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Gay Sex - Big Booty Boy Stories: My First Big Black Cock

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This story continues from Story 4 - After School Bathroom Fuck, where it’s the following Monday after school and John and Michael are horny teens wanting to fuck.

It’s now the next week, Monday, and school just ended. Michael and I are at my locker and talking quietly to each other. Even though Michael and I were caught last Friday by one of the school’s janitors, Mr. Jay, we were both horny as fuck. We didn’t want to wait until we got to my house because there was a chance that my mom would be home. Also, our sexual desires clouded our judgement.

I ask Michael, “Did you see Mr. Jay here today? I didn’t see him at all today.” Michael says, “You know what? I didn’t see him either, maybe he has today off.” I say, “That makes sense cause usually I see him in the halls throughout the day.”

Thinking that we are safe from getting caught again, Michael and I go together to the school’s Math building and up to the third floor student bathroom. We were going for round two and we both wanted it bad.

We stupidly didn’t check the stalls as we were in a hurry to get naughty. Once we entered the bathroom, I dropped my school backpack on the floor and I quickly got on my knees. Michael quickly unzipped his pants and pulled his dick out. I immediately took Michael’s dick into my mouth and I started sucking it.

Not even thirty seconds into sucking on Michael’s dick, all of a sudden, Mr. Jay, emerges from the last stall and says, “Don’t fucking move! Both of you, stay right there. You do remember our conversation on Friday, right?” My now asshole friend, Michael, quickly pulled his dick out of my mouth, zipped up, grabbed his backpack and ran out of the bathroom. I was in total panic mode that I froze and couldn’t move, plus running away probably wouldn’t help the situation.

Mr. Jay says, “If you run too John, I’m going to report you, both of you. He then walks over to the bathroom door, peeks his head out and then closes the door. He says, “That asshole took off, wow what a friend he is.” Mr. Jay grabs his set of janitor keys from his pocket and locks the bathroom door. He says, “That’s so nobody walks in unexpectedly while we talk.”

There I am, on my knees, some saliva on my chin, in total panic mode. I say, “Oh fuck, please Mr. Jay, please, I don’t want to get expelled from school. My parents will kill me.” Mr. Jay says, “I recall, we had the same conversation on Friday but you still came back here to fuck today. What am I going to do?”

I am desperate and I really don’t want any of this getting out to anyone else so I have to do whatever Mr. Jay wants to keep him quiet.

I say, “Mr. Jay, I’ll do whatever you want, just please do not report us. I’ll do anything you want.” Then I repeated the word, “anything” slowly, maybe giving him some ideas. I have a feeling that he would accept some type of sexual favor to stay quiet as on Friday he watched me ride Michael, said some suggested things and he also watched me get dressed.

Mr. Jay’s face lights up and he has this naughty smirk on his face and I am pretty sure now I know what he’s going to ask for, my big white ass.

Mr. Jay stands in front of me and looks down at me. My head is at his crotch area. He says, “Anything I want, really?” I look up at him and I say, “Yes, anything you want.” He says, “So you never had black dick before, right? Want to try one?”

I knew it, I fucking knew he was going to go there, but I wasn’t angry, I was kind of turned on that he wanted me. I’m getting blackmailed into having sex with another older man, this must be my thing.

I say, “Yes I want to try one, but if we fuck, are we cool? You won’t report us?”

Mr. Jay says, “If you let me have my way with you right now, then yea I won’t report you or your friend, but I was also hoping we could be friends, maybe do this again at some point. Maybe you could come to my place one night? Would you be interested in that?” He pauses and then says, “If you say no, it’s ok, I won’t hold it against you and bring up the past.”

I think about it for a few seconds and I say, “Yea we can do that, but just so we’re clear, this is just for fun, as friends, no relationship stuff.” Mr. Jay, “No doubt, that’s what I meant.” I smile and I say, “Ok, then yea we can be fuck friends.” He says, “Awesome.” My nerves are finally starting to calm down as I’m feeling more relaxed with Mr. Jay then just a minute ago.

Mr. Jay undoes his pants and lets them drop down to his knees along with his boxers. His semi-hard big black dick, looks like it’s seven or eight long inches, just hangs down in front of my face. Mr. Jay says, “Why don’t you take off your clothes. We’re safe in here as the door is locked. If someone comes by I’ll just say I’m cleaning in here.”

I get up off my knees and I start taking off my clothes as Mr. Jay watches me. I take off my sneakers, shirt, pants and boxers, so I just have my socks on now. Mr. Jay says, “No thong huh, I’m a little disappointed.” He chuckles and then says, “Bring your sneakers over here, you can kneel on them so you don’t hurt your knees.” I’m a little touched that he cares about me not hurting my knees, while I suck his dick.

I bring my sneakers over to where Mr. Jay is standing and I put them down. I then kneel down on the sneakers. I get a close up look at Mr. Jay’s black dick and I say, “Oh my god, your dick is so big, I’m not sure it’s going to fit in my ass.” Mr. Jay says, “Don’t worry I won’t ram it all in your ass. You got that lube you had on Friday? We probably gonna need it.” I say, “Yea it’s in my backpack.”

Mr. Jay says, “Good, but before that, go ahead, stroke my dick, lick it, suck it, get it nice and hard.” I take his big black dick in my left hand and I start stroking it back and forth. I’ve seen videos with big black dicks but holding one in real life is amazing.

