and hers as well. The only thing Aya was disappointed in after Ethan made a woman out of her was that he couldn't remain erect and stay inside of her. He cuddled her and she smiled and they traded soft kisses. "I love you forever, Aya," he enthused to her and she grinned while her pussy throbbed from the residual soreness. "Ethan sweety,, you make me so happy because I know I have someone who cares so much about me. I love giving myself to you because  you will treat that gift like gold," she said. "Aya, I'm not as good with thinking of stuff to say as you, but I feel so good inside when I'm with you. You're the one babe. You're the only one. Someday you're going to be my wife and people won't be able to think of me without also thinking of you." She smiled and kissed him. That was the perfect thing she wanted to hear after she lost her virginity. "You're excused from your duties for the day because you're just so awesome," he added. "Thank you Master. It's nice to know that I can look at you and say, 'that's my man.'" "Even though we say that the dominant takes a submissive, I know you took me when you submitted to me. Thank you for making me feel so lucky." Aya hugged him tight and started crying. "Master, may your comforthole have the honor of your company the rest of the day?" "Comforthole, my greatest pleasure is your hand," he said, tucking his righthand in his.

"Are you sore babe?" he wondered. "Yes Master, a little." "Tomorrow, I have an appointment at Mistress McMullen's shop for your maintenance. Before we leave for it, comforthole will report on her health." "Yes Master. Thank you Master."

Ethan's mom then came into his room and saw the bloodstain on the sheets. She sat down on the bed next to them as Aya greeted her. Mrs., Perlis stroked Aya's head. "Aya, we're so lucky  to have you as a part of our family now. If you have any irregular discharges, report it immediately to Master Ethan, okay honey?" "Yes Ma'am. Thank you for your concern." "She's a beautiful, lively girl Ethan. You better not chase her off," Mrs. Perlis warned, half in jest. "I'll kill myself if I do that, mom."  She kissed him on the forehead, embarrassing him. Aya giggled.

Yoriko, who had gone back to college in the fall, was back on the block for the Christmas holidays, as was her Master Donny. At a New Year's Eve Party at her parents' house, her father quieted the revelers. Everybody sat on the floor in two neat rows. They had all been tipped off abut what was about to occur. Yoriko, who, of course, was naked, was called up to the front of the assembled partiers and told  to kneel. Her heart was beating a mile a minute as Donny came up the aisle. He collared her and then the clock struck midnight while everyone kissed and hugged her as she was now officially a permanently owned slave. Donny, who studied to be a chemical engineer, and Yoriko both finished their educations and then got married that September. Nine months later, she was a mom, but now living in a different town in closer proximity to Donny's job. Donny promised that he would move his new family back into the neighborhood once they could afford it because that is where both he and Yoriko both actually wanted to reside.

During the weekend of the second week of January, the Maceros finally moved into their house on South Stingray Circle, the street adjacent to South Bluefin Circle. During the welcoming party, which was held at the Stevenson residence, 14 about to be 15 year old Matt was introduced to Shiho Eklund, who had turned 15 that past December. Matt was immediately knocked for six by Shiho's looks and her fundamental agreeableness and she was taken by his warm, optimistic  personality that seemed to have a sexy stern side to it plus his cute sense of humor. They began to hang out together a lot and, ten days later, they were a couple. Haruko, Robbie and Rie were ecstatic that their beloved sister had finally found someone. He had also ended up in two of Shiho's classes during the spring semester, which made school more fun for them.

Steven turned 18  that month and now his parents would allow him to spend the night and weekends at Haruko's. He also no longer had a curfew. Moreover, the pair were able to get four of their classes together for the spring semester so she could not only keep an eye on his behavior, but take advantage of his intellectual brilliance, too. The Eklund family began treating him as a real girl because Haruko asked them to. So he received more women's clothes, including lingerie, from his Mistress, her sisters and their mother on the day he became a legal adult. Haruko then took him into her bedroom and fucked him in the ass with her strap on while calling him "my birthday slut." She took him the day after that to have his body hair waxed off, which was painful, but he wouldn't have to shave it for months at a time. He was the happiest he had ever been in his life under Haruko's strong, loving hand. Haruko forbade him from adopting women's speaking habits and hand movements because they might be too hard to shake when he interacted in regular society and that would make it harder for him in homophobic America since people would think he was gay. "In public, just be a regular guy. In my control, though, you're my cute little sissy slave," she said to him. "Yes Mistress. Thank you Mistress."

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