Pissing - Saphira and Janie (Pt. I)

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Pissing - Saphira and Janie (Pt. I)

Post by dr_jefferson »

Saphira lay in bed, the cool summer air blowing in from the window to her left like an angel's breath, thinking about Janie. Their first meeting is tomorrow, and Saphira is still unsure of what to expect. Janie had said their meeting would exceed expectation, but what did that mean? Something raunchy, to be sure.
Realizing her bladder to be full, Saphira pulled herself out of bed, stepped to the pleasently cool hardwood floor and began searching under her bed. Finding what she wanted, Saphira pulled a small bedpan out from under the bed and lay it on the floor. Crouching over it, all the while constantly thinking about Janie, about her short, blonde hair, her supple tits, her thick thighs and absolutely incredible ass, Saphira began to piss. The wine she had drank earlier ensured that her urine was practically clear, but not entirely devoid of aroma and flavor. Her bladder finally empty, she shook the last few drops of pee from her snatch and ran a finger up her mound, picking up a few drops of golden liquid. Slowly, Saphira brought her hand to her mouth, drawing her finger across her lips, wetting them with urine. A small shock struck down from the top of Saphira's spine, slowly crawling all the way down to her tiny, soft feet. Standing, she brought the bedpan, now full to the brim with her sweet, sweet pee, to the bedside table and emptied its contents into a wine glass that lay next to a needle, a spoon, and a small plastic baggie. Saphira eyed those objects with the same glance a lioness would eye an unsuspecting next meal.

Sitting back down on the bed, she took the glass and sipped from it, savoring the taste of her own urine before swallowing, picking up the baggie and the spoon to prepare her next vice. Tying a small strip of red velvet over her upper arm, the needle entered her vein, blood entering the syringe. Pushing the plunger down slowly, Saphira sighed heavily with pleasure, slumping back down into bed. Once hand went immediately to her glass of liquid gold, another slowly found its way down to her clit after first softly brushing its way down her neck, over her soft, large tits, down her trim navel, to her mound. As she began gently playing with her pussy, she allowed herself another sip of her glass of golden nectar, her ambroisa of the gods, her water of life. Her urine was slightly salty, mildly musky, but nothing too strong. The taste of her own piss on her lips and tongue sent a spasm down her thighs, her cunt jerked, lighting bolts of pleasure bursting through her sex.
Her fingers moving faster now, she took the perogative to slide two fingers slowly into her dripping, slippery pussy. A moan escaped her lips, which she again wet with a drink of her delectable pee, her eyes rolling back into her head. Saphira's breath quickened, her tits shaking as her chest heaved. Now greedily slurping up her piss, she crassly stuffed two more of her fingers into her slimy gash, while another finger found its way to her tiny, tight asshole, lightly caressing the soft, puckered skin.

And then it started to happen.
All this time, Saphira had been ignoring the throes of nausea that came with her love, the opiate. Only thinking of what could be possible with her Janie, lost in an excess of pleasure, Saphira suddenly started to retch.
"Oh God, not now"
Saphira tried to get out of bed to move to the bathroom, but, tangled in her sheets, she tripped, falling on her ass, all the while coughing and gagging, thick dribbles of spit falling from her mouth onto her chest and breasts. Once she hit the ground, her stomach had had it, and she gagged again, this time vomiting straight down her front. The hot mass hit her tits and stomach, slowly sliding down her chest, still slick with her spit, rivulets running down her thighs to her feet. She stared at herself for a moment, and then heaved again. The sound of splatter filled her room as puke hit the floor, and her feet.
However something was different.

Saphira felt no disgust at what had just happened. On the contrary, the feeling of the warm puke running down her tits to her pussy had gotten her so wet that she was literally dripping on the floor, a small puddle of vomit and cunt slime forming at her feet.
Frozen for a moment, spitting out the puke that remained in her mouth, Saphira finally moved her hands to her chest, sifting through the small chunks of fruit that she had eaten a few hours previously. And then, slowly, very slowly, but surely, her hands moved to her pussy, pushing the mass of puke on her stomach to her cunt.
Saphira began to move her hand slowly over her clit, grinding the vomit into her snatch. Faster and faster and faster she began to move her fingers, until she was masturbating feverishly, as if her life depended on it. Her free hand moved to her tits, scooping up a small handful of vomit. As if unconsciously, she started to move her hand to her mouth. At first she only tasted a little, but she could no longer help herself, lost in the depths of depravity. She started to shovel her own vomit back into her mouth as she forced her whole fist into her pussy, complete with a handful of puke.

After swallowing most of her spew, she groped for her glass of piss and drained it in one gulp, and then began to eat more handfuls of puke. Her fist rushing in and out of her cunt, she got on her hands and knees and shoved her face into the puddle of pussy juice and puke, slurping up all of it she could get. There was something amazing about the taste of vomit and her snatch together, and Saphira finally came, came harder than she had ever cum before, her entire body spasming, out of breath, to the point of unconsciousness.
When she awoke, she was covered in dried puke with her fist still in her cunt, which was sorer than it had ever been before. Still winded from her incredible orgasm, Saphira wondered if Janie would be willing for this sort of play.
There was only one way to find out, she thought.

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