Fetish Sex - My Idea of a Perfect First Date

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Fetish Sex - My Idea of a Perfect First Date

Post by dr_jefferson »

Well, the first thing we would have to do is plan on where to meet. I would prefer a public place because I would leave my house naked and show up to meet you that way. All I would bring with me would be an assortment of sharpie permanent markers, bag of flour, a camera that took video and a lap top. I would put all that in a backpack or something similar.
I would arrive at our prearranged meeting place around 30 minutes before we were scheduled to meet. Hopefully it would still be during daylight time as well. When you were on your way you would call me and we would chat as you drove and once in the place (if other cars were around) I would let you know where I was parked. I would leave it up to you whether you wanted to park next to me or somewhere else and have me walk to where you were. If the latter were to be the case, then I would wait until someone was driving down my way before getting out of my car so they would get a really good look at me, and notice I’m naked. I would want and hope you were seeing everything that was happening. I would walk really slowly to your car, making sure to wave at anyone that yelled, honked or slowed to watch me. Once I was to you, I would get in your car and we would drive off.
As we began driving I would immediately start masturbating and trying to lick my own pussy. I would hope that you would immediately start making fun of me and telling me how much fatter I looked in person. We would joke about how you were going to need gas money because of the extra load on your car from my weight. I decide to offer you money especially if you will leave me stranded in public naked at the end of our date. You laugh and tell me how stupid I am, and that I couldn’t afford it, but ask how much I’m willing to pay. I ask how much you’d want, and you tell me at least $100. I immediately agree to the price, as I moo real loud and try even harder to lick my pussy. You look at me in disgust and notice my big fat belly is keeping me from getting even close to licking my pussy. “You’ll have to pay me another $100 to touch your ugly fat ass too, Big Bertha.” I look up in surprise at the extra amount and answer. “Alright. I understand. I don’t blame you. MOO!” as I then go back to trying to lick my pussy.
We say nothing to each other for about 5 or so minutes but the sounds of my grunting and struggling to reach my pussy drowns out the music in the car and so you turn it up so you don’t have to hear me as much. My grunting and mooing finally get to you and you ask what the fuck I’m trying that for. “I’m a big fat whore and I love my pussy so much! I want to taste it but my big fat belly flab gets in the way, but I owe it to my pussy to try every day.” I explain. You roll your eyes and laugh at my pathetic answer.
“Where do you want to go first?” you ask as I continue my feeble attempt at licking my pussy. I stop long enough to tell you what all I brought and that I want you to take pictures of me naked in public, and video too. “Where at?” you ask.
“Anywhere public.” I answer. “You choose.”
“Alright fat fuck.” You say as we drive on down the road. Assuming we’re on the highway, you drive until we come to a rest stop and you pull into it. There are a couple of cars there and only a few people walking about. You pull into a parking place and turn off your car. “Okay Shamu, where do you want to do this?” you ask me, as I grab my camera from the bag.
“Right in front of the entrance.” I began answering, “Let’s see if we can get someone to pose with me too!” I add very excitedly. I explain to you how my camera works and then I get out of the car. You park away from everyone, seeing as how you’re a little nervous about all this, so no one sees me until after I walk around the front of the car to the main building where the bathrooms and lobby area is located. As I do a man walks out with his young son from the men’s bathroom and immediately see me. The man quickly covers his son’s eyes as he walks far around me, avoiding me at all costs as he stares. As he passes me you can hear him say, “What the fuck is the matter with you?” angrily. Without hesitation I stop walking, and stand there with my hands on my hips. As he rushes his son into his car you can hear me answer, “I’m a fat horny slut, and I’m so glad you caught me!”
The little boy struggles and asks his father what’s going on. I just stand there letting them see me as another man walks out of the bathroom and stops in shock at what he is witnessing. The father looks at the other man but rushes his son in the car, gets in himself and quickly drives off as I wave goodbye. You are standing beside your car, not too far away, hopefully taking pictures by now.
