Pissing - Long Weekend - Part 1(?)

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Pissing - Long Weekend - Part 1(?)

Post by dr_jefferson »

This story is based on true events/happenings, but any names/place have been changed to stay private.

7am, the alarm on my bedside clock radio starts beeping at me, telling me its time to wake up and start the day. I stretch out my body. I'm 5'12”, 75kg, average build, just your normal 21 year old guy.

I roll over to wake my girlfriend, Ashleigh, she's gorgeous, I'm not sure on how I got to be with her, she's got a athletic body with a great set of tits, a nice toned body, with a nice perky, perfectly shaped, ass.

Feeling a bit horny this morning I decide to wake Ash up the way she really likes to get woken up.. I roll over and first check what shes wearing, which is just her panties, she knows I don't like her sleeping in a whole bunch of clothes.

Shes sleeping on her stomach, so I run my hand down her back until I get to the top of her panties. Not sure about how i'm going to do this, this morning. So I decide to leave her panties on for now and slide a single finger down the crack of her ass, I stop for just a split second on her asshole just to wake her up a little bit, but then continue down to see if shes woken up with a wet pussy this morning or if I had some work to do. Luckily this morning, like most, shes still soaking wet from the night before.

Her pussy is very very smooth, she must have very recently shaved it for me. I slide one finger into her waiting pussy, already she lets me know that she wants to play around by arching her back so her ass raises into the air and pushes more of my finger into her pussy. So I slide her panties down, only enough so I can get to everything.

Ash rolls onto her side, and arches to back so her ass points towards me, so I come up behind her in the spoon position and stick my cock into her pussy which by now is dripping with anticipation. All of this without saying a word.

'mmm... god I love it when you wake me up with your cock..'

Without replying I reach down with one hand and spread her left butt cheek, then reach down with my right hand, run my middle finger down her ass crack till I get to her pussy, slide my cock out for a second so I can dip my finger in and get some of her juices on it. Then I bring that finger back up and tease her a little by rubbing it around her asshole, until its all lubed up.

'fuuuuck that feels so good, finger my ass for me while you fuck my pussy!!'

I keep teasing her for a while then finally bury half of a finger into her ass which is meet by a load moan “uuuuuuuuuuh yesss, deeper!'.

We fuck like this for quiet a while as she keep screaming for more, harder, faster. Until finally I feel like im going to cum, so I roll her over so shes on her stomach again with her legs spread as far as possible, I fuck her from behind for a minute, then when I think im just about to blow, I pull out, start wanking my cock with one hand and spread her ass cheeks with the other and dump a load of cum all over her asshole, which immediately starts to drip down over her pussy.

I move up a little bit, give her a kiss on the back of the neck and say 'goodmorning sweetheart' – my first words to her of the day. Then roll off to recover. She lays theres on her stomach not really able to move as shes covered in cum and doesn't want to get it everywhere. I throw her a box of tissues as I get up to check the morning news on my computer over on the desk in the corner of the bedroom.

I watch in the bedroom mirror as she goes up onto all fours, grabs some tissues and starts to clean herself up, with a perfect view of my girlfriend on all fours cleaning my cum off her ass and pussy, I was in heaven.

'I'm gonna have a shower and clean up since you decided this morning you'd coat my ass with cum instead of cuming in me' she jokes with a smile, as she heads towards our bathroom thats off our bedroom.

'Sorry about that hun, you know I love to do that' I say as I watch her ass as she walks into the bathroom, now wearing her panties again.

I sit there for a second just thinking about what i'm going to do on this nice winter weekend, too cold to go outside I thought, so going to have to entertain myself inside for the weekend I thought while I smiled at myself.

'Better get started then' I say to myself as I get up and make my way to the bathroom.

I walk in the door and step foot onto the heated tiles, look up to find Ash, her panties around her ankles, sitting on the toilet. She looks at me, smiling while she opens her legs to expose her pussy to me.
I smile back, and have a little laugh to myself as I know, that she knows that I love to watch her pee and play around like that.

She gestures for me to come over by her, so I start to walk over to her, as I do she starts to pee. I watch until im standing right infront of her between her legs while shes pissing.

'Thanks for waking me up this morning darling, let me clean your cock for you, you still have my juices on it' and with that she takes my semi hard cock into her mouth and starts cleaning it off, licking around the base and underneath so her tongue just flicks across my balls lightly.

'ohhh my god that looks so good baby!' I say as I look down at her looking up, licking my cock clean.

All the while this is happening shes still pissing, my cock getting cleaned off while I could hear her peeing. So I reached down, starting at her stomach ran my hand down and played with her clit while she pissed, then spread her pussy lips, and then bend down and kiss her as I fully cup her pussy and have her pissing straight into my hand until shes all finished.

We then stop kissing, and she reaches for some toilet paper, my hands still down by her pussy, dripping with her pee. I take a step back as she slowly, seductively wipes herself dry.

I then raise my hand up to the same level as her head, she smiles at me.

'You really are being kinky today arnt you?!' she said

She then leans forward then starts sucking on each finger one by one until they're dry from her pee.

'Get used to it, its cold outside and its a long weekend' I say as I jump into the shower.

(- My first attempt at getting down on paper some of mine and my girlfriends good times, so let me know if you want more. Lots of kinky stuff etc.. so let me know. -)

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