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Anal Sex - Anal sex yoga

Post by donar27 »

I discovered anal sex as a teen when mom bought a playgirl I selected by pulling from a neat fan shaped display.
She enjoyed the pictures and showed dad one article. After they began their new lovemaking, mom had us read the story.
One erotica story was of a woman in a yoga class introduced to painful anal. They did pussy, then ass. Doggie style and on hands and knees. The woman found a new lover, and a really good new way to enjoy making love!
Mom was taking yoga and adapted some of the moves.
Mom would summon dad from his sunday paper with the offer of some noisemaking.
They went into the bathroom and undressed each other. Clothes piled in a corner. Dad would peel off mom's bra. When I collected the laundry, her pants were on top with panties nestled inside.
Dad peed, then went into the bedroom. He lay on his back with knees raised and parted for mom to lay on him, adapting a yoga position.
Mom peed and left her bush wet, knowing it would turn dad on. Mom went into the bedroom and dad saw her sexy wet brown bush and smiled.
Mom sucked dad hard, then placed herself over dad with legs together. With dad hard and ready, mom would slide her pussy onto dad, in another yoga position.
At first she slowly bounced dad on the bed, working to a rhythm. After they had done this many times, she would lift her ass and with a big squeak down, pushed dad into the mattress. You just knew it was going to be fun. Part of the time she worked slowly side to side squeaking the bed, sometimes she rocked her ass fast and slid dad in and out. Mom really had some energy. Mom alternated these.
Mom was able to bounce dad off the bed, producing a squeaky rhythm.
After mom came, she gave dad a rest. She lifted off and went to the bathroom.
Mom would pee and shit without wiping, knowing that would turn dad on and make him hard for her ass.
Mom went into the bedroom and showed dad her sexy damp crotch of brown bush. She rubbed her wet bush on his crotch and got him again hard.
Mom lay on her stomach, legs together awaiting dad, in her next yoga position. Dad straddled with legs on either side, in his nest yoga position.
Dad guided his well hung rod to her eagerly waiting brown hole. Putting his head against the hole was the introduction. The real fun came each time as his hard rod tried to enter mom's tight hole.
Pain swirled and swirled as dad gently pushed his rod into her shaft, giving her delicious painful pleasure. Dad started slow and worked up to give her a good pumping and a great orgasm. It was fun to watch moms expression as dad fucked her ass. Mom would roll her legs for a different angle. Dad would rest a moment as his endowment softened. Dad peed into moms shaft. Dad would withdraw and roll off to lay on his side of the bed.
Sometimes mom would sing 'my butt is soooa sore', giving dad quite the compliment on his lovemaking. Mom had a very tender bottom that she could feel for days. Mom's butt was then very, very sore and mom was very, very satisfied. Until next time, when they would do it all over again.
Dad and mom dressed with mom wearing skirt without panties and blouse without bra which was left open to her cleavage.
Dad and mom would embrace with dad firmly squeezing her butt and rubbing right between her legs, causing her to moan her deep pleasure as they kissed. Dad did this maybe a dozen times so mom would have a very hot ass.
For the next week, every time mom would sit down she really felt her sore butt and grinned, knowing the lovemaking in her ass had been so very good.
They would do it twice in a week, just for fun and a very tender bottom for mom.

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