The other guy just stares at me as the father drives away. He then approaches and asks what’s going on. I again explain what a fat whore I am and that it makes me horny to expose my blubber to strangers. I then ask if he wants a blowjob in the men’s bathroom. “Hell no, you crazy bitch!” He answers.
“Please!” I beg him. “Please let me suck your cock!” I beg as I spread my legs awkwardly as I stand and spread my pussy lips for him. “Look at this pussy! It wants your cock in my mouth! Please! MOO!” I beg again.
“Fuck no!” he again refuses.
“At least take a picture with me.” I suggest. He looks at me and sees me waving you over.
“Who the fuck is this, you’re boyfriend?” The guy asks looking at you.
As you approach you notice the man looking at you in bewilderment at the situation. You decide to defend you reason there. “Look, she’s paying me $200 to take pictures of her exposing herself. She won’t let up until she gets someone to pose with her, so why not do it and we can all get out of here.” You suggest. The guy looks back at me as I wink at him and slap the fuck out of my tits. He reluctantly approaches me and stands next to me. He won’t touch me but I do put my arm around his waist. He moves away, “Don’t touch me you fucking fat skank.” He commands me. “Take the fucking picture, dude.” He says to you.
You quickly snap a couple of pictures and the man walks off as he flips me off. As he drives away I wave and smile real big as I yell out, “Thank you! MOO!! MOO!! I’m so fat! MOO!” I then immediately sit down on the sidewalk with legs spread and start masturbating furiously. “Record this.” I demand as I rub my clit with legs spread wide. You hold up the camera and start recording. Within just seconds I’m cumming hard! “MMMMOOOO!!! FAT COW CUMMING IN PUBLIC NAKED! MMMMOOOO!!! LOOK AT ME PLEASE! MMMOOO!!! OHHH….FUUUUCCCKKK!! MMMMOOOOOO!” I yell out as I shake and quiver from my orgasm and I squirt all over the asphalt in front of me. As my orgasm subsides I grab the back of my legs and throw them over my head and start trying to lick my own pussy with all the effort I can muster. I stop only to ask if you’re still recording. You confirm that you are. After about 5 minutes of me trying nonstop to lick my pussy you get frustrated.
“How long you plan on doing that stupid shit?” You ask.
“Until someone else sees me.” I answer.
“I’m not recording this shit for that long. I’m not getting arrested for you fat ass.” You inform me as you lower the camera and turn it off.
“Please no! Please keep recording me!” I beg as you walk back to your car. I get up and follow you begging you to keep recording the whole time, but you refuse. “Will you at least take a picture or video when you see someone drive in?” I ask.
“What the fuck ever. We’re leaving after that lardass.” You insist.
I nod in agreement and as you get in your car I walk back out to the main drive through, sit back down and start masturbating again. It doesn’t take long before another car drives in and slows as soon as the driver sees me. The driver comes to a complete stop right in front of me, rolls down their window, and asks what the fuck is going on and if I’m alright. I take the opportunity to stand up, turn around and start spanking my big fat ass. I’m the first to answer him. “I’m a big fatty and I have to spank myself for being so fat!” I exclaim. I then start spanking my lard ass fast and as hard as I can. SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! Over and over again it echoes as my hand lands firmly on my ass. “WATCH MY FAT RIPPLE!” I beg and yell. “TAKE THAT YOU FAT ASS!” I yell as I punish my ass severely. The guy watches in shock at my shameful performance. I look over at you and notice you are somewhat shocked at my behavior too, but I snap you out of it. “TAKE VIDEO OF THIS, PLEASE!” I beg as I continue to spank my ass hard. I then turn around and grab my fat roll with both hands. I shake it violently up and down as I yell through clinched teeth, “LOOK AT THIS FAT ROLL! LOOK HOW FAT I AM! MMMMOOO!!! I’M A FAT SLUT COW! OH MOOO!!! LOOK AT THIS FAT NAKED WHORE! OH GOD I WISH MY MOM WAS HERE TO SEE ME NOW!!!” My brazen behavior pulls a gasp from the guy watching as you record it all. “THANK YOU FOR LOOKING AT ME!” I add.
