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Anal Sex - My attractive Pal Sue

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Sue and I had been neighbours that often ran into one another within the village. At some point Sue invited me again to her home for a cup of espresso. As we sat on the couch collectively I acquired the distinct feeling that she fancied me. I brushed away the thought till she mentioned "do you suppose me tits are too massive?"
I could not consider my luck!

"I suppose its attainable" I mentioned, feeling my eight" cock rising tougher In my boxer shorts.

“Why do not you present me what they seem like?" I mentioned adventurously.

Sue pulled her shirt up and revealed her big lovely tits for me.
I felt a sizzling wave of want overcome me as I stared transfixed by their great texture, color particularly the massive areolas and lengthy nipples. She instructed me how a lot she loved having her big breasts and nipples’ sucked and pulled on.

"You do not thoughts If I've a go do you Sue?"

Sue leaned over and I started to suckle her heavenly breasts and nipples. I began out teasingly after which took as a lot of her tits into my mouth as I may and commenced sucking as onerous as attainable I may her moaning with a mix of each pleasure and ache as I roughly sucked/pulled her nipples.
I pulled Sue’s shirt fully off pushed her again onto the couch. She stared up at me helplessly " you understand you have been an especially naughty lady exhibiting me your tits and having me suck them do not you Sue?" She nodded slowly.

"I will must punish you Sue, it’s not one thing I get pleasure from doing however I believe we each know that Its precisely what you want, Isn’t it?" She slowly nodded her head once more.

"I would like you to inform me what you want Sue!" I mentioned in a indignant voice.

"I should be punished David, I...I would like you to punish me and kind me out" Sue mentioned haltingly.

I instructed Sue to brIng me a chair from the kitchen and a few wire.
When she returned I had her take away all however her panties and sit within the chair while I tied her wrists to the arms. Sue appeared scared on the considered what I would do as she sat watching me.

Sue watched as I stripped off my garments, my fats eight" cock waving about within the air, absolutely erect, pulsating with the bl00d pumping by way of it. My coronary heart was racing with the ideas of her sitting tied to the chair, helpless and scared and what I may do to harm her....

I stood In entrance of Sue and commenced kneading her huge breasts with each fingers.I started gently and softly. I may hear her respiratory improve, small moans of delight escaped from her mouth. I bent over and kissed her on the mouth gently.

"You need me to harm you do not you Sue?" she nodded shyly In settlement.

I squeezed her big jugs violently and she or he jumped nonetheless tied to the chair, screaming out in ache.

"I see we have to do one thing about this noise your making"

I walked into the kitchen and located a tea towel. I tied it firmly round Sue's mouth and head.

"There, now I can do no matter I wish to you and nobody will be capable to hear what enjoyable we're having will they?"

I stood In entrance of her once more and grabbed each of Sue's lengthy nipples in every hand, squeezing them as onerous as I may handle. I pulled on them till I may pull her out of the chair barely. This gave me an thought for later. I walked behind the chair and grabbed her nipples once more; gripping each of her lengthy teats between the thumb and fingers of my sturdy fingers I pulled upwards, stretching her huge nippless to the breaking level. Sue continued to scream all through this torturous routine, however her cries and tears solely made me extra excited and aggressive.

I bent over Sue's shoulders and took certainly one of her lengthy teats into my mouth, sucking gently as she sobbed from the ache I had inflicted. I bit into the nipple all of a sudden and with out warning, earlier than she good react I moved to the opposite nipple and bit It violently. Sue withered in agony as I alternated between biting and squeezing her teats.

Ultimately I grew so excited I pushed Sue's head again in order that she was staring up at me and my aching cock. I held Sue's head with each fingers and rammed my cock down her throat, choking her as I fucked her, driving her throat with my huge dick. As soon as my dick was lodged deep her in throat I reached down and commenced abusing her nippless once more. As I fucked her throat I used my maintain on her jugs to assist pull and push even tougher as I fucked her violently and remorselessly. Sue and the chair had been bounced up and down as I continued to ravage her selfishly. Once I felt myself nearing orgasm I ended.
I nonetheless had many extra plans for torturing Sue and her physique, particularly her clitoris!

I untied Sue and took her to the bed room. I fucked Sue onto the mattress face down pushing her throat with my hand and leaping on prime of her, she may really feel my fats moist cock rubbing in opposition to the cheeks of her arsehole. I rammed my dick straight up her bum till my bollocks had been bouncing off her cheeks. I reached round with each fingers and crushing her breasts with my sturdy fingers whereas I lick her violently. Sue was screaming and crying however with the tea towel wedged in her mouth nobody may hear her pitiful cries of agony. I slapped her bum and fucked my cock brutally deep into her colon. I used to be like an anall in warmth. I wished her to really feel each inch of my fats cock inside her tight, filthy bum. I whispered into her ear what a silly, fats, bitch she was. How fortunate she was that I used to be fucking her. “Take my fucking cock up your arse Sue!”
Once I couldn’t stand it anymore I pulled my dick out and turned her over jacking my cock as I sprayed an enormous wad of salty cum over her onto her face and tits. I continued spraying a great deal of cum, unable to cease. It felt like gallons of sperm taking pictures out of my dick, overlaying Sue's face, her huge breasts and swollen, indignant nipples. She was dripping with the cum from my dick.

I reached down and located her swollen clit and squeezed it with brutal pulling up on it, stretching it to the breaking level. Sue's physique shuddered as she started to come back, screaming in agony and ache. She saved cumming and cumming till she handed out, fainting from the large pleasure and energy.

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