As I’m stroking his dick, I see his big balls hanging there and I get a sudden urge. I put my tongue on his balls and I start licking them all over. Mr. Jay moans and says, “Oh yes, don’t forget the balls, nice job. My last bitch wouldn’t touch my balls, had to stop seeing her.” I take turns licking and sucking on his balls as he enjoys that a lot and I can feel his dick getting harder in my hand as I do this.

After maybe a minute or two of stroking Mr. Jay’s dick and licking his balls, I take the head of his dick into my mouth. Mr. Jay moans and then says, “Fuck yes, you know what Daddy likes.”

Mr. Jay says, “Oh are you ok with me calling you names as we do this? It’s nothing personal, it just gets me more in the mood. And call me Daddy, I like it when my bitches call me that.”

I move my head back so his dick comes out of my mouth and I say, “That’s cool with me, you can call me whatever, it’s in the moment, I don’t mind at all Daddy.” We both chuckle and I then go back to work, taking the head of his dick into my mouth. I suck on the head first, then I slowly take more of his dick into my mouth.

I start moving my head back and forth, sucking on maybe three or four inches of Mr. Jay’s long black dick. Mr. Jay moans and then says, “Yea bitch, suck Daddy’s dick. Suck that black dick, I know you been wanting to do this.” I stroke the shaft of his dick while sucking on the three or four inches I can fit into my mouth.

After a few minutes of sucking on Mr. Jay’s dick, he says, “It’s time for Daddy to get in that white ass. Stand up and turn around.” I stop sucking on Mr. Jay’s dick, I stand up and I stand in front of the large wide mirror at the bathroom sinks. Mr. Jay walks up behind me and rubs his hands all over my ass cheeks. He lightly spanks my ass cheeks a few times and then he rubs his big hard dick against my ass cheeks. I even feel some pre-cum on my ass cheeks as he rubs his dick on me. Feeling his warm hands and dick on my ass is getting me so hot.

Mr. Jay has me bend over the sink and he applies my lube to my ass hole. He gets the lube inside my ass hole and all around the outside of it too. I look in the mirror and watch him with anticipation. He then puts some lube on his dick and puts the head of his dick against my ass hole, but he’s having a tough time getting it inside me as I’m so tight.

Mr. Jay says, “You’re so tight, I can’t get in there, Daddy likes this tight ass but let’s try this, put your right leg up on the sink. That should help get your ass hole open a little more.” I lift my right leg and put it on the sink as he said. Mr. Jay puts his right hand on my right ass cheek and pushes it to the side to open me up. He then slowly presses his big black dick against my ass hole. I feel his wet dick press up against my dripping with lube ass hole and we both moan as his dick finally enters my ass.

I try to keep calm and I try to relax myself as I feel more of Mr. Jay’s dick slides inside my ass. As he slides another inch into my ass, Mr. Jay says, “Oh fuck this feels good. You like this black meat filling your white ass, bitch?” I say, “Fuck yes Daddy, fill my white ass with your black dick.”

Mr. Jay grabs my ass cheeks with his hands and starts sliding his dick back and forth in my ass. He has some big hands as he has a good hold of my ass cheeks. We both moan as he fucks me. I look in the mirror and watch Mr. Jay move his hips back and forth, fucking me slowly at first and then moving to a good hard pace. It’s turning me on seeing Mr. Jay tower over me and have his way with my ass.

I moan and then I say, “Daddy, you like fucking my big white ass?” Mr. Jay says, “Fuck yes. Haven’t had white ass this good in some time.” I say, “Oh yes! Yes! Fuck me! Fuck my fat ass! Fuck that white ass!”

After another minute of constant fucking my ass without stopping, Mr. Jay moans and then says, “I’m gonna fucking cum soon. Fuck, this feels too fucking good.” I say, “Where do you want to cum Daddy?” Mr. Jay says, “This is my first time fucking you, so I gotta fill your ass with my seed. So don’t move, stay right there.”

I say, “Give me all your cum Daddy.” Mr. Jay lets go of my ass cheeks, wipes his forehead clear of sweat and then holds my hips as he fucks my ass harder. A few more hard thrusts into my ass and then Mr. Jay says, “Oh fuck bitch, I’m cumming!”

We both moan as I feel Mr. Jay’s dick start shooting his warm cum deep into my ass. I moan and then I say, “Fuck yes Daddy, give it to me!” Mr. Jay keeps thrusting his dick back and forth in my ass until he finishes cumming inside me.

When Mr. Jay finishes cumming inside me, he slides his dick out of my ass and taps it against my ass cheeks a few times. I moan and then I say, “Yea Daddy, spank my fat ass with that monster black cock. Oh my god, you’re so fucking big.” He gives my ass a few more taps with his dick.

Mr. Jay says, “You liked your first big black cock fucking your white ass?” I say, “Fuck yea, that was fun. We definitely need to do this again sometime.” Mr. Jay says, “Damn right we are. You wanna exchange phone numbers so you know, we can meet up sometime?” I say, “Yea.” I take my right leg off the sink and get my phone from my backpack. We exchange phone numbers.

After exchanging phone numbers, Mr. Jay says, “Can I take a picture of that ass with my cum in it?” I smile and I say, “Sure, but please send me it too.” I bend over the sink and I hold my ass cheeks apart. Mr. Jay takes a few pictures and then sends them to my phone. Then he puts his phone down and rubs his hands on my ass cheeks.

After maybe a minute of Mr. Jay rubbing my ass cheeks, we both realize that we should get dressed and leave before someone finds us. So we get dressed, leave the bathroom and go our separate ways.

The end

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