The guy takes out his phone and holds it up, obviously taking his own picture. “YES! YES! Take pictures of me. Take pictures of my fat whore ass out here naked!” I exclaim. I turn around, grab my ass cheeks, bend over and spread them. “Take pictures of this big fat ass!” I look back and see both of you recording and taking pictures. The excitement is too much and my legs buckle from another orgasm. I erupt verbally too. “FUCK YES! I’M CUMMMMIIINNNGGGGG!!!! MMMMMOOOOO! OH MOOOOO!”
“Holy shit!” The man gasps as he watches and listens to me cum. I fall to the ground quivering and shaking from such an intense orgasm. As I slowly get up I grab my belly fat again and shake it at him as I speak more softly.
“I’m sorry you had to see this fat display.” I apologize to him. You then immediately chime in.
“Dude, I’m sorry too. Please don’t call the cops. We’re leaving. I just met this fat slag today and she paid me to record her do this shit.” You explain. At first he just stares in amazement, soaking in what he just witnessed.
“You just met her today?” He asks with a shocked expression on his face. He looks at me. “You do this shit with people you just met?” he asks.
“Oh yes.” I answer. “If you want you can have my number and we can get together sometime and you can watch me do it all over town too.”
“Sure!” He laughs in agreement. I walk over to him, take his phone and put my number in it.
“There you go. Call me anytime, and I’ll show up naked. Moo.” I inform him with a smile.
“Why did you moo?” He asks.
“Because I’m so fucking fat!” I answer in amazement as to why he wouldn’t know that. “LOOK at all this fat!” I say as I raise my arms up and turn slowly around so he can get a good look.
“Yeah, you’re a chunky one.” He agrees. “Why are you out here letting people see you naked then?
“I’m a fucking worthless piece of shit lard ass community slut!” I answer. “I want everyone to see me naked!”
About that time another car pulls in. You’ve had enough and are worried we are pressing our luck before someone calls the cops. “Come on Fatty Patty.” You say. “We need to get out of here.” I reluctantly agree and get in the car. We then drive off.
As we’re driving back on the highway, I suggest we rent a hotel room. The first place we come to is an old motel though. We decide to utilize that and pull in. As you go in to rent the room, I stand out in the open hoping to be seen. There are several other cars parked in the parking lot, so other patrons are renting rooms too. I notice a man look out his window and see me, so when you come out with the key you notice me trying to lick my own pussy again because I know I’m being watched. The guy comes out of his room. He’s ugly as sin. He’s fat, and unkempt. “What’s going on here?” he asks as he approaches. I can tell you’re a little nervous, so I answer.
“We’re going to see how much of a fat slut I can be.” I answered. “Looks like you’re off to a good start. Can I join?” He asks. I look at you and you shrug your shoulders. Now keep in mind this guy is UGLY! He weighs around 300 pounds, oily, unshaved with stains on his shirt. He wears thick horned rimmed glasses, with a come-over of balding black hair. He’s about 5’10” or so.
“Yes you may.” I tell him. We then all three go into our room. As soon as we enter I open the blinds wide, prop the door open and get on the bed then start trying to lick my own pussy again, as you two guys introduce yourselves. The ugly guy watches me as he pulls on his cock. “Show him the pictures and video we took a little bit ago.” I suggest, pausing long enough from trying to lick my own pussy. As I continue to struggle at my feeble attempt you show him the video and pics, as you tell him the story. I hear laughter as you both make fun of me.
As you’re laughing at me I remember my markers in the car, so I go out and get them, making sure to take my time so others can get a chance to see me. I leave the door open, too, when I come back in and hand you all markers. “What’s this for?” the ugly guy asks. “I want you all to write on me while I try to lick my pussy. Well, one of you write while the other helps me reach my pussy, then take turns when you’re done writing.” I explain.
I then get back on the bed and proceed to try, once again, to lick my pussy. Since you know what I want, you start writing first. The ugly dude places himself behind me and pushes my head down. He doesn’t wash well, and I can smell faint body odor coming from him, but I ignore it. I quickly decide I want pictures of what he’s doing to me and video and ask, between gasps for air from the force of the ugly guy pushing my head towards my crotch, you to do so. You agree and take a few snapshots of him pushing my head down as I grab behind my knees. You then video me for a full 10 minutes of nothing but him pushing me down as I stretch my tongue out trying to lick my own pussy. We try many different ways before I decide I want you to start writing. You pick up the markers and start writing on the back of my legs and calves. When it’s the ugly guys turn I try a different position of throwing my legs up over my head so he can write on my ass better. I bend over sitting down while you all get my back, and then when it’s time for my front I stop long enough to let you write on my chest, utters, arms, belly, pussy, front of my legs, sides and face. While you all are doing this you’re laughing at how fat I am and at how I’m slowly petting my pussy like a cat and sweet talking my pussy in baby talk, telling it how much I love it and how much I’m going to show it off.
By the time you all are done writing on me, its dark outside and I’m COVERED in writing. I look in the mirror and start mooing with pleasure. The ugly guy takes out his phone and takes several pictures and starts sending them to his friends. “Will you still fuck me if I pay you the $100?” I ask you as I pose for the ugly guy.
“$100?!” The ugly guys asks, shocked. “You’re paying him to fuck you?”
“Hell yes!” You answer for me. “Look at how fat she is. I wouldn’t touch her otherwise and I’m not promising I can get it hard looking at that fat thing.” I instantly moo. I then get my laptop, set it up, and find the perfect song, as the ugly guy states, “Hell if you’re paying him, you can pay me to fuck you too.”
“Really?” I say appearing shocked. “I think I have enough. I don’t know if I have another $100, but I can see what I can scrape up.” I explain as I finish cueing up “I’m Fat” by Weird Al Yankovick. Before I press play I tell you all to sit down so I can dance for you. As you do I began to dance horribly. I grab my fat roll and shake it at you all as I grit my teeth, matching the ferocity I use to shake my fat. You both start laughing your asses off at me. This only encourages more extreme behavior as I go outside and stand in front of the window where you can see from inside. I continue to dance as you all turn up the music. I thrust my hips back and forth, smack my ass and tits, and lift my fat roll as I once again try to lick my pussy standing as I move my fat ass back and forth with terrible rhythm. When the song ends, I began to step back inside as the ugly dude replays the music. I immediately step back outside and start dancing again. This time I use one of the pillars to rub my pussy against like a stripper, only with no grace and more of a brutal masturbation rubbing my fat cow cunt against the pillar. I cum quickly as I yell out, “MMMMOOOO!!! FAT COW DANCING NAKED AND CUMMING! COME LOOK EVERYONE!!! MMMOOOO!!! OH MOOO! LOOK AT MY FAT ASS CUM!!” I shake and quiver yet again, having to sit down. By this time a few people come out of their rooms. The song hasn’t quite finished so I get up and continue dancing, shaking my fat roll at two guys and a girl that come out of a room a few doors down. “LOOK AT ME! OVER HERE! COME WATCH!” I beg through clenched teeth as I shake my fat roll in rhythm to the song. You all can hear laughter erupt from several doors down. “IF YOU ALL WANT TO COME HAVE FUN WITH ME AND HAVE SOME BETTER LAUGHS, YOU’RE WELCOME! MOO! I MOO BECAUSE I’M FAT! MOO!” Again laughter erupts as they approach with camera phones in hand. “Quick Rob, get the camera!” I yell into the room. You quickly agree and start taking video of me. The song ends and I ask you to repeat it AGAIN! You, the ugly guy, the two guys and woman all video me and take pictures as I dance naked to “I’m Fat” by Weird Al, outside our hotel room. Within seconds I’m sitting back down on the concrete and start trying to lick my pussy again! Even louder laughter starts!
“Look at her fat ass!” I hear the girl say. Her two male companions show their agreement with more laughter. “Look at all that fucking writing! Oh my God!”
“Some…one…help me….reach (grunt grunt)!” I beg in-between gasping and trying to reach my pussy. The ugly guy quickly jumps at my request and again forcefully pushes my head down as I grab my legs and pull myself down. I then scoot up a bit and throw my legs up over my head with my ass sticking up in the air. The ugly guy moves around and pushes on my ass, the force causes me to fart, causing even more laughter. The ugly guy steps back and cries out, “YOU NASTY BITCH!” Without hesitation I beg, “Don’t…stop…helping! PUSH!” I beg as he again pushes my ass towards my face. My face is bright red from all the blood being forced down. By this time the song has stopped and the laughter is deafening but suddenly I yell out, “I CAN’T WAIT TO BE STRANDED IN PUBLIC NAKED!”
The laughter suddenly stops from the three new members to our fun group. One of the guys says, “You all are a bunch of drunk mother-fuckers!”
“We’re not drunk.” You explain. “She’s stone cold sober, but we need some alcohol. At least I do.”
“I agree.” The ugly guy adds. “Let’s go get some beer.” He suggests as I finally stand up.
“I want to go in and buy it.” I say slapping my ass. “Damn this ass is so fat! LOOK!” I say as I turn around and show everyone. The woman looks at me and calls me a whore, but a fun whore. I agree.
We all go inside our room, but I insist on the door remaining open. We sit and decide to go get some beer from the convenience store visible from across the road from the motel. I step outside to get a better look at the name of the store. I come back inside and pick up my phone and do a 411 to get the number. I then call the store. When the clerk answers you all hear me say, “Hi. I was just wanting some information. I’m a total fat whore and I was wondering if I could come into your store naked and buy some beer?” I have to shush you all because you all start to laugh too loudly for me to hear. Of course the clerk denies my request. You all hear me continue, “Please?......Yes, I understand. Well…I’ll be with some friends who will come in and buy some beer, but I’ll be in the car naked. Will you at least come out and look at me?” Despite what he or she says on the other end, when I hang up, I ask you all to let them know I’m naked in the car when we go.
We all can’t fit in one car so we take two. The ugly guy rides with us as we drive to the store. Once there you go in to buy our beer. I talk the ugly guy into going in and relaying that I’m the one who made the phone call and to come look at me. While in the store you notice him talking to the clerk and pointing out to the car. You see the clerk look confused and aggravated as he/she shakes their head no. You go up and buy the case of beer and head back out to the car. By this time the ugly guy is already back in the car and his phone out. As you get in the car, before you can react, I get out. We are parked right in front of the store. There are several cars at the pumps and several inside paying or coming out. When the patrons notice me, several stop in their tracks as I run around the gas pumps, grabbing my fat roll and once again shaking it violently up and down, and with the same clenched look as before, you hear me yell out, “LOOK AT MY BLUBBER! LOOK HOW FAT I AM! LLLOOOOOOK!” as I shake the fat roll. There’s gasps, and some even drop what they have in their hands because of shock and just stare at me. The ugly guy is videoing it as it all happens.
Suddenly the clerk comes barreling out of the store. “GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE YOU STUPID WHORE BEFORE I CALL THE COPS!” Not wanting to push things too far where the fun will end I quickly jog back to the car, slapping my tits and mooing “MMMOOO!! THANKS FOR LOOKING AT MY FAT!” As I get back in the car we can hear a mixture of reactions. Some are laughing, some are whistling and cat calling. Others are yelling obscenities at me and someone throws a drink (I’ve actually had that happen before), hitting the car as we speed away. Our new companions also video it, along with others who got their phones out once they realized what was happening.
Within just a couple of minutes we are back at the hotel and our new friends pull in behind us. “That was fucking crazy!” one of the guys exclaims as he gets out of their car. “Why the hell would you do that?”
“I’m a fucking fat slut, and it turns me on!” I answer as we go back in the room.
Once back inside, I make sure the door stays open and the blinds too. I want everyone passing by to see me. We open some beers and sit down to enjoy them. As we do I tell you all how much I love my pussy, how I fuck dogs, my fantasy of fucking and sucking off 3 horses in one day and about the adventures of being naked in public I’ve had before. When pressed as to why I fuck dogs, I explain it’s because it’s the only cock I can get to fuck me without paying for it. During this time I pose for several pics and let the guys and girl write on me too. I have them write nothing but how I love to fuck dogs and drink dog cum. I also start begging you to leave me stranded in a very public place, naked, when everyone is done with me. I get on my hands and knees, clasp my hands and beg “Please! Oh fuckin please leave me stranded in public, naked where there’s tons of people. Please! I’ll do anything!” You remind me that I’m already paying you $100 to do just that. That makes everyone laugh and gasp I shock. “Are you serious?” the girl asks. “What else are you willing to do to have such a stupid and dangerous thing done to you?”
“I’ll do ANYTHING!” I answer, “Anything at all! It means so much to me to be stranded in public naked! I want everyone to see this fat pussy!” I inform her as I sit on the floor, spread my legs, and then spread my pussy lips apart as I sat in front of her. “See? Look at this pussy! Look at it. Look how fat it is! Look at everyone!” I beg as I move enough for everyone to see. The woman rolls her eyes. “You are one stupid slut.”
“When are we getting our money for all this fatty?” the ugly guy asks.
“We can go right now, if you want.” I answer. “Who wants to take me to an ATM?”
“I’ll take you.” You answer. “We better go now before I get to drunk to drive.”
The ugly dude and one of the other guys decide to go with us. We all four pile into the car and head to the closest ATM. I don’t speak much during the short trip. Instead I try to lick my pussy the whole way there. The only ATM we can find is at a bank. No one else is around so I ask you to park at the far end so I can walk to the ATM and withdraw the money. Everything is uneventful as I walk naked to the ATM, withdraw the money and head back to the car. The full $300 wipes my bank account clean, but money well spent I inform you as I again start trying to lick my own pussy on the ride back. “I can’t believe you’re paying these guys all your money to fuck you and leave you stranded in public naked!” the one guy who joined us says. I stop trying to lick my own pussy long enough to answer. “I’m a fatass whore. What do you expect?” I then go back to my pussy licking attempt.
Just before we get to the hotel my failed attempt to lick my pussy gets to me. “I have to spank my fat ass for not reaching.” I say, catching my breath from trying so hard. You all laugh at me as we pull into the motel. Once back inside I announce, “I have to spank myself guys for not being able to lick my own pussy. Please watch me spank myself.” I state as I rub my ass in anticipation of what I’m about to do. All of you get comfortable and sit to watch. I then start to whale on my ass with heavy slaps over and over. “That’s what you get you fat piece of lard! Moo! I’m so fat I can’t even lick my own pussy! MOO! MMMOOO!!!! I’m so fucking fat! Moo! Moo! Moo!” I exclaim as I slap my ass over and over. I don’t stop until I’m out of breath and sweating. In the meantime you all are laughing at me and agreeing about how fat I am. “Everyone here needs to spank me too!” I say as I look over my shoulder in-between slaps. “Please spank me while I try.” I then get on the bed, throw my legs over my head so my ass is in the air and start trying very hard to lick my pussy. “Spank my ass! SPANK MY BIG FAT ASS!” I beg. Very quickly you all are taking turns spanking me. My ass is bright red as everyone takes turns spanking me. Those that take breaks, takes pictures. The ugly guy, with his phone pointed at me recording, says, “Look this way fatty. Tell my friends what a slut you are.” Everyone stops long enough for me to oblige.
I sit up and look right into his camera phone. “I’m such a fat cow slut! I’m full of blubber but still want everyone to see me naked. Thank you so much for seeing me naked. I hope to meet you all someday so you can see me do this in person.” I then lay back and start trying to lick my own pussy again. “SPANK ME!” I yell as I stretch my tongue out trying to reach my clit.
“When are you going to let me fuck you?” The ugly guys says.
I immediately sit up, grab him buy his sweat pants, yank them down, pull out his smelly cock and start sucking it. His body odor is strong and I initially gag, but keep going. I look over and see everyone watching and taking pictures. I motion you over. You already have your cock out, but it’s not hard yet. As you approach, I tell the others to fuck my ass and pussy with the fat end of the beer bottles. I lay back on the bed with you and the ugly guy on either side. I have a cock in each hand and start sucking both of you off. The two guys take hold of one of my feet each and spread my legs as one shoves a beer bottle (fat end first) into my pussy and one in my ass. I ask the girl to use my camera and video it. As the two guys pump my pussy and ass with beer bottles, and as I suck your cock and the ugly smelly guys cock, the other two guys are jacking off. I’m mooing and oinking as I go from your cock to the ugly guys. Soon I start cumming and I moo loud! “MMMOOOO!!!! OH MY FAT ASS IS MOOING! OH LISTEN TO ME MOO! MMMOOO!!!! I CAN’T WAIT TO BE STRANDED IN PUBLIC NAKED! MMOOOOO!!!!” As I cum the fat guy slaps my tits over and over causing another orgasm to occur, this time causing me to squirt all over the bed. “MMMMOOOOO! I’M CUMMING AGAIN!!! FAT COW CUMMING!!! MMOOO!!!! I WANT TO DRINK HORSE AND DOG CUM COMBINED! MMMMOOOO!!!! OH I’M A FAT FAT FATTY! MMMOOOO!!!!
After a few minutes I notice the girl get one of those plastic cups that are in all motel rooms and hand it to one of her friends. “Here, cum in this and make her drink it. Let’s see her be a real whore.” Both guys agree, and leave the beer bottles in my ass as they take turns jacking off and cumming in the plastic cup. The ugly guy takes the cup after the other two cum in it and does the same. You grab me by the hair as lift me up as the ugly guy hands me the cup. I take it and look at the three loads inside. I get off the bed, forgetting about the beer bottles as they clang to the floor as they drop from my pussy and fat ass. I then walk outside, to the middle of the parking lot and start to sip the cum from the glass as I moo. So everyone knows what I’m doing, I yell out, “MMMM! THIS CUM IS GOOD! MMMM! LOOK AT THE FAT COW DRINKING CUM NAKED IN PUBLIC!” I then take another sip before gulping it down because it is so good.
When I realize no one is coming out to watch, I go back inside. The ugly dude and the 3 others continue to drink beer. “Thank you all so much for making me drink your cum. That was so sweet and I didn’t deserve such a nice gesture because I’m so fat.”
“Whatever cow.” The girl says. “Listen I’m leaving. I’ve seen enough. Let’s go guys. You’ve had your fun.”
“NO! Please not yet. Watch me masturbate one more time, please?” I beg.
“Fuck you fatass.” She says as she slaps me. “That’s for being fat.” All I do is thank her as she and her friends leave.
Once their gone you decide it’s your turn to fuck me. I suck your cock first and jack it off as I moo and oink. The ugly guy stays and starts taking more pictures and video.
Once you’re hard I pet your cock and kiss it telling it how thankful I am to be sucking it and kissing it, and that my fat ass doesn’t deserve such a nice cock. I rub my face on it and lick it from base to head. When you’re about to explode I straddle you as I moo and oink as we fuck. “I’m so fat!” I exclaim as I ride your cock. “I’m so fuckin fat! Look at my blubber shake while I fuck you.” I lean down and whisper in your ear, “I’m sorry for being so fat, but thank you. Thank you so much for your cock.” I then get off of you and go to the bed motioning you to lay down on it. “I want you two to double team me.” I announce.
I look over to the ugly guy. “Will you do me the honor of fucking my fat ass?” Without waiting for a response I take his smelly dick in my hands and start jacking it and sucking it while you lay down rubbing your cock to keep it hard. The ugly guy’s stench takes me aback again but I keep going, even licking and kissing his fat hairy belly. He groans with pleasure and then grabs my head, pulls his cock out of my mouth and says, “Lick my asshole cow.”
“Do it or I’m not leaving you stranded in public naked fatty.” You inform me. So without hesitation I grab his ass and delve in. I pushes my head into his smelly ass. The stench of sweat and shit overwhelm me and I gag, but I don’t stop. I keep reminding myself I’m doing so I can be stranded in public naked. I fuck his asshole with my tongue as I fuck myself with another beer bottle. You decide to come behind me and fuck my ass while I do that. The sensation of your cock in my ass and having to rim this smelly ugly dude so I can be stranded in public makes me cum hard.
“MMMMMOOOOO! MY FAT ASS IS CUMMING AGAIN! MMMMOOOO!!!” I yell, as the ugly dude shuts me up by turning around and shoving his stinky dick in my mouth as you fuck my ass. He quickly unloads a big cum wad all over my face, getting in my hair, on my nose and face. The sight of that sends you over the edge and you do the same, unleashing a massive load all over my face and hair. We then all three lay back. I lay on the floor panting with a huge smile on my face. “Let’s have another beer.” I suggest in order to get the taste of the ugly guy’s ass out of my mouth.
As we sit drinking beer I suggest we download all the pics and video onto my laptop. The ugly guy decides to start posting my pics and vids onto the internet. You decide to join him while I sit outside and try to lick my own pussy. You all post my pics and vids to YouTube and my Facebook account and then to various other sites. It takes about 2 hours. By that time the ugly guy wants another blowjob. I do so willingly and receive another load on my face. Then it’s your turn and you unleash another load on my face. My face looks like a glazed doughnut when you both are done. “Will you please leave me stranded in public naked now?” I ask.
“Sure. But beg first.” You insist.
“Please please leave me naked in public! MOO! You promised! MOO! I want everyone to see me naked so please make sure it’s very public. I want to have everyone laugh at me. OH MOOO!! Please leave me stranded in public naked! MOO! I need it! MOO! I need to be stranded in public naked so everyone can see me! MOO! PLEASE! PLEASE PLEASE!!! I’ll do anything! MMMOOO!!!” I beg.
“Anything?” You ask.
“Yes anything! MOO!” I answer.
“Go knock on every door here and make sure everyone here sees you like this before we go.” You demand.
I quickly get up and start knocking on all the doors. Several just slam the door in my face some stand and watch me go to other doors after I knocked on theirs’. When each person opens the door I moo and ask them how fat they think I am. A few agree that I’m very fat.
After I knock on all the doors, I walk back to you. Several people are watching as we get in the car and leave. You drive me to Wal-Mart where there is a group of teenagers cruising and hanging out. “Here! Let me out here!” I beg. You slow down, and stop. Everyone is watching as I get out of the car. The look of astonishment on all the teenagers is noticeable. As I step out of the car, you hear me say to them, “Just so you know, I paid these guys $300 to leave me here like this and I expect you all to laugh at me.” I then wave at you and close the door. As you drive off you can hear me mooing and the teenagers laughing their ass off at me. You look in your rearview mirror and see me waving and blowing a kiss to you and hear me yell, “THANK YOU! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR LEAVING ME STRANDED HERE NAKED! MMMMOOOO!!!! OINK OINK!!!